Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs, my name is Bolin and today we actually going to this place called, The Alley Luxe in Cineleisure. And as you may know, The Alley is actually the bubble tea shop where they sell all the very fancy and nice bubble tea. And, I am going to bring someone with me and who else is better than you know, the Ally… to bring to The Alley right?! Let’s go! She’s actually working right now. Hello… Hello lady boss, What? Are you free now? Free now? I want to ask you to go some place. Where? This place right, you probably heard it throughout your whole life already. So you’re very very familiar with this place. McDonald’s? No… The place is actually called The Alley. What?! Go, let’s go! So right now we are here in Cineleisure, The ultimate like, teenage spot. Are you ready to drink a lot of bubble tea? I’m so ready. B: I think it’s just right here, let’s go.
A: Let’s go. Let’s just go and order. I want everything, please! Okay, so we have ordered everything on the menu. B: Oh my god.
A: So I guess, It’s time It’s time, to sign up for a gym membership. We have 17 drinks, and all their 9 different pastries. So everything right, is 50% sugar. Then that’s at least like, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900%. Ya. Honestly I just want to drink the brown sugar first, but then I feel like this one, you must drink very fast. Because I feel like, B: It’s going to get …
A: It’s like time sensitive. If not it will get soggy. This is the Garden Milk Tea. There’s basically like crushed oreo cookies on top, then they add this little mint leaf, so it looks like soil. I like how, if you mix the oreo crumbs, and mix with the milk tea, the crunch and the moisture, everything is just nice. It’s not bad, I think the milk tea is like very typical black tea. I think what’s interesting is the texture from the oreo. Oreo has the black cookie part, and the white cream part, I can taste the cream and the cookie. It’s like cripsy, and the pearls are like chewy. Also part of the Premium Milk Tea series right, they have 2 others, which is the Assam Milk Tea, and the Royal No.9 Milk Tea. Okay I try Assam. Then I try the Royal No.9. Oh my god, it’s like splashing. I realised you like to dance with your neck. 1, 2, 3. Loser. Oh, mine is very light. Oh, mine’s nice. Really? Ya. I feel, really got the royal feel. Woah. It’s like you’re going into the palace. Wow, it’s really Royal No.9. It’s very fruity, like there’s some berry flavour. The assam one, it’s very mild. It’s basically the garden one without the oreo crush. Bolin. Yes? Do you know what is my favourite milk tea drink? Is it the recently very hip and hop one? Brown sugar? Yes! I like everything like brown sugar, so they also have a brown sugar series, but they call it like, Brown Sugar Deerioca series. Deerioca! We’re going to try the basic one first I guess, it’s the brown sugar fresh milk. I have been a loyal fan to Liho for many years, and I would say that I’m a big fan of their brown sugar series. I love them no matter what. The way to drink this right, you drink the pearl first, then you stir everything. Oh, like the teh cino drinking style. I’m so nervous. What if you change your heart? I don’t want to cheat on Liho. Oh my god no, of course it’s not okay! Win already. I don’t need to drink the rest. Are you serious? At first when I drank it I was like, “Oh what is this?” Then suddenly. Yea, it’s like the deer ram into you. Oh, now we know, Deerioca, it will ram you. When you suck the brown sugar and the pearl up, then you suck in the milk, Yea, so you taste the milk first. Oh very plain, like milk. Then suddenly the deerioca. No, really, it’s like the brown sugar is very good, it’s not bitter, it’s very sweet and nice. and I would say the pearls right, is very nice also. It’s still very bouncy, very chewy. Alright, next, next, next. Next, there’re 2 more, one is the Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca, and one is Cocoa Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk Do you like chocolate? B: Because you don’t like, right?
A: I don’t like chocolate. So, I will be taking that, because I also like. Every different version, the deer has a different horn. The taste of the chocolate hits me first, the sweetness is all from the brown sugar. Then you can taste the very bittery dark chocolate taste. I’ll try the matcha one. Did it hit you? This hit’s a bit slow, this deer is walking. The matcha flavour is pretty strong, so, the brown sugar doesn’t stand out as much. They still complement each other quite well, I feel. And if you really like matcha, I feel like you will like this. It’s just that I feel like the brown sugar has more impact when it’s with fresh milk on it’s own. So, moving on, we are going to try something a little different. And this is the Aurora series, as you can see, aurora. This is called the Morning Dawn, this is called Northern Lights. Actually there are 3 layers here, so the first one is actually the butterfly pea tea, and in the middle, you can see, it’s mango bits mixed with mango syrup. and the last part is actually green tea. Mine is Northern lights right, the bottom is apple vinegar, the middle part is actually grapefruit syrup, and the top is also the butterfly pea tea. Oh, this is not what I expected. I’m going to order this again when I come here. This also gives me the royal feel. Like really a morning dawn. Yea, really like you wake up in the morning. If they hadn’t put the syrup, I think the mango taste wouldn’t be as strong. Actually I think mine is very interesting, because the first sip I took, I couldn’t really taste the bottom. Then for the second sip, when I pulled from the bottom to the top, you kind of taste the butterfly pea tea, then suddenly, it hits you with this apple cider vinegar, kind of sourish taste, gives a very good kick to this drink. So next up we have these 2, and these 2 are the Snow Velvet series, So this is actually the Snow Velvet Brown Sugar Latte, as you can see, the thick layer of foam here is the snow. And on top, you have the brown sugar powder. The coffee is not bitter at all. It’s a very sweet kind of coffee. But suddenly, when you drink the snow velvet milk foam on top, it’s like savoury. But this is slightly towards the sweet side. So the second drink in this snow velvet series, is this Snow Velvet Peach Oolong tea, Okay, I was expecting a stronger oolong taste. Ya, you can still taste the bitterness of oolong tea, it’s just that it’s covered by the aroma of the peach. But it’s still a nice drink, it’s a very peachy, fruity kind of drink. the foam at the end has the same savoury kind of taste. But I would say I wished that the oolong was a tad stronger. Moving on, we have the Finest Collection. This is the Matcha Peach Oolong Latte, if you like matcha, you’ll love this. I feel like the green tea one is a very normal matcha latte, I can’t really taste the peach oolong though. Over here, we have the Hojicha Peach Oolong Latte, So, if you don’t know, Hojicha is basically roasted green tea. Wah this is so nice. This is nice right? Because it’s roasted. So it’s more fragrant. Yea, this one is like hello! This is like HELLO! Oh my god I love this. This will easily be one of my favourite drinks here. I also like the fact that the cream also gives it, a very rich flavour on top, so at first you taste the very strong flavour from the hojicha peach oolong tea right, and at the end, you get this very creamy, and a little bit salty aftertaste. Okay next, we have the Lulu Fresh Fruit series. So, we have the Orange Lulu, and we have the Snow Strawberry Lulu. They look very vibrant, very pretty. So apparently they crush real oranges, and real strawberries. This is like a whole chunk of strawberry goodness, that goes into your mouth. Then it’s like papa eat me, eat me. Wah, it tastes like, you know MacDonald’s has this strawberry sundae, it looks like strawberry sundae already. I think mine is pretty decent, it’s a very light orange fruit tea, it’s not that sweet. So you know on a hot day, you just want to gulp something down, then I’ll buy this. So the last series here, is the Original Brewed Tea series. As you can see, this 1, 2, 3. It’s basically the drinks that we tried just now, the royal no.9, and all the rest. Without milk, just the brewed tea itself. This is the assam, and this is the peach oolong. Remember just now, I mentioned that the assam taste, feels like you are going into the garden behind to dig the soil, this is just, my face is shoved into the garden. A bit herbal, a bit like an old person’s drink. There’s something that tastes like this in the chinese medicine shop. I drank the Peach Oolong Tea, I think it’s like what I said, very light. If you are into those oolong tea with a very strong flavour, then this isn’t for you. But if you like light flavours, then I guess it’s worth a try. But I also prefer the milk version. So this is the royal no.9. Oh this is the one that tastes very floral. Oh, yea. Wah, it tastes exactly like the milk one. The tea itself is already very flavourful, so it’s not that much different from the milk one. We are going to move the drinks away, and we are going to try the 9 pastries. So we go toilet first okay? 1, 2, 3. What’s interesting about this particular outlet, they kind of like have a mini patisserie, kind of like a cafe. So you can get your bubble tea, and also the pastries to come along with it. So this is the basic croissant, I wouldn’t say that this is the best croissant that I’ve ever tasted, I think this is the type of pastry you would eat to complement something else. It’s not that fragrant, and not as rich as I was expecting. This is like a normal croissant, but inside there’s gourmet sausage and cheese. The sausage is legit. What is gao lat? Gao lat means it’s not like those very cheap, cheap hot dog. The sausage makes a damn big difference. But I guess it’s cause it’s cooked with a sausage inside, so you can really taste the buttery sausage flavour, but I can’t really see the cheese, I can’t really taste it. Now we’re going to try the Almond Croissant. Actually I prefer this over the plain croissant because, it’s a bit sweet, and I don’t know why, but it’s also a bit crispier. And the texture from the nuts and the powdered sugar really brings out the buttered flavour of the croissant. Next up, it’s called Kouign Amann. It kind of looks like a, cross section of a croissant. Ya! Exactly what I wanted to say. Yea man, because we together forever. It has this layer of sugar around, It’s like glazed with like a This is on the sweeter side, tastes a little bit like croissant, but it’s not as soft, and is drier. Pain Au Chocolate. I think the chocolate is not very overwhelming, just nice. it’s not that buttery. I think this is still alright. I think I prefer the actual croissant. Yea, me too. Okay, this is called, cruffins! Because it’s a croissant, plus a muffin. There’s kaya, chocolate, salted caramel, and lemon curd. The salted caramel one has a little salt on top, and pistachio nuts. Mine has like coconut flakes. but inside is kaya. Oh, I can see the kaya. I can’t really taste much of the coconut flakes when I bite it. But I can tell you that the kaya is actually oozing out. I really like that the outside is crispy, and inside, they put kind of like the paste inside. So this one is salted caramel, I think it’s pretty nice, not too sweet, and I like that they add the extra toppings on top, like the salt and the nuts. Okay, I’m going to try the lemon curd. You can have the chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover, this is slightly underwhelming. It’s like a diluted cream. It’s not a pure chocolate. It’s like a chocolate sauce, but it’s not 100% chocolate. I think mine is pretty okay, I still prefer the salted caramel one, because this is on the sour side. I’m going to eat the whole thing. Go ahead. Sour right? This is damn good, if you are hungry, you should eat this first. Alright, so we just finished all 17 different drinks, and 9 different pastries, which was your favourite? I think it would be the Snow Velvet Brown Sugar Latte, because normally you go to bubble tea shops, you only buy tea right, I feel that one, it was coffee, number 1. And I also really like the snow velvet cream foam on top. I also want to give a special shutout to the brown sugar fresh milk. The deerioca one. Yea, it’s really quite good. For me, it would be the Hojicha Peach Oolong Latte, Oh yes, that! I like drinks where I’m shocked and surprised, with an impact. That was really strong and flavourful, really very good. And our favourite pastry is, the Gourmet Sausage Cheese Croissant. It was just really good, salty, crispy, buttery, very savoury. Here, it’s very nice place to grab a small bite, it’s like afternoon tea, but with like bubble tea. It’s the perfect place to chill and relax, and have actually good quality stuff. so, if you like this video, remember to watch more of our videos over there, And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Eatbook! BYE~