– I’m trying to pace myself consciously, because I know if I don’t think
about it I will inhale this. (upbeat jazz) – [Woman On The Left] So today we’re in Koreatown, Los Angeles. – [Man] And we’re at Cafe Bora. – [Woman on the Right] We’re going to try some purple treats. – Bora means purple in Korean. – Yeah, it’s the purple cafe, literally. What could be purple that’s food? – Because it’s sweet potato. – I love sweet potato. – I love sweet potato too, but I didn’t know it was purple. – Sweet potato’s purple. – No, it’s like orange. – There’s different ones. – Ah. – Clearly we know a
lot about this subject. – Yeah (upbeat jazz) This is the prettiest food
I think I’ll ever consume. – This is so fancy. – I feel really cool. – Oh, yo. This is a building. – There is some more purple stuff in here. – [Man] I think this is the extra. – Extra sauce, like I
always get on my Thai food. (laughter) Okay. Oh, it tastes like
sweet potato, literally! – It does taste like sweet potato. – That’s so crazy. – In the best way. – That’s crazy. – It’s funny because I never
thought of sweet potato as a flavor for shaved ice, and it works so perfectly. – Like, you can taste the sweet potato. It’s definitely the star of the show. It’s really light, but the flavor’s very apparent, and it’s really soft and
blends together really well. – It tastes healthy, too. It tastes like sweet potato. – I think it’s healthy. I’m going to say it’s healthy. – It may be healthy by your standards. (upbeat jazz) – [Woman On The Left] It’s so pretty. Look at this. – [Woman On The Right] It’s so cute. – [Woman On The Left] So soft again. – [Woman On The Right] It’s so satisfying. – It’s like a food porn, like. Oh I love it. – This is really good. – It’s a deep taste. It’s very deep. – It’s like full of flavors. – The first thing you taste is
definitely the sweet potato, and then you kind of taste like
a cream flavor right after. – Yeah. – It’s definitely the
perfect soft serve texture. It feels really simple
in like it’s flavors, but that’s what makes
it really really good. – The way when you spoon it,
it just goes in like that. It’s crazy. – [Man] That’s a solid scoop there. – I know it sounds weird, but there’s something arousing about it. (laughter) – Whelp. – You know what I mean though? – I’ma leave you alone
with your food there. – Oh, there it is! – You said moist last time. – This is moist. It’s moist. – We got that on camera. (upbeat jazz) – [Man] Oh, it’s very soft. – Yeah. – It’s very arousing. (laughter) There’s cake inside. – [Woman On The Left] Super creamy. – Oh, yeah. That is great tiramisu. – [Man] Yeah. – Oh dang. It’s definitely a different flavor than your average tiramisu. – Yeah, I actually like
this better I think. Less intense and less sugary. – The sweet potato is a
little bit less pronounced I think than the other two things we had. – It’s almost like vanilla. – It’s delicate. It’s like a few layers
of different flavors. There’s like the creamy layer, and then you’ve got like
the more sweet potato layer, and then at the very bottom
is like a yellow cake. – Okay, sweet potato. – As predicted, it definitely came through aesthetically, but also the flavor was warranted. It wasn’t just purple things to be purple. – [Woman On The Left] Yeah. – Like, you could really tell the reason it was purple is because
it was sweet potato. – Yeah. – Very very aesthetic. This is probably the most
aesthetic desserts I’ve ever had. Everything’s a fresh take for me here. – It was a surprise. It was very different than anything I’ve ever tasted, but super good. – Signing off. – Peace. (upbeat jazz) (swoosh)