– Siri, what’s the best Asian dessert? – Hmm, let me think. Okay, I found this on the web
for the best Asian desert. – That’s so, desert? (lively music) What Asian country makes the best desert? I’m afraid of what the answer will be because I’m Chinese and
what if it’s not Chinese? Okay, so my friend Nastasia
has told me that I must eat ube which is a Filipino
ingredient, it’s a purple yam. So we’re gonna try and find
to find a Filipino bakery and eat some ube. – [Abe] Where are we? – We’re at Leelin Bakery and Cafe. My name’s in it. My name’s Lynn not Lee. Ube hopia, they call it hopia. Hopia. – [Lynn] Hopia? – Yes. – [Lynn] Like a pastry? Hopia. – [Cashier] Yes. – Ube hopia. – [Cashier] Yes. – That’s what I’m gonna get. Still warm. – [Cashier] Yeah, I like it warm. – Mmm, it’s 82 cents! (laughing) It’s 82 cents! Mmm, that’s purple. Inside, the texture is
starchy, kinda like a potato, and very sweet. Doesn’t taste purple at all. I don’t know what purple tastes like but it doesn’t taste purple. Well done, Philippines, well done. What dessert should I go get? – [Man] From Korea, patbingsoo – You think I should get
the shaved ice, patbingsoo? – [Man] Yeah, yeah,
(mumbling) is the best place. – [Lynn] Okay, let’s do it. – [Man] Okay. – [Lynn] Let’s do a one
red bean shaved ice. Patbingsoo. I’m probably saying that
wrong but I’m not Korean so I’m allowed to. I see kiwi, I see red bean, I see mochi, I see banana, I see mango, I see strawberry, and I bet there’s shaved ice under there. Oh, look, Abe, there you are too. Hashtag Asian Dessert Heritage Month (singing) Snow. Mmm, so cold! This is really good. And you think that you’re
just eating fruit and ice so it’s good for you. But the truth is it’s covered in sugar and this is totally dessert. When things are in bowls
and they give you spoons, it’s really hard to stop eating. So cold. So cold. So comments are coming in on my Facebook. And my cousin, who is
Chinese, suggested I go get dan ta which is a Chinese egg tart. And I think that’s a brilliant idea. Back to the Mother Land,
sort of, Chinatown. Where I’m from. – [Abe] You’re from Chinatown? – Yeah, I’m from Chinatown,
no, I’m from China and we are in Chinatown. – [Abe] You’re from New Jersey. – Okay, stop that, I am Chinese American and we’re gonna get
Chinese American pastries. One egg tart. – [Cashier] Yeah, okay. – She’s not listening to me. Okay, so this is (speaking Chinese) which is like a sugar spongy thing. And these are sesame balls and they’re both delicious but today I am focused on one thing and
that is dan ta, an egg tart. I grew up eating these quite regularly, almost every weekend of my life. My mom used to actually toast
them in the toaster oven and this oil would get quite hot. I would eat it out with a spoon. Mmm. Mmm. This cost 60 cents which I think is a pretty good deal. It actually costs more to sit
at this meter and eat this. Sunshine, you want some? India Sweets & Spices. I don’t care about the spices today, I’m just here for the sweets. Boondi ladoo. Ladoo are ball shaped
sweets popular in India. They’re often served at very religious and festive occasions. It’s made of chickpea, it’s vegan and I’m gonna eat it. Very fragrant, what I
just said was fragrant. The texture’s kinda like
cous cous that’s been packed together really tight. There’s something perfumey about it. Which you either like or you don’t. I think we just have one more country left that my stomach can handle and that will have to be Thailand. Sticky rice with taro inside. This is my last dessert of the day. Hello, sticky rice. Which is very similar to our first treat from the Philippines, the ube. I love it when a root vegetable is sweet. It feels like a meal because
it’s rice and it’s on a fork. I hate to say this but it’s Korea. Korea is the winner. The patbingsoo, it just had
all these different elements. It was cold and it was
sweet and it had fruit and it was creamy. And I couldn’t stop eating it. Growing up when I thought of Asian food, dessert was definitely not the first thing that I thought of and it should be because it’s freaking delicious. – [Abe] So in a way, all
the countries won today. – Yeah, we all won because
we all got to eat dessert and we all learned a valuable lesson. That we should be eating more dessert when we go into our Asian restaurants. (laughing) Asian desert? She never helps when it’s important.