What Children Around The World Eat For Lunch
At School The topic of children’s lunch in schools
is taken very seriously in some parts of the world. In an effort to revitalize the schools in
the United Kingdom, for example, famed chef Jamie Oliver started a program called Jamie’s
Food Revolution in an earnest effort to transform the food children eat every day. His mission was to add healthy foods to children’s
diets and to help curve the state of diabetes and heart conditions brought on by early childhood
obesity. Now, the program has been a success, and it
seems culture, in general, has adopted a healthier way of life around the world. That being said, there are many children who
go through life without anything to eat, and poverty is an enormous issue to this day,
especially in underdeveloped households and countries. Some families pack their own lunches and bring
them to school, as many schools in rural areas don’t have cafeterias that serve up hot
lunches. However, some children are fortunate enough
to have the school programs provide meals during lunch hour. These schools offer a wide variety of culinary
adventures for children to experience. The photos in this video taken by people around
the world show off lunches that are unique to their schools and give us a glimpse into
the wide variety of cultures and diverse meals available to children around the world. A lot of these look extremely delicious. So keep watching to find out what children
around the world eat for lunch at school! Before we begin this video, don’t forget
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you never miss our new videos! 8) Finland: Here we have a lunch for a meal
offered in Finland. This looks more like a high-end restaurant
plate rather than a school meal, but that’s actually really awesome. Finnish schools also offer meals for children
with strict dietary needs. Here we have a plate of vegan meatballs served
with freshly baked potatoes, salad and muesli. This looks amazing. This definitely seems like a pretty good meal
to have, and sure beats pizza, french fries, or any of that other unhealthy food that children
often eat for lunch. In fact, I’d be happy to eat this kind of
meal at any time during the day! But that might just be because I’m addicted
to potatoes. 7) France: Leave it to the French to serve
the fanciest food in their school cafeterias. This lunch is served by a school in the Western
provinces of France, which includes a fresh dish of fish and potatoes served with a white
wine mushroom sauce, spinach, cheese, and bread. It also comes with a salad. Believe it or not, some children opt to go
home for their lunch breaks each day instead. I mean, who would pass up this kind of meal
– especially at school! This definitely looks like a delectable, delicious
and mouthwatering meal that only would be served in France. This is making me hungry just looking at it! Let’s give kudos to the French – because this
sure is a mighty fine and healthy looking meal! Speaking of food, if you want to learn some
quick, fun, and fast facts about food habits in the United States, stick around till the
very end! Because we’ll tell you about 3 crazy food
facts that you probably didn’t know! 6) Hungary: This hearty meal from Hungary
aims to fill children’s bellies with everything essential to jumpstart the afternoon. Featured in this photo are a vegetable noodle
soup, with baked beans and chicken, served with a side of bread and packed nuts for dessert. That soup honestly looks so good. I mean, the entire meal doesn’t look too bad
at all! You’ve got your beats, your bread, and your
snack, plus an amazing soup that is probably delicious. Sign me up! 5) Israel: Here we have a delicious and healthy
looking lunch from a student in Israel. This lunch includes fresh fruit including
grapes and apple slices, what looks like a healthy sandwich with fresh eggs, a granola
bar, and even a few sweets for dessert. Absolutely delicious! 4) Russia: In Russia, many students have the
option of two meals per day. One is a free breakfast in the morning, and
lunch in the afternoon which is generally paid for. Here we have a meal that features a fresh
sausage, buckwheat porridge, and some tea. I mean, it doesn’t look as appetizing as some
of the other lunches on this list – but it’ll do…I guess? Who knows, it’s totally possible that looks
can be deceiving! The porridge looks a little strange, and the
sausage looks like it could be cooked a bit – but who knows, maybe it is actually delicious! Might be time to step up your lunch game,
Russia! 3) South Korea: Now here we have a very interesting
meal. This school in South Korea features a meal
that could easily rival many school systems from around the globe. This dish includes a large bowl of traditional
vegetable soup, with a bowl of rice. From the top left we have some fried Lotus
Root, to the right a traditional sausage dish with sesame leaves, and on the far right,
we have some rather delicious looking Kimchi! This lunch looks absolutely amazing! I would love to be a student at this school
and get the chance to eat these types of delectable meals every day! And not to mention that Korean food is amazing! 2) Japan: Here, we have a meal from Japan,
which starts off similarly to South Korean dishes including a hot and fresh vegetable
soup served with a side of rice. This lunch also features some traditional
beef dumplings and a side of white vermicelli salad with mayonnaise. This salad has a similar taste to coleslaw
but with a smoother creamier texture! I want to eat it all! 1) United States: Finally, we have a good
old fashioned American meal, with a garden salad, some canned peaches, canned corn, milk,
and a slice of pizza. However, in comparison to some of these other
dishes from around the world, suddenly this doesn’t look as appetizing! Considering how commercialized and capitalist
the United States is, you would think that an American lunch might be a bit more grand
than other countries. But when you think of it, America is also
known for its fast food and portion sizes. So this lunch might not be that big of a surprise. Speaking of American food, now that you’ve
made it to the very end, here are some fun bonus facts about American eating habits that
you probably didn’t know! Healthy Eating. According to dosomething.org, a 2012 study
determined that 52% of the Americans who were polled stated that doing their taxes was easier
to figure out than eating healthy. This might come as a surprise to you, but
it’s a fact! While dieting can seem complicated at first
– it really isn’t. All it takes is a little bit of an understanding
of nutrition, food groups, and what our bodies need to stay healthy. It’s not rocket science, folks! Many Americans don’t know that things such
as protein, carbohydrates, sugars, and more have an effect on our health. For example, to build muscle, someone must
eat the appropriate amount of protein. Most people also don’t know that carbohydrates
give you energy, but can also bloat you up at the same time if over consumed. There is a lot about healthy eating that not
only Americans – but people all over the world – don’t know about. It’s time to smarten up folks! Amount of food consumed in one year. How much food do you think you consume in
one year? You might be surprised by the answer. According to the US Department of Agriculture,
in 2011 the average person in the United States consumed almost one ton of food. Can you guess how many pounds of food that
is in one year? It is a whopping 1,996 pounds! That’s a lot of food!! The timing of the healthiness of our food. Did you know that the healthiness of the food
we consume every day decreases by 1.7 percent for every hour that passes during the day? What does this mean, exactly? Well, it means that people tend to eat more
healthy meals at breakfast, and as the day goes on their meals steadily get more unhealthy. Could explain the late night cookie and ice
creaming binging! Or is that just me? So, what are your thoughts? What types of meals from countries around
the world have you had before? What would you say are the best and the worst
countries you’ve eaten in? We want to know! Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
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