I realized after I started editing this video That there is no context whatsoever In this vlog. I’m gonna try and explain what’s going on ok It’s a bit different to normal but I think you’ll appreciate it more because you’ll actually know what’s going on. Yesterday’s vlog ended on the plane But it’s also the start of today’s vlog Cal and Harry were having a little nap while I was editing yesterday’s video. And this is where it all begins… Cheers! Cheers! Cheers, mate Jesus Christ! (laughs) Look at.. Show the empty glass on his table! It’s just.. What do you mean? We’ve landed Oh, hello! Hello, hello -Who’s that?
– Hello. Hello. Who’s that, who’s that, hello! Ohh boy! We then arrived at our hotel. Grabbed some drinks And tried to settle in Quick house tour! By far one of the weirdest places I’ve ever stayed SO. Mirror, sofa First room; quite small, but there’s THREE levels So here’s the first bathroom Ba- ba- bang Coffee machine which he was LOVING telling me about. He was like make sure you use this. Up the stairs! And we get to the second floor, which is pretty much the same size as the first But it has a bed this time and a shower Now to the floor that I am staying on Bit messy! (ya think?) Ignore that. Chair. Lovely bed. Top of the windmill. TV, mirror, all that stuff round there And then through here, we get to the shower So yeah, by far one of the weirdest places that I’ve stayed But with one days notice I think we did a smashing job! (music) It’s everyday, BROOOOOOO A couple of cocktails later we then moved on to a sushi restaurant Which Sarah and I had been to before But I wanted to take the boys to show them. Not everything went to plan though. I…hate….Callux! Aw Sarah, good lyrics. Why has their food come before mine? AND AGAIN It’s arrived (phew) Spilled soy sauce all over his top but he’s trying to hide it Oh, wait. There we go. You’ll look great in that bro. (talking over each other) – Oh okay!
– Yass Perfect, friend! You look clapped. (singing native song) What were you saying, boys? What were you saying!? After our meal we just found ourselves walking around the town Aimlessly trying to find somewhere to go out. Touch the rim. 10 pound. (doesn’t touch it) (touches it) OYY (loud music) (hi kitty) (sniff) What did you say? I said odds on you jumping into the sea! At the beginning of our night, you want me to jump in the sea… Yeah. Out of 40. so 3, 2, 1 – 16!
– 36 Thank the Lord We then found somewhere! You won’t be able to hear me but I just got odds’d on to dance on the strip pole (music) (pole dancing) (booty shaking) (awkward) (more awkward) (wee!) (please stop) (thanks) YEAAAH You nailed it! You’re so sexy! Yup. That legit happened. But at least I got a sexy out of someone! What the hell! You’re so sexy! (club montage) We were in the club for a good 2 hours And then the plan was to go home We’re supposed to be going home. What is Calfreezy doing? Yeah, it’s a pit stop, innit? What do you think about the pit stop? I wouldn’t say… Alright, I’m not gonna lie, Cal The spot that you chose is quite good. Yeah, thank you! Yeeeeaaah! It’s quite good. Right by the water And here’s a story from Harry A year and a half ago in Guernsey, (wut) and he died. (white boy dancing) We’ve got food! It’s terrible. Oh what the f***, I haven’t even started yet! So Harry just gave odds of 10. To do this whole bottle of wine. Eeeeeeeyyyyyy (sniff) Basically, we’re trying to find our way back home right now. Okay, so would you rather- – Get your balls and your nose dragged across sandpaper
– My balls and my nose Yeah Dragged across sandpaper or… Or Daily vlog. What would you say? Tonight’s vlog is gonna be a little bit CUNT. We can’t find our way home. (incoherent) It’s getting all over me! (moaning) The filth. Oh my f***ing God! (swearing) (fun times) We wanted to go home. Cal said there was a party up here. He was trying to… I haven’t slept for like… barely at all for the last 24 hours. And then we went somewhere else. And had more to drink. It’s actually home time now. How we getting home then? (glass shatters) And then we finally, finally made it home. I can’t wait to see how much of this footage we can actually use. (laughs) So yeah, bit of a weird one that video. I do apologize for that. But this is how it is now, alright? Every single day of my life. You guys are gonna get to see it. Before I go, I just wanna say thank you guys so much for supporting the vlog so far. I didn’t know how it was going to be received. Whether you guys would like it or not. I’ve been reading almost all of the comments to see what you guys are saying. But yeah, if you’ve got a spare 2 seconds now, please head down below. Click the like button. Leave a comment with what you thought about today’s video And yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow! (fidget spinner music) (the end.)