Hi, I’m Natalie, and today we’re here
in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to check out Newyorktitlan. I’ve been to Newyorktitlan before, their tres leches pancakes are incredible, and when I heard that they were making beer- and grasshopper-flavored pancakes, I knew that I had to go check them out. Going in, I had no idea what to expect. Beer in pancakes? I wasn’t sure how those flavors
were gonna work together, but I was super curious to find out. So let’s go see how they’re made. Newyorktitlan has been
serving up Mexican food with a modern twist in
Bushwick since 2016. The restaurant offers a full brunch menu stacked with everything
from eggs benedict to tacos, but the most notable dishes on the menu are its adventurous pancake flavors. Julio Jiménez is the brains
behind the inventive flavors. The chef and restaurant owner credits his Mexican upbringing, along with his time living in New York, with helping him come up with
Newyorktitlan’s unique menu. Julio Jiménez: Half of my
life, I lived it in Mexico. I’m 32 years old. I was around 17 when I came to New York. Many of these things you
will see in the menu, you will see on the pancakes, are half of my life living in Mexico and half of my life living in New York. Natalie Fennell: While these
beer pancakes were available in early spring, 2019, Julio is constantly coming
up with different flavors and changing up the menu. Some previous flavors include
grasshopper and popcorn and smoked bacon with
oak-infused ice cream. Julio: I could change
my mind an hour from now and a week from now, because that’s kinda like
the inspiration come from. I could go to bed and dream about what I’m gonna do in the morning, and next thing that I’m
doing is just, like, coming down here and trying
to just make it happen. Natalie: But how exactly
did he come up with the idea for beer pancakes? Julio: As a Mexican, I would say I’m a fan of beer, you know? But I wasn’t introduced to this kind of different type of brewing beers. A friend of mine said, “You know what, why you don’t try this white ale? It’s delicious, it’s very
wheat-flavor forward, and it has the orange wedge citrusy.” And many years after that moment happened, that memory came to my mind. And I decided to marry
those flavors together and create the beer pancakes. Natalie: Julio adds whipped egg whites to give the pancakes an extra
light and fluffy texture. The pancakes are then
topped with a beer sherbet and an IPA syrup. Finally, it was the moment
we’ve all been waiting for. Are beer and pancakes truly
a match made in heaven? It tastes like beer. But it, like, also tastes like pancakes. It really has, like,
the consistency of cake, like, good, moist cake. I mean, it kind of makes
it taste like bread. Because beer and bread are
made of the same things. Sweet beer bread cake with ice cream. I think these pancakes
really accurately depict the taste of beer, because it is kind of like
that hearty sort of bread taste but the coolness of the ice cream, and the fluffiness and
lightness of the pancakes make them refreshing,
like a glass of beer. Julio: Coming to Newyorktitlan, you will find it more
than a Mexican place. It’s my soul, it’s me giving this to you. I’m not giving you used Mexican food, I’m giving you my childhood. I’m giving you things that
I grew up eating in Mexico. So I wouldn’t say that
it’s just Mexican food, I would say that you
could find Mexican food anywhere in New York, but the way I’m presenting it to you, it’s very special to me. Natalie: I was the person
who was going to breakfast, and was not getting pancakes, ’cause I’m, like, not a pancake person. But these pancakes make
me a pancake person.