Hi guys, Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday. This
one’s actually from last week. I hope you enjoy. For breakfast lately, I’ve been making a delicious
strawberry pudding. All you need is some silken tofu, frozen or fresh strawberries, some sweetener
(I’m using soy condensed milk), vanilla and some optional toppings. Don’t get scared by silken tofu. It’s different
from the regular stuff and has a smooth texture when you blend it well. And it doesn’t taste
tofu-ish after you add a bit of condensed milk and vanilla. Once blended up like this,
pour it into a bowl and add some cranberries and hemp seeds for texture. It really reminds
me of the Greek yogurt I used to be obsessed with just before I went vegan. For second breakfast, I had some celery and
peanut sauce. Just some peanut butter mixed with sambal oelek sauce and a bit of water
to thin it out. Makes for easier dipping. Then later that morning, I got around to opening
up that little pineapple from the other week. Such a cute little fruit but not sweet at
all. Oh well, to be expected for an ornamental plant. I’m planning to dry the halves completely
and put it in a frame or something for decoration. I dunno; let me know if you have any suggestions. Around noon I headed to the gym. I always
get hungry in the middle of my sessions so I just sneak off and down some of this plain
soy milk to take the edge off. When I got home, I was craving edamame. Luckily,
I always keep some frozen so I was able to just toss some in a pan. I added some red
chili flakes, some garlic and a small slice of ginger. I had some yu choy left so I washed,
chopped and added that in too when the edamame was about half done. In goes a splash of water
and a flipped over pan to cover the top. The great thing about this snack is that it
takes only about 5 minutes to make from start to finish. That and it’s full of protein,
fiber, vitamin C, betacarotene, folate and other awesome nutrients. For dinner, I was thinking about Colleen Patrick
Godreau’s pasta alfredo recipe yet AGAIN but I was out of cashews. So instead, I improvised
my own white sauce. While the macaroni was cooking, I started
with nutritional yeast and red chili flakes. Then some minced garlic. I don’t know why
I minced first though. It’s all getting blended smooth. Then a vegan chicken style bouillon
cube; it’s a super easy way of making soups and sauces savory and delicious without doing
anything really. Then for the creamy part: the other half block
of silken tofu from the morning. And there’s a splash of water in there as well, just a
little. And blend until smooth. I had to shake it a little to get everything to blend together.
Pretty sure that’s not good for the blender but meh. Then, I cooked down some mushrooms. They just
went in the pot with a sprinkle of salt over high heat. No oil or water is necessary as
water will leech from mushrooms as they are heated. At the same time, I dry fried these cubes
of pressed tofu. Dry frying gives the tofu a chewy texture. In a few minutes, the mushrooms had shrunk
and most of the water had bubbled away. In went the tofu and the white sauce. This
meal was sorely missing color so I added some token chopped celery. Good enough. Finally, in went the macaroni. I turned off
the heat and stirred it all together. A few minutes of rest and it was ready to serve. This silken tofu alfredo sauce isn’t as rich
as Colleen’s cashew sauce but it’s still delicious. After a few nights of rich dinners, it was
nice to have something a bit lighter. And that was my food day. How was yours? Let
me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching this video
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