Hello all friends. Welcome and thank you for tuning in. 2 days ago on May 22nd it was our 6 year wedding anniversary Time fly and it’s been 6 years with kids. It’s Friday today so we plan to take the family to visit South Lake Tahoe. It’s a city that is situated
along the California & Nevada stateline. It’s very close that you can walk and cross stateline. I will show you that. We don’t have any special gifts just want to take the kids out to see things. For me, I’ve been there before however my husband has never been there. It’s also going to be Naly and Eli first time there. Let’s see what he thinks when he sees the change in scenery. One more thing, it’s about 3-4 hours drive from Stockton depending on the driving speed and the weather condition on the road. We figure, since we have smaller children it’s best if we take shorter drive. So today is Friday and we are going to drive half way and then rest along the way then continue our trip the next day. Earlier we packed our luggage Just going for a few days but look at it it’s like we are going for several months. We have lots of stuff but also to make sure there’s no shortage of things Actually if we miss anything it’s OK since there’s stores everywhere. But we don’t want that. If we have everything, then there’s no need to waste time going out to get it. Also my atemoya looks like it has ripen I fear it might get over ripe when we return so I’m going to bring it along to taste it. Can’t miss this opportunity. All friends let’s enjoy this vlog together. And then Mommy, Daddy get the guitar and sing for Mommy to listen. Mommy and Daddy kiss each other. Mommy Daddy is holding the guitar again and sing again. Daddy sing with guitar for Mommy to listen. Once upon a time Mommy what’s these balls? Those are bocce. Who put it there? It’s a game. Oh, with Mommy, Daddy and Oun Naly? Yeah. Mommy, can I do that? Yeah, next time when you go to Cambodia. Once upon a time Mommy, Daddy do a game with the balls and 2 balls see, they are holding and throwing over there. Holding each other and throwing it. Mommy and Daddy hold each other hands and walk and boat in the back. And then Mommy, Daddy ??? water. Mommy, Daddy sitting with each other at the house. Mommy kissing with Daddy. What are we doing? Kiss each other. Yeah, they are happy. What’s Daddy doing? Playing with water. Playing water on Mommy? Daddy put water on Mommy face that’s no good? Yeah, that’s no good putting water on Mommy face. He put on your hair and she’s happy to go play. See? Mommy smiling. Oh smiling, OK yeah. Daddy put water on the face and smiling like crazy. Once upon a time, Mommy, Daddy is holding this coconut they hold it so it does not fly away. Mommy holding a peach, that’s not a peach it’s a coconut coconut, and Daddy’s holding this What’s this? A rope. A rope Daddy is pulling. Heavy for Daddy. Daddy kiss Mommy down to the ground. That’s not good? Uh, a little bit. Oh, she is smiling. Yeah. That’s not good smile? No, it’s good to smile. Mommy, Daddy holding a coconut. Mommy and Daddy is holding this coconut and coconut and they are holding the tree. Mommy, Daddy holding each other with a tree. Mommy, Daddy holding the tree and kiss. Mommy, Daddy holding each other hands with a flower up on the head. And then they stand up to the ladder and hug each other and look. They hold hands and hold the ladder and go and look at each other face. They sit and hug each other with a head and flower. Came on a Friday and it’s almost 5 o’clock. Traffic because it’s the time people get off work. It’s stop and go right now. Today I have a personal driver I have Uber. Special Uber. Who needs Uber? Please leave your number will be there right away. Leave a working number. Leave your number and will be there instantly. Now we are at Sacramento. This is the inside of our hotel. It’s so pretty. This sofa has a pull out bed. This is the big bed. Hi Eli. There’s also a kitchenette with a fridge some drawers place to keep dishes. The drawers contains silverware for use. We are only staying here 1 night. Plates, for those visiting or here working for awhile. Perfect fit. Here’s the bathroom. There’s a closet to hang your clothes. Bathroom. Nice. Sink. This hotel is $119 per night. My Uber driver is hungry. Hi boy. Hello. Dance Eli. You got a big bed now you yawn. Let’s ask Naly. Where are you going? Beach. To the beach? Anywhere that has water, she calls it beach. Getting ready to take Oun Naly to play in the water. It’s wrong, wait and Mommy will wear for you. Down there is the swimming pool it’s an indoor pool so it can be used in the morning or daytime. No need to worry about the hot sun ray. They have a water heater. I don’t want hot I want cold. Naly is excited to see because she gets to play in there. Mommy, I farted. Naly farted? Oh my god! What do you say after you fart? You are suppose to say ‘excuse me’ when you fart. Excuse me. I’m so excited. 1 where the star is. Mommy can I hug? Naly is scared? Yeah scared a little bit. Still 3rd floor, press again. 5 times? Naly are you having fun dear? Oh we need to go to the other side it’s outside and they have a way turn left. Here’s the laundry room for the guest to use. Yeah on the right. Don’t run dear. Watch out get lost. No, you won’t get lost. Here’s the restroom. Need a key card to access. Are there towels here? Pick one. This one is fine. This is the shallow end. These for us to use. Wait, Daddy will wear it for you. Go Naly go swim. Use you arm Naly. She’s scared at first. Just wait and see. Later she doesn’t want to come up when call. Go swim Naly. Let go. Scared? Go. Is it deep? It’s more deeper. Maybe up to the ear level. 15 mins later and now Naly can swim on her own. She can float. She said not to go near her. Naly come here. That puddle jumper is cool. It help the child float. Swim this way Naly. Hello Naly. Naly do you know how to swim? She knows how to kick the side wall. Does Naly dad know how to swim? That’s all he knows. Dare to go deeper up to head level
and he will come back. Naly do you want to come back up? Oh not yet. She said not yet and she wants to swim longer. Naly do you want to go home? Mommy asked Oun Naly wants to go home? Oun Naly not going. This one cannot go in the water yet. Still sitting and sucking his fingers. All likes to play in the water
but does not know how to swim. The pool is pretty shallow. The deepest part is 5 feet 9 inches. It’s probably up to my husband’s ear level. They know this place is for families that bring kids to play in the water and soak in the water not to swim too deep. They also have a hot jacuzzi . Naly put her feet in and it’s hot so she hesitate. Earlier she wanted to go. Now hesitate. Came back. It’s too hot. Now that she knows how to float, she goes so far. She wants you to throw it and she go get it. Check out the dad and daughter. Naly wait for Daddy too. Going back up to change. So it’s cold. Be careful you might get caught in there. That’s enough it will open soon. Mommy, I want to go swimming right now. How was the swimming Naly? Give one more to Oun Naly. My pajama. Go inside and Naly shower again. Yeah hot shower. My toes wet too. He’s shaking his butt. Let’s go in Naly. Oun Naly don’t want to shower. I don’t want to shower. Come on in. Take a hot shower. Oun Naly don’t want to take a hot shower. Now done showering and dressed up again getting ready to go get something to eat. Special dinner. 2 horses? There’s 4 horses here.
*** this is a Khmer joke *** Horse #1, #2, #3 and the 4th is holding the camera. 4 horses. Dinner with 4 horses. Be careful not to get Eli’s hand squeeze in. It’s not going to squeeze in. Let’s go eat dinner over here. No, they don’t eat dinner here. Maybe the sun is about to set. This is the place that we are about to go eat. It is about 900 feet from where we are staying. It’s walking distance, not too far. Not sure if I mentioned yet the city we are staying for tonight is Folsom. It is a little bit pass Sacramento heading in the direction towards South Lake Tahoe. Mommy? We go store and to someone’s house? We go eat something. Are you hungry now? I’m full. I eat hamburger and I’m full. Naly ate hamburger and is now full. It’s OK. That’s easy. Let Mommy and Daddy eat then. I’m going to eat a little bit. I ate a little bit of the hamburger. Mommy, can I go with you? Yeah, Daddy is looking for a parking space. Oh I see my friend. Naly has friends everywhere she goes. I don’t have friends go to the store. See how close this place is? Here’s the hotel that we are staying at. You can see here from the top. The door is heavy. Come in. I open it for you this time. Oun Naly want to open myself. Naly wants to open it on her own. Open the other side. We are going to get one of this. This photo looks interesting and their seafood curry with steamed rice. That’s your smile emoji? Here’s a statue. It’s big and nice. You can’t get it because there’s water in here. The decor here is nice these are palm coconut trees inside. The lights are dim to create a romantic atmosphere. 2 kids already, no more romantic. The first order has arrive. Panko fried calamari. These are the dipping sauce. The meat is thick. The 2nd and 3rd dish arrive. It’s not clear on the camera because it’s a bit dark here not enough lighting. They give you big portion size for us we cannot finish it. Might have to do pack it. We will try to finish the seafood curry and their steamed rice. The rice is $1 per bowl. OK, let’s eat now. Is it romantic eating in the dark? Naly are you almost done eating? Not yet i’m still eating. The curry is finished. Mmm… this beef if so good because, oh potatoes too, wait. because the husband is feeding. We are almost done Looks like this one is too much and not as tasty it has flour batter so we are not going to take it to-go let them discard it. As for this, we mostly eat the beef and mushrooms what’s left are chunks of potatoes. However we finished the curry. We are now full and done. Not going to order dessert. We are going to taste the atemoya back at the hotel. Now it’s time to play the bill. The 3 items that we ordered along with 3 bowls of rice but we only finished 2 and were full. Here’s the address for interested in trying it out. They gave us fortune cookie for dessert. Naly finished hers and she ask her Dad to read and tell her what it says. Here Dad is going to read to her. Oun Naly needs to listen to Daddy and Mommy and Daddy will take Oun Naly out again. OK? Give Daddy a kiss then. I don’t know who is giving who a kiss. Heading back to get some rest. Oun Naly had fun all day today. Give me your card. Open. Here’s your card back. Keep it. Where I put it? On the table. OK, thank you. We are now back at the room this is our special dessert for this special week. The atemoya that brother Sambo and his wife gave us. He gave us last Friday and today is Friday so it’s been 1 week. It’s a lot soft and some dent area because it’s really soft when place on top of something, it cause a dent. I think it is ripen enough for us to taste it. WOW! Oh it’s growing. It’s growing? If we plant it will grow. That’s good. There’s a little bit coming out. The flesh is so firm. Cut it all the way through. Lots of seeds. Less than from a sugar apple. Sugar apple has more seeds. OK let’s try it. A little bit first. Take a piece. How is it? Sweet! Sweet just like a sugar apple. It’s yummy sweet and sour. Naly said it’s sweet and sour. Taste just as good as sugar apple. The flesh is also firmer. More flesh than sugar apple. Sugar apple has more skin and seeds. Oh so sweet! When you first bite it it’s sweet but not very much but the taste at the end is super sweet. Mmm.. Very sweet. There’s no sour taste to it. Yeah lots of flesh. If we get 3 fruits, that’s plenty. Mmm.. fragrant too. It’s been 4 years since I’ve eaten again for the first time. They don’t sell this variety at the store. Those available at the market is a different variety. This is a sugar apple cross with cherimoya. Naly do you want more? I’m going to get a little bit more. A little bit but if allowed, she will finish 1 herself. Last time we bought a frozen sugar apple she finished 1 by herself. That one was harder to peel. No more. Spoon use to peel the skin. Look at the flesh. Has a lot of flesh. Very few seeds. This one is sprouting. Lots of sprout. Oh this one has grown very big. Yeah, like a mango growth seed. This will grow when plant. This one will grow faster. Brother Sambo, the fruit you gave us it’s growing roots Give 1 and get 10 lots of roots, this is the biggest one. It’s so good. Taste better than a mango. So sweet right? If we keep it another day it might be too ripe. The flesh peels apart like sugar apple too. Brother Sambo said that this variety is not as good as the other variety. If this is so sweet and tasty already can’t image how much more tasty the other one is. This seed is also sprouting. It’s starting to split. Hmm… my last slice. No more. We have to wait til next year for our tree. It start to fruit this year but will ripen next year. The split one is sprouting. If we keep another few days it will sprout all over inside. Bury the fruit in the ground and it will grow. Those ripen fruit that falls to the ground probably those grow. Because the fruit ripens and fall of the tree. Do this to make it easier to eat. The skin is easier to remove than sugar apple. It’s not as bumpy. My last one now all done. The wife is eating little bits at a time. WOW. Mmm… Oh my god! What is he doing? See-saw, see-saw. May I have some napkin. Sweet. Super sweet. Mommy I want to cover in blanket. OK, hold on. Let me show you the seeds. We finished the fruit and here are the seeds. There’s 26 seeds. You see? This one has sprouted. This one sprout a little bit. All these seeds will sprout if planted. I am going to plant all of them. I heard they fruit quick if you know how to care of it. Maybe take 3 years or so. I don’t know as I had never grown it from seeds. I never had the fresh fruit to eat like this. I used to eat the frozen one. So if you are interested, I will plant and let’s follow along. Thank you very much brother Sambo thanks over and over again, for bringing us this fruit to try. It’s so delicious! When we see this fruit and crave we will always think of you and your wife. Here’s the sofa inside. Pull it out and get another bed. This is Mommy spot. That end one can fit another person, a child. This one Mommy book already. Mommy is single tonight. No this is mine. I want to sleep with Daddy on that. You sleep with Eli. No. Daddy, Naly and Eli sleep here. Eli is knock out now. This is Mommy spot. Yeah sit for now. Mommy let you hang around for now. I’m not playing, I’m just watching. I’m still watching my video. USA kid don’t understand Khmer language. I said to hang out (play), she said she’s not playing just watching. Husband is drying inside his ears water went inside when he was swimming. Naly ate and shower and playing with her ipad. Eli is knocked out. We are going to play on our phone for a bit it’s now almost 10PM and then get some rest. See you all tomorrow.