Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs. Today we’re back at Jewel, and we’re going to try everything at… not Shake Shack but, A&W! Let’s go! Actually have you been to A&W before? Actually I have. But it’s like the Johor Bahru (JB) one. Q: The Malaysia one.
G: Oh, is it along the highway? Yes! Oh my god I know that one! G: Chiara?
C: Highway? Ya! I’ve only been to the one at the mall. Aiya, same la! It’s A&W! But did you know right, I went to research on their menu in Singapore. It’s much bigger than the one in JB leh! Really? Ya, actually its because they expanded their menu. Q: So there’s more variety here.
G: Ooh! I did not know that. Okay, guys we’re here already! Let’s go! Hi, can we get everything on the menu please. Food is here! Okay! We’re going to start with the root beer float first. Because there is no A&W trip without root beer. And every scoop of ice-cream you add is 60 cents. And apparently the mug is frozen when we collected it just now. It was like really really cold! And you know why they do that? Why? They don’t want to add ice, because if you add ice right, G: Oh my god!
C&Q: It’ll be diluted. Oh my god! Now then I realised. I didn’t know! C: You all don’t drink-
G: You’re a genius eh! It kinda reminds me of how root beer float actually taste like when I had A&W for the first time. Definitely go for the double scoop, because you want to get that creaminess in the root beer. Wah, I love it eh. Eh guys, enough already! We need to save our stomach space for the food! Stop! Oh my gosh, I finish half the cup eh! I also eh. Okay, drinks aside! We’re going to start with the burgers first. So this burger called the Mozza burger is their top-selling burger. And you know what, combo which consist of the burger, a side and a root beer, only costs $10.90. And that’s the most expensive item on the menu. And I just realised right, they have two patties here. It’s like a double not just single. So I think $10.90 is quite worth leh. Ya, it’s a bang for your buck leh! Qing, you’ve been eyeing at this for the entire time. Q: Yes!
C: You’re going to start first okay. Oh my god! Wa, I really love the beef patty. It’s damn juicy and there’s a better mouthfeel. C: Ya, it’s thicker right?
Q: Ya! The Mozza burger is juicy not only from the sauce, but also the vegetable itself. The crisp though. It looks crispy. When you bite it, the crisp kind of get mixed up with the sauce, and the vegetable juices and everything. So it’s just there for added bonus. You can’t really taste it, can’t really feel the texture, but you know it’s there. One special thing about this burger here is that the bun is different. And I think it added like a different texture to the entire burger. It’s not your typical sesame buns out there. You know Mozza burger you can not only find it in Singapore now. You can find it in America or other countries. However, the next burger we’re going to try is called the Cream Cheese Chicken Burger. You can only find it in two places in the world. Q: Singapore!
G: Let me guess! And Okay, this is a bit different because you can taste a lot different things inside. Like the onion rings, the caramelised onions, the patty, just everything inside. This whole thing is like a good package. Like it really comes together really well. The chicken is really thick. And I like that the onion rings gave the crunch. If you’re a fan of cheesy stuff like me right, this burger is for you. I prefer the cream cheese burger over the Mozza burger. Same. I beg to differ, I prefer this burger. I feel like- Hey! Hear me out okay. Maybe (because) I’m not a big fan of cream cheese. And I feel that after this whole burger it might be too jelak (rich). Like there’s too much flavour going on. So maybe this is for someone who likes heavier flavour. Team cream cheese burger! That one is,Team Mozza. I feel like this one is more value for money. Because of the chicken portion. Did she just agree with us now? C: Ya lo, also don’t know what she thinking.
Q: Wait, no! No, it’s value for money because look at the chicken patty, it’s huge. Okay, now we’re going to try the more classic burgers. The ones before that are zhng-ed (upgraded) up ones. Eh there’s three. One two three we grab the one we want to try okay. G: Wait!
C: One. No thinking! One two three! I want the fish! I don’t want chicken again. Oh ya she didn’t like the chicken one. Okay la, nah (here). So I have here, the double cheeseburger. And it’s $5.90. Mine is the chubby chicken and it’s also $5.90. Mine is the Marina Fish Sandwich and it’s only $3.90. I think mine is really the classic la. There’s pickles, tomato sauce, and like two patties ya. The chicken is quite consistent, is like the same as the previous one. It’s juicy. The only bad thing is just the sauce itself. What really amazes me is actually the bun. It really added a lot of texture to it. It just makes the burgers here unique. So for the fish sandwich right, it’s just a typical deep fried fish patty. With cheese, lettuce and a sweet dew mayo sauce. It’s a bit too sweet for my liking. But the fish is fresh, it’s flaky. I think overall, these three classics can be found anywhere. So maybe, if you’re really coming down and you’re going to queue, C: Ya, queue so long.
Q: Go for this one! Go for the zhng-ed (upgraded) one. Okay moving on, To the chicken! Chicken! Chicken winner! Are we going to snatch again? One, two! From the look of it, you can already tell that the batter is seasoned. And that’s what I love about fried chicken. Wow guys, when I peeled the chicken open I can smell the juices, I’m- We left the chicken out for so long, but the skin is still so crispy. They say they don’t use frozen chicken. They are all fresh! And you can tell the difference. From the texture it’s really juicy and tender. The batter though, I feel like eating a chicken flavoured Twisties. But ten times the flavour. To be honest right, I took the breast meat. So the meat is a bit more to the drier side. You eat this one. Give me this one. It’s really meaty eh. I thought right it’s going to be maybe full of batter. Cause the batter looks thick. But when I open it and start biting it right, The meat is just like chunky. I think if you’re a huge chicken fan right, if you come A&W it’s worth a try. Actually, A&W not bad ah. They have the best of both worlds. Burger if you want, and got chicken if you want. And one more, you got… Oh ya, the hot dogs! Let’s move on. The best of three worlds! Okay, so we got two coney dogs, One is the chicken sausage with beef sauce. And another one is the chicken sausage with chicken sauce. What are you doing Gwen? As in spread out the thing so here won’t be left out. Q: Try together?
C: We try together? We try together? Ah, try mine also! Now everybody wants me to eat. Okay la, she more desperate so I do with her. The beef one, it really tastes like how it smells. Curry powder, cumin kind of taste. I agree with you. And I like how there’s chopped onions on it. So that there’s an added texture. It’s not like one plain hot dog bun. After trying both right, the beef one has a stronger cumin taste as compared to the chicken one. So for those who don’t really like the taste of cumin, maybe go for the chicken one instead. I feel like texture wise, the beef is softer than the chicken bits as well. It’s a bit firmer for the chicken one. The beef kinda has the same texture as the sauce. So for me I would choose for the beef hot dog instead. Because you feel like you eat the chicken hot dog, and the thing on top is to zhng (upgrade) it up. I think it’s a good grab and go lo. Especially when the hype dies down, and the queue is not so long. I have been eyeing at the fries for so long! It’s Twister fries. Twister? Huh? Curly! That is McDonald’s! We have curly fries. And the sauces are the same as compared to the coney dogs. Other than diced onions, they also have diced tomatoes on top. And also, cheese! Oh ya! Out of all right, this was the most appealing to me. Cause I like cheese! What about me, I like cheese too! We are team cream cheese chicken burger. Cheers! First and foremost, the cheese taste is very very strong. It’s so strong that it overpowers the beef sauce I would say. I love that the nacho cheese shouts nacho cheese! And ya, you can’t really taste the beef sauce anymore. I think that’s where the diced onions and tomatoes play a part. It’s a bit more refreshing, it cuts the jelak-ness (heaviness). Actually I tasted the fries alone by itself, It really reminds me of, the seasonal McDonald’s Twister fries. So you don’t have to wait for twister fries anymore. You can come down here, it’s always here. Ya, all you have to do is wait in the queue for awhile. So other than the fries, they also have onion rings. G: Wait!
C: What? Honestly right, this is huge eh! Oh I think I know why. The onion rings served in A&W is not the flour kind. Is the legit onion. Can I just say that I’m a huge fan of onions. Like any onion related stuff right, I will eat! No wonder she fart a lot. Eh! She always fart in the office, damn disgusting! Once I bite this onion ring right, the onion slices are still like intact. This shows that they really use fresh onions inside. The waffles are here! Eh I know what kind of waffles you like. Throwback to student cafe vlog! Ya we both like crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. What about you? Opposite of us. Ya confirm! They only have one kind of waffle here. But they offer it in three different varieties. One is the butter syrup, one is the chocolate topping. And the last one is strawberry topping. You know what we said just now, we prefer like crispy outside and inside is soft. But this one is like all crispy. I think it’s chewy eh! Okay, I took quite a big bite. So I feel like it’s crispy at first, then the more you chew it gets more dense. So it’s like, almost like a light chewy mochi. It’s perfect for kids actually. I think kids will love the strawberry one a lot. Cause it’s sweet. To be honest, I would go for the root beer float instead as compared to the waffle. More refreshing, and like creamy. Now we don’t talk about bang for your buck. We talk about bang for your calories. That one (root beer) is more bang for your calories. Okay, so we’re finally done with having everything on the menu. And we’re currently drinking The Alley! Okay wait, let me find them. Oi! So what we ordered is all from the brown sugar series. Ya, and The Alley is actually famous for their brown sugar pearls. Love it eh, I feel like their brown sugar taste is on point. But you don’t need to come all the way down to Jewel for The Alley. Because there’s one outlet opening at Cineleisure in mid-May. I’m going there! Okay, this is my first time eating everything on the menu. And another cup of bubble tea! Well, there’s always a second stomach for bubble tea. That’s true! So actually how was A&W for you all? I love the fact that the taste of childhood is still there. For me right, I can recognise the root beer float. Like once I drink it I was like, oh my god it’s been this long. It’s actually worth the queue you know. Like the burgers are surprisingly better. Compared to the ones we had in JB. Overall, my favourite is still my burger. Q: My Mozza burger!
G: Mozza burger. No ours is the, Cream cheese burger! I really think that their burgers is worth a try. And also the classic root beer float. Eh, I heard that A&W is 24 hours? We have clarified with the staffs. It’s open 24 hours, but different timing sell different stuff. From 7am to 11am, you get a more concise menu. From 11am to 3am, you get the full menu. And then from 3am to 7am, you can only get the root beer float or the root beer. Ah! Faster!