I would like as well we’re gonna be making pancakes without a recipe today oh you’re a mom I am red pen yeah I’ve never made pancakes what any pancakes I mean at stores I’ve never made a pancake before but I feel pretty confident that we can make something pancake adjacent pancakes are really difficult to mess up I’m confident they’re like how bad can we do cut to the failure whatever you make I will try okay okay Wow it’s kind of fun to like go off the rails and try something new best for you should we get started yeah so we are gonna need with flour whisks we’re gonna need that one measuring cup welcome you all girls are so cute I love when you go like that and you’re like cooking yeah you look like a chef we’re gonna you actually use measuring cups huh I have to or else I’m not gonna get their ratios correct oh well it’s like somebody’s talking about ratios is that flour yeah that’s flour yeah I know you need flouring but I’m gonna go a little more freewheeling oh my gosh see he’s gonna do that he’s gonna do better whenever I’m careful I lose this isn’t a contest I don’t know what order to do this and I’m just doing it based on my emotions do you mean egg yes I’ll need an egg can you crack it with one hand oh no I suck at cracking Julia Child get at me sugar is a wet ingredient I know that sure is not a wet ingredient yeah it is considered a wet ingredient is it yeah I think I need baking so Todd sugar I’m not telling you do you need one of these guys just to get this out of here but I’m not measuring I could confuse TSP at this table or dougie spoons Oh tbsps table Oh what’s up cinnamon because I liked it some cinnamon last thing I’m gonna put in is the milk I think that’s my coffee Cal I’m glad that like you have such faith in my skills that you’re like I’m just gonna copy you this egg seems like it was a lot of liquid I guess we can add more flour to it grab with a hint of vanilla because I know if you put too much it’s too strong it’s a lot of vanilla okay that’s why it’s so far and now I’m gonna add milk until it’s the consistency of a pancake this is really thick you’re gonna need more little bit it was the arm workout at a little um you don’t I really appreciate that you haven’t given up on me she’s fantastic you can do anything you believe in YB I love you thank you yours looks a little runny I’d be pretty embarrassed by it yeah that feels like a pancake consistency I think I did too many chocolate chips I don’t think that’s possible that’s too many chocolate a little bit more milk oh that was a lot no have you taste tested your batter yet I don’t taste tests with fraud I’m gonna go rogue want to taste the batter I think I need a little more baking powder oh I wouldn’t shake it and I’d use it yeah I know what you would do you know what it doesn’t have any salt that’s what it is that’s what it is it’s never add it’s impossible people you got to put salt in your cookies you got to put salt in your pancakes it just keeps it that special blah just gonna get a little better in here you feel you wait till the bubbles pop on the top and then you flip I’m a big big pancake baby here we go the sound it’s supposed to make that’s a pickup yeah that’s a big boy so there was a bubble right there yeah it’s gonna pop it needs like a little bit more time for a little vegetable spray like inside yes oh wow Hannah those fine I made him his name is Fred Fred’s a pancake hmm jiggling stuff all right my turn yep go ahead I just spray no don’t be afraid to use this stuff you don’t want that sticking we go so you mean enough for exactly one oh it looks a little thin well maybe I can make it into a she a really ugly your raisins kind of dark in color nice and liquid in there it’s been good to it like sizzle it’s not like frying an egg be careful Oh quite right yeah we’ll flip it back it’s too big to put Chiwetel it harder me just wants to help the part of me is like no she should do it herself I think it’s just practice it’s still on fire just a broken home I’m a bird learning to fly it’s gonna make mistakes fine doesn’t look correct get it off me me get the other side just a little bit you gotta kiss it why does it look dry my it looks like a really good first pancake why me I know I’m proud that’s sweet satisfying yeah buddy whoo the chocolate chips are newsn I’m gonna dig in and try my pancake creation and see if it measures up to the ones that my mom used to make Cheers there’s solid oh my god this is good how was yours gummy it’s not bad mmm too salty it’s your pancake it’s not right or wrong no it’s wrong it’s not right it’s wrong like that consistency is like very motors yeah the I put too much baking powder or a flower or something it’s not bad it’s just weird let’s see I’ll tell yours yeah that’s how pancake supposed to be friggin proud of this pancake I would make this again if someone served me that and they’re like this is what you get to you would eat it I would be like just drink a lot of milk with this I’m trying to actually give the people an honest assessment of my pancake wait let’s just do a side by side we learned a bit about pancake making I think we didn’t do any big missteps you think you’ll ever make it on your pancake I think I could probably be okay I’m making pancakes I mean I think who’s been eatin long you got good impulses and that little sister do I are you that’s the first step right honestly learning from other people yeah heard from my mom so you’re my mom now [Music]