From Swakopmund you can make a fantastic trip through the desert. Get a permit in Windhoek, Sesriem or in Swakopmund itself. You will immediately receive a leaflet with the route and an explanation of the stops. When you throw water on the lichens, you see how the fungus comes to fruition. The ink and the dollar bush. The leaves have the shape of a dollar. Ox wagons have been driven over this decades ago. The tracks are still visible. The Swakop River has created a spectacular moonlandscape here. Nothing really grows or lives at all !! Nothing? except for a stray ostrich. It is hard to believe that you are in the middle of a desert, if you see all those trees in the riverbed of the Swakop. Another nice view of a moonlandscape. This dark striped stone is dolorite, it was formed when molten lava moved up through the gray granite. And then the plant to which the drive is named: Welwitschia Mirabilis. For the pollination the red welwitschia beetle is necessary. The oldest has an estimated age of 1500 years. Are you excited after watching this video, subscribe to my channel to see more videos. Youtube’s home page shows you under the heading subscriptions, that new videos have been uploaded.