– Dinner Theater is going to
happen actually the same night as the district art show and that’s going to be on April 25th at 7 o’clock. Westminster Dinner Theater
will present a variety show that features a lot of
high school students and then our culinary art students will have an opportunity to really have a pre-professional experience
to serve some amazing dinner. In a lot of ways culinary
arts is timing too, much like a performance, right? You have the service, you
have the presentation, but you also have a lot of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes and all of our students are
going to work hard that night. It should be a pretty amazing experience for people who attend. This is just another venue for our kiddos to practice their art,
practice their craft. It’ll be great. The fundraising will go to a good cause. It goes both to CTE and
to the creative arts pipeline programs so
it’s really a win, win and it’s a great time to
come out and have fun. (energetic music)