Welcome back to my channel eating with Evelyn. Today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different I’m gonna be sharing with you everything that I eat in an entire day I’ve had a lot of people request this kind of video to see what I’m eating every single day to help me to say healthy lean and fit so I decided to put this video together for you so that you can kind of get an idea of what I’m feeding myself So a couple things about me I do fast. I fast every single day for about 16 hours So I stop eating at 8 p.m Every single day and I don’t allow myself to have anything about 5 calories until 11 a.m So I’ll share with you what I’m doing during the fasting hours to keep me keep my hunger kind of at bay and then I’m gonna be showing you how I break my fast every Once I get out of bed I go to the kitchen and pour myself an entire glass of water Once this is done I gets the good stuff my favorite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, I just love this stuff so much Anything over five calories it’s going to break your fast so that’s why I go straight for the black coffee and It’s not because I had to start drinking black coffee is why I love it (laugh) I literally found this brand I fell in love now I won’t like I said put anything in it because it’s just that good by itself So I’m totally cool with that because during my fasting hours The only thing that I can have is water and black coffee and it keeps me satisfied It keeps the edge off so that I’m not really hungry every sip of coffee that I take. It’s just like (ahh) okay okay, and it’s just so delicious. I love it so much. All right Now we’re gonna get started on our breakfast shake first thing I’m gonna add is my favorite epic plant-based protein in chocolate maca I’m gonna add four frozen strawberries My multi-vitamin 1/2 an avocado About 1 tsp – 1 tbsp of creamy cashew butter or almond butter, whatever i’m feeling that day Mix in a blender and top with bee pollen and here we have my shake… Okay guys, so what do we for breakfast as a vegan What do we eat for breakfast if we’re fasting? What is the first thing that we can put in our stomachs? Let me tell you it’s a bowl of veggies a bowl of plans Your body wants to see plants as soon as it wakes up. It wants plans. Okay, so give it what it wants Give us something easy to digest this is your breakfast don’t overload yourself with sugar So your insulin just starts spiking and going to town as soon as you lead something I mean you’re waking up. It’s time to get rolling on your day Probably want to be as productive as possible and have the most energy possible, right? Okay So what we’re having for breakfast is a baked sweet potato. I preferably like my sweet potatoes as sweet as possible So, I like to thank mine at 425 for about an hour and a half You can make it for probably about an hour just won’t be as sweet But the longer you bake the sweet potato the sweeter it gets so and I already have for me. That’s what I didn’t Take my sweet potato Cut it through the middle and it is just so smushy Delicious and I’m gonna be loading this up with the garbanzo ceviche So what we have here for the garbanzo ceviche, we have garbanzo beans one chopped bell pepper about 1/4 Red onion a bunch of cilantro three roma tomatoes and avocado and one diced zucchini Okay, so grab a mixing bowl and add your three cups of garbanzo beans in there your red onion Add to your bell pepper tomatoes and zucchini And a bunch of cilantro grab two limes and add lime juice from both limes to the mix Next we’re gonna add some extra virgin olive oil about two tablespoons some pink Himalayan salt cumin powder, pepper Paprika, onion power mix Alright guys, this breakfast is made, sweet potato is done. Garbanzo ceviche is a pile on the sweet potato. It’s on our plate. We’re ready to eat Let’s eat breakfast so kind of reminds me of Chipotle I think with the lime and the cilantro, anything reminds me of Chipotle Okay, so It’s about 2:30 and I am feeling a little hungry again. So I’m just gonna go ahead and grab a snack Typically for a snack I will grab an apple with some cashew butter or almond butter again, whatever I’m feeling My favorite apples are apple crisp and the golden ones. I think they’re called opal It’s dinner time! What we’re having for dinner today is butternut squash, brussels sprouts, carrots, zucchini and my special sauce so we’re basically gonna be roasting these vegetables with all my very favorite spices and We’re gonna be just adding my special sauce with a little pomegranate on top perfect for dinner very amazing colorful low-carb Just delicious your body’s gonna thank you. So let’s get started. All right The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to chop up my butternut squash a little bit smaller I do buy the prepackaged already chopped up butternut squash at the grocery store because I just don’t have time To chop up one whole butternut squash literally like every single day So I’m gonna go ahead and add my butternut squash to about a gallon size ziplock bag grab my zucchini Add the zucchini to the bag with the squash Add the carrots And then add your half brussel sprouts All right, so now that we have our veggies in our bag let’s just go ahead and add some extra virgin olive oil Nutritional yeast seasoning, black pepper Onion powder Paprika Cumin powder Turmeric Pink Himalayan salt I’m usually pretty generous with garlic powder, it’s my favorite seasoning… and top with some dried parsley 1 tbsp of chopped garlic Ok my FAVORITE part!!!! By doing this you’re literally getting every little piece of your veggies Every square inch of your butternut squash every square inch of your brussels sprouts your zucchini and carrots So there’s not going to be anything in here that’s not going to taste soooo good! So now you’re just gonna take a baking sheets are basically just these all over the baking go ahead and grab your favorite nonstick spray Spray that all over your pan Some pure beautiful veggies all over and spread out evenly It’s finally time for me to share my favorite sauce for pretty much anything Obviously, it’s dairy free everything I make I pretty much put a sauce on it because I just love sauce so much and it doesn’t really get back to Me because I know that my ingredients that I put in it specifically is not gonna hurt me So I’m really excited to share this recipe with you I hope you take it into your kitchen and enjoy it just as much as I do so Vegenaise is gonna be my base for pretty much everything now. Let me tell you what’s in this you’re gonna be like what? Okay, so the ingredients to this it’s vegan and the ingredients So we have expeller pressed high safflower oil filtered water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, pea protein sea salt, mustard flour and lemon juice concentrate Egg free dairy free. It’s definitely for me (laugh) All right, so go ahead and add about a cup of our vegenaise Olive oil, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, some dried parsley Some garlic powder, (my fav) salt, paprika, onion powder Cumin Pepper and chopped garlic give it a nice mix Add a little bit of water & a bit of almond milk to get that desired consistency Now let’s go ahead and check on our butternut squash if it cuts easily it’s done so let’s go ahead and add our pomegranate and sauce it up!! The pomegranate just adds a little bit of crunch and a little sweetness it’s so good and it’s pretty With every meal I will have a glass of room-temperature water helps with the digestive system Okay, so it’s 7:30 and I’m really looking for a snack. Typically what I like to do is I’ll grab a bowl of berries Kinda like these raspberries So I’ll just go ahead and wash a bunch of raspberries put them in a bowl Do whatever I need to do and it satisfies my sweet tooth So that way I don’t have to run for the pantry and grab some cookies or the freezer and grab some ice cream you want to go easy on yourself right before you go to bed so that we have a good night’s sleep and you have a Nice healthy and good feeling stomach the next day Thank you so much for tuning in and watching with my video on everything that I do eat in an entire day I really hope that my recipes benefit you some way and if you do decide to try to do my recipes Please comment below and let me know which ones you tried If not all, let me know how they made you feel. I’d love to get your feedback So make sure you subscribe like and tune in next Wednesday for another video on a very delicious healthy dairy-free Recipe, thanks so much guys. I hope you have a beautiful day and happy new year!