Welcome back to another episode of Eatbook vlogs, I’m Chow and I’m Katie. And today, we are in Sushiro. Sushiro is Japan’s largest conveyor belt sushi chain and this is Southeast Asia’s first outlet. We’re going to be trying everything on their menu this is over a 100 items by the way and that includes sushi, ramen, chawamushi and even dessert. Are you hungry? Yes, let’s go! Let’s go~ The first thing that strikes me about this place is how affordable everything is For a comfortable restaurant environment, I think it’s very value-for-money. Starts from $2.20 for the red plate, And you get all your favourite items such as tuna, salmon and shrimp. And if you feel a bit atas right, you just need to top up $1 and you can get the gold plate. And if you really want to ball it out, you go for the black plate. So if you’re tired of all them sushi and you want some hot food in your belly they also have ramen and appetisers like karaage and tempura. All the fried food! So we ordered over a 100 items right, we are going to review everything according to the plate colour. So, we are going to start with red plates. Itadakimasu! I don’t know how to say, I cannot pronounce. Itadakimasu. This is salmon belly by the way. Usually, salmon belly is supposed to be really premium meat, So I am very surprised that it’s in the lowest price tier. I also ate the salmon here, The salmon is actually very, very fresh and it’s creamy and buttery. And topped with the basil cheese makes it very decadent don’t even need wasabi or soya sauce to pair with the salmon. Oh, this is quite interesting. This is the herring roe spicy, but it’s not spicy. As you bite into it, it’s crunchy, you can really taste a bit of the soya sauce that they marinate it with. She is making me want to try that right now. Please don’t watch me eat this because I have no idea how I’m going to shove this in my mouth. It’s like brinjal in a sushi with mapo minced meat on top. It’s like fusion Chinese Japanese flavours right. Errr, I have no idea how I am going to eat this because the brinjal is way bigger than the rice. Put the whole thing into your mouth. Oh my god, it’s hefty man. I actually enjoy this because the flavour is so unique and you pair it with sushi rice right, that’s something that I’ve never had with sushi before. Reminds me of the brinjal that my mum cooks at home. But it’s not something that I would order, but whatever floats your boat. I actually have to give a thumbs up to their sashimi quality, out of all the sashimi I’ve tried right all of them didn’t have the fishy taste they were just like the nice balance of firm and soft at the same time. This is good. This is your go-to scallop. The scallops are quite big actually. You know you talked about the quality of the sashimi. The quality of the scallop is also really impressive. Sushiro Sushiro Sushiroooo~ Sushiro Sushiro AH! I poked my face… I just tasted the most luxurious piece of tuna meat I’ve tasted in my life. And it’s on the $2.20 plate so I’m completely taken aback. The quality of the meat melts in your mouth, what we realised is that there are fatty tunas on the menu for different plate colours. So the one that I have tried is on the red plate, there’s also one on the gold plate and the black plate. Char siew dude. What the heck. Wah this is, this is really very shiok. I had roast pork with green [spring] onions. This looks like a char siew in your ramen and they give you one whole slice per sushi rice. I think the meat is very well-marinated, coupled with mayonnaise sauce as well as the spring onions on top right, super refreshing. Can I just mention while the char siew is nice, the roast beef is very, very gamey. Okay okay, go on, go on, push on soldier, you can do this! This is a plate of salmon with cheese. And what takes me by surprise is how many options they have for toppings here. They’ve got shrimp with avocado, salmon with soy sauce, like the one I had shrimp with coriander. I feel like these flavours, I have never seen before in any other restaurant. You try that, you try that. PD: Scissors, paper, stone. Loser tries. NOOOOOOOOOOO! There’s a very strange-looking plate sitting there. Over here, it’s a… What is this man? PD: Scissors, paper, stone. One bite. Okay, reminds me of uni actually, but way more briny. It’s a very rich texture. Like a peanut butter almost. But when you eat it altogether at least the cucumber helps elevate the brininess, giving it a bit of refreshing taste. I just tried the shrimp with avocado. And I have to say, that this reminds me a little bit of a maki, a California maki roll because of the heaps of mayonnaise that they’ve piled on top What really strikes me is how many layers there are in this sushi. It’s almost like a burger! Actually the crunch of the onions right it really just gives a whole new texture to the taste that I have in my mouth. The Big Red Shrimp, it’s super huge man! Like cutting across the entire plate. The flesh, the meat is actually very, very buttery. This is so creamy! Usually the ones we see in restaurants are you know the skinny, skinny sweet shrimp? Katie: Something like this
Chow: AKA this. PD: Now you have to pick three items Just three ah? Yes. Wah I cannot eh. I actually like a lot eh. Ya. I know my absolute favourite one right, was the salmon with basil cheese. The basil and the cheese really uplifts the salmon taste. The second one I really like, the herring roe spicy, [is] another interesting dish on the menu, although it didn’t really hit the box for the spicy part of it. And lastly, obviously I loved the Big Red Shrimp. For something so huge and so cheap right, it’s really value-for-money. This is very similar to that, it’s the Red Shrimp Carpaccio. There’s a little bit of sourness, like a vinegar taste to it as well. I enjoyed the Shrimp with Avocado very much because of all the different flavours that are packed into one dish. I have to mention this in my top three. It is Roast Pork with Green Onion. So that one, needless to say, I think I really enjoyed. Now that we are done with our red plates, let’s move on to the gold plates! So before we move on to our gold plates right, we’re very full. So, commercial break! Let’s drink to… Sushiro! Cheers! Wooo! So we just drank sake, but if you’re not a sake kinda person, don’t worry, they also serve other drinks. Their most recommended drink on the menu: their yuzu juice. If you’re the sort that drinks a lot when you eat right, they also have free-flow soft drinks at $3.50 only. Let’s dive right back into our gold plates! I need to unzip my pants. PD: Are you serious? I’m gonna unzip a bit la! I need more belly space. This is $3.20 and you get a little bit more high quality meat. This dish is a tongue twister, it’s called premium grilled conger eel. But what is fascinating about this dish is how generous they are in the serving size. They literally just slabbed this huge piece of fishon top of your rice At the taste, you would expect unagi flavour, but it’s a lot lighter than your unagi. It has a much cleaner fish flavour and it’s very pleasant tasting. It’s easy to eat. I just had scallops large serving, and it was actually super huge. It felt there were four of the normal scallops placed onto each other. You know why, or not, because it’s large serving. The smaller scallops were a bit crunchier whereas this was much more creamier. It was so soft right, the moment I put that huge big piece in my mouth right, It totally just disintegrated and all I had was rice after that. So over here is the tuna less fatty, still has the marbling over here. Yeah look at the streak. Oh my god, so good. Wow wow wow wow wow! This is tuna less fatty but it’s a very hearty piece of meat. Instantly the moment I put it in my mouth right, it just melts. This pork belly is super fatty, just look at it It’s so fatty and decadent even after leaving out for a while. Meat is still so soft and succulent. PD: 2 of your favourites. My first favourite has to be the triple salmon, because super value-for-money, one plate you get 3 different types of salmon. My second most favourite is the premium grilled conger eel, because even though it was difficult to pronounce , this is easy to eat. It’s very clean, very simple to the palate so you know if you like simple food and you still appreciate good flavour this is what you should take. My 2 most favourite right was the scallop large serving because it just melted in my mouth. and it’s really very value-for-money considering how much scallop and how good the quality of the scallops were. And my second favourite dish was of course the pork belly. Like oh my god, it was so huge, so fatty and so succulent. Now that we’re done with the gold plates, let’s move on to the black plates. Oooh to the dark side! This is the last step before we move on to the hot food eh. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. You can tell just how luxurious this piece of meat is from the marbling. Ya you can see there’s oil on top of the tuna which means it’s very very fatty. Mmmm, the tuna flavour really coats your tongue and it’s very very rich in flavour and it’s sooo good. For the black plates you are treated to cheese toppings to your sushi. So I have it on the unagi. And I have it on the salmon! Wow. The pungency of this together with the tender eel makes it so interesting but so good! I get what you mean by the pungent taste. I think it’s a bit overwhelming with the salmon, because paired with the salmon you don’t really get the taste of the sashimi anymore. It’s more like a mixture of textures. I actually really like the cheese with the grilled eel. Because it’s so interesting and I never could imagine that I could have cheese on sushi. I really enjoyed the salmon roe large serving because of how generous the portion is. I’m all about, you know, value for money lah. So when I see this dish right, I know they are giving me a huge amount of salmon roe. Apart from sushi off the conveyor belt, they also serve platters! So this is the salmon sushi platter. If you really are looking for variety, this is your go-to plate. Aside from sushi, they also have ramen. So they have three different types of ramen. My personal favourite is the ebi miso ramen because there’s a tinge of spice and a very nice seafood sweetness at the back. On top of that, they also have a variety of sides, especially fried food. Aside from all these fried goodies, they also have chawanmushi. And a special one is their cold chawanmushi. Cold chawanmushi? Okay. So if you’re really adventurous you can definitely try that one. After all that sushi and ramen and all those heavy food right, we moved on to sweet stuff. And I thought my belly had no more space but this has unleashed a new space in my tummy! It’s like the hidden room that you didn’t know existed then whoaaa! I have to say the desserts are very good as well. I feel like everything is very rich. My favourite is the candied sweet potato. Because even though this is starchy and it’s completely a carbohydrate right, the sweetness is just right. It’s drizzled with syrup and it’s caramelised to just coat the entire sweet potato so it feels like you’re eating a fry right but it has a very pleasant sweetness that’s not too overwhelming. So my favourite is this crepe cake that’s drizzled with strawberry sauce and comes with ice cream and frozen strawberries. It’s actually really refreshing and the crepe cake is really light and airy so it’s super nice and a great end to the meal that we had. That’s it man. That really concludes our meal on a sweet note. So bloated but so satisfied at the same time. The most massive food coma you can ever imagine. Wah. I am so full. Yeah I can’t believe we ate 100 dishes. So what’s your favourite thing about Sushiro? I think my favourite thing is how wide the menu was and the quality of the dishes. That piece of fish and that tuna maguro right wah is the best maguro I’ve ever had in my life. Oh my god yes, I can attest to that. That melt-in-your-mouth sensation is out of this world. I love it so much and I would definitely recommend trying that. At any price tier leh, $2.20, $3.20, $4.80, wah. If you’re planning to go down to Sushiro, they also have an app for you to make your reservations before hand so you don’t have to stand in line. I think you should definitely download this app because it’s gonna be snaking queues. I already see it coming leh.