Let’s take the first step in this journey (music) Today what we’re gonna try is pickle
donuts. They are a special donut that Voodoo Doughnut is releasing only at the
Portland Pickles game and we thought we would try it so you don’t have to these donuts have peanut butter, they have sriracha and they have pickles my heart is open to the idea that these might be okay I don’t know if I’d go so
far as say it’s something I would choose to order my heart is closed to that idea, but
I’m willing to have it open okay Pretty hefty doughnut it’s a big doughnut it’s not a light doughnut okay, ready, cheers (music) (laughter) Take a bite, take a bite (laughter) well well well (laughter) I want to preface this by
saying I’m pregnant right now and some things like — I feel like I’ve gotten
pretty much over the like gagging part of being pregnant but I was slightly
worried at one point in that process of the original bite down that it would
involve me–gagging I would like to preface this by saying that I am not, to my knowledge, pregnant currently but I had a pretty similar reaction you know, when you bit into it, like you get the texture of a doughnut first and say yeah this might be good there might be like a sweet thing coming and then you get the little bit of peanut butter first and you’re like okay, peanut butter doughnut,
like that’s not crazy and then you get like the punch of the vinegar from the pickle it’s a spicy pickle and it just really feels out of sorts I mean, I understand that like the Voodoo
Doughnut schtick is to have weird things on a donut but most of the time
they are weird things that are delicious yeah like, Froot Loops, I love Fruit Loops, or like you put some bacon on a donut, it’s weird but it’s salty, it’s savory it’s good I think the texture for me is also like it’s just like
a wet pickle see but you’re putting all the responsibility for the bad taste on the texture and I think the flavors themselves are also awful I don’t know how you how you successfully put a pickle on a doughnut I don’t know if you can I don’t know if you can but you know like if you want to find out go to the
Pickles game on Friday, they’re gonna have a truck there, they’re gonna be
selling these so thanks for watching (laughter)