Hello, I’m Sasha Wichita and today we’re
going to try Citizen Eatery. It’s an all vegetarian restaurant. They’re
located in Central Austin off Burnet Road. Looking forward to checking it out. This is nice.
I didn’t expect this much parking. So is it an easy choice? It’s not an easy choice. I got the Citizen Burger. Which is a house-made patty with veggie aioli and it’s made with mushrooms
and white beans, I think. It’s also got the veggie noodles.
They’re called the Texas Tumbleweed and I’m excited to eat it. I got the flame-grilled tofu sandwich.
It’s got grilled vegetables and it’s on wheat bread. And some sort of vegan aioli. It smells really good. Wow this is really good. This is one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had. This is really good, too. It’s really savory
there’s a really nice aioli on it, too. Mmmm. It has a nice balance of flavor. That was really good. Like, really good. I really wish we’d found out about it sooner because
I feel like I’ve been missing out. There’s quite a range there’s burgers, the sandwiches, the veggie
noodles with pesto. There was a paleo bowl. They also have a
lot of gluten-free options which is really great because we can bring our
gluten-free friend here. I’m really glad to know that Citizen Eatery is here.
It’s just one of those places that I’m really looking forward to coming back to. This is somewhere you could bring your non-vegetarian friends to impress them to show them how flavorful vegan food can be. Yeah, absolutely. So now we’re off to Wheatsville because I wanted a Fourth of July donut. There’s a bit of
a jam at the Wheatsville Co-Op. The rush for the cupcakes. Donut — donuts. Donuts. Aww, parking spot! Nope, he’s just straightening. Ohhh. What? There’s no parking spots?
What’re we gonna do? Why don’t they have drive-thru donuts, man? Yep, that is a spot. It wasn’t empty before, but it is now. They have one left? There’s a single one left. The chocolate one would probably taste better, though. I’m very happy that we got the last
donut because I would’ve been sad if we’d gone all the way out there
and they didn’t have one. There’s a really big storm outside, and I thought
I’d go and check it out because that is the smart thing to do. So now I’m back home and I’m going to
try my Fourth of July vegan donut. It’s really good
It’s very donutty. So they bring donuts into my work
at least once a week. And I always have to walk by them and smell them and know
I can’t eat them because they have milk in them. But Wheatsville has
vegan donuts. Totally worth the wait and the rainstorm. So now I’m gonna try the
chocolate one. The Fourth of July one was good, but this
is probably still my favorite. There’s just something about the chocolate, even
though it’s mostly sugar. Not a lot of flavor. How is it? It’s tasty. Hope your day is full of vegan donuts or
whatever you like just as much. Thanks for watching.