now future storm trucker weather forecast with meteorologist Mike herd river levels this afternoon continue to be well under minor flood stage but again with the 70 degree weather over the last three days now picking up some moisture I’m gonna keep a close eye because these rivers could come up to minor flood stage sure by the end of the week heading into the weekend highlights are still up for areas that have been dealing with widespread flooding that’s Lewis and Clark County then back into the Missoula area Clark Fork from garrison to Drummond under a flood watch as that river the Clark Fork could get up to about it’s flood stage by time we get into the weekend and you can see flood watches more widespread now for beaver head in Madison counties especially for the big hole River they’re expecting it to get up to minor flood stage here by the end of the week so we’re tracking some scattered showers and thunderstorms as aggravating the flooding potential as well but there could be some slower moving storms in here and that will certainly bring a lot of wet weather to some areas not all over the next 24 to 48 so a digging trough is sitting here and that’s gonna kick off a cooling trend as we migrate through the rest of this week so there’s one area of low pressure moving through tonight tomorrow but the main storm is down here to the south and that still brings quite a bit of shower and thundershowers activity throughout the day tomorrow and then what’s gonna complicate the pattern is a colder airmass dropping in on top of us Friday that could lower snow levels down to 7000 feet so for the remainder of this afternoon and evening thunderstorm activity should be diminishing and quickly ending after sunset but after midnight most storms will come to an end but tomorrow they picked back up again and you can see on the high-resolution side there could be some stronger storms between Bozeman and West Yellowstone and more of a hit and miss nature across the rest of the region but some stronger storms and some heavier rain possible between Butte Bozeman Dylan and West Yellowstone and then on Friday it really continues and again snow levels could be lower in just a little bit so rainfall forecasts continued a very highly between model runs not I’m not too optimistic that we’re going to see quite what’s painted here but at least it shows that they all we all have a good chance for picking up some increasing rain showers so we’ve seen a little bit of wet weather today only measured 3 100 from an earlier passing storm sitting at 72 right now and bozeman against some showers earlier looks like you’ve got some threat any clouds overhead right now and not much in the rain gauge but it’s a little bit of rain as hit the MSU campus temperatures were cool in the 40s 50s 60s and 70s locally but much warmer in northeastern Montana in the upper 80s in and around Glasgow so storm should be ending later winds will be light clouds hanging in their 30s and 40s tomorrow building storms again not quite as warm 50s and 60s for most of you tomorrow and again the best chance for thunderstorms will be in the afternoon to early evening looking south and east we got a few storms out there now but they’ll come to an end after sunset and tomorrow we’ll pick up a chance for some more aggressive thunderstorms later in the day and again heavy rain is one of the side effects of those potential storms so a solid chance for cool and wet weather just generally rain on your Friday over the weekend a little probability but there could be a few showers and isolated thunderstorms around and then even next week almost daily there could be a few late day storms to track temperatures quite a bit cooler Friday Saturday but they’re back up in the 70s next week Bute 65 tomorrow but 50 Friday it’s all a chance for rain and then we’ll pick up some late day storms possible throughout the weekend early next week but warming up next week as well Dylan again a very active phi2 seven days will go with a good chance for showers and thunderstorms Thursday Friday a little bit of wet weather around Saturday Sunday and it tries to pick back up again for the first half of next week in West Yellowstone 50s and 60s for highs 30s for overnight lows and a good chance for more wet weather almost every single day good thing you mowed your lawn yesterday you mentioned you were ahead of it all right thanks Mike Nick Patroni joins us now some exciting news for some small-town athletes it was a great day to be an eagle at the state sea Golf Championship find out wide [Music]