– Hi Quick Fixers. So I’m so excited to say Quick Fixers. I did this poll on what I
should call my community and it’s Quick Fixers. So, what’s up Quick Fixers? As you know, I’m obsessed
with your comments and what you guys are asking of me. What you wanna see. And a lot of you guys wanna
see what I eat in a day. So, I’m gonna show you some
of the things I might eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also throw on some snacks as well. So, check it out. (upbeat music) So, breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. I know that sounds very
cliche but, I mean, if you’re getting eight
to 12 hours of sleep. Maybe not 12, me certainly not. Maybe more like four. (laughing) Four hours. But anyway, you haven’t eaten. You haven’t hydrated yourself. So, it is really important
for you to eat something in the morning and the
meals that I like to make has to be easy, quick, and practical. What I like to do is I just
like to throw everything in a mixing bowl. I put it in the refrigerator over night and I have overnight oats for breakfast that I can even take with me on the go. So let me show you guys how I do this. I have a banana here and basically what I do is I just kind
of mash up the banana. I love bananas in my oats. Mainly because I mean,
you have the potassium so it’s good for you but it
also adds a nice texture. It makes it creamy. I’m gonna add some old
fashioned rolled oats. There we go. I’m gonna add some maple syrup. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Make sure ♪ you get all of that in there ♪ I’m gonna add some yogurt. You can use any type of yogurt. You can use coconut yogurt. You can use soy yogurt. I’m gonna add some chia seeds. Chia seeds are really high in fiber. I’m gonna add some almond milk. Mix all of this together. Just like that. I’m gonna put this mixture
in the refrigerator overnight and what you’ll see is this
mixture will start to thicken. These are like really cute mason jars. And I like using these because
they’re great on the go. One thing that I learned from college, I went to Pepperdine
University, whoop whoop. Go waves. A professor had told me before any exam, make sure you load up on carbohydrates because it helps you focus. Oats are high in carbohydrates. So it’s gonna help me
focus throughout the day. So you know I love all things pretty. (giggling) So I’m gonna add some fruit to
this like some strawberries. Strawberries are so pretty. Not only that, they’re
high in anti-oxidants. They’re just really really good for you. And then I’m gonna add some more bananas. I love me some bananas. High in potassium. They’re also very filling. You’ll have this for breakfast, it’ll last you throughout the morning. And then I’m just gonna
throw it in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning
that’s all I have to do is eat it. So the oats have absorbed
all of the liquid in there adding so much flavor to this. It’s nice and it’s thick. You can eat it just like this. I like to add granola
because I just love adding another layer of texture to it. I’m just gonna add a little
bit of granola on top. And… voila. It’s easy, delicious, energizing, and it’s also good for you. All right guys, so here’s a little secret. I am a snacker. Like you know those closet snackers? (laughing) Like in the middle of the
night you’ll just kind of go into the pantry and just
start eating everything? That’s me. I’m trying to make healthier
choices so I like to snack on chips and guacamole. I love guacamole. Oh my gosh, just avocado, I love you. Huh. (laughing) What I have right here are
some baked tortilla chips. As opposed to fried. I’ll throw them in the oven at 425 degrees for five to seven minutes and I’ll add some olive oil on that. Some salt. I just go ahead and throw them on a plate. I’m gonna be really honest with you. Sometimes they don’t
even make it on a plate. (laughing) I just eat them like
straight from the sheet pan. Dip it in some guac and guess what? I am happy. I don’t know what it is about
chips and guacamole man. It just makes me happy and I know that I’m not alone in this. Let me know in the comments below if you love to snack on
chips and guacamole as well. There we go. I am having a chip and
guacamole party by myself. All right, so, cruising on into the day. Next up is lunch. So for lunch, I always like
to eat something hearty but not too hearty because I
don’t want it to weigh me down for the rest of the day. So what I like to have
for lunch are pastas with some protein. In front of me is my
chicken pasta with pesto. Right here in my blender I’m
gonna make my pesto sauce. And I have some basil, with some walnuts. Avocado. If you want the full recipe,
click the description below. I’m just gonna turn it on and… Just blend it. So what’s interesting
about this pesto sauce is instead of using olive
oil, I just used avocado. The avocado is adding
great fats and the richness and creaminess to this pesto sauce. So I’ve added my pesto
sauce to my wheat pasta. I’m just making a healthier choice by using whole wheat pasta. And again, this is just
really nice and easy because mama got things
to do throughout the day. Okay. We should make a song. ♪ Mama got things to do all day, okay ♪ Staying on my healthy
trend I’m just gonna add all of this spinach like that. And then, like I said I
love to add some protein to my pasta just to keep me
going and to keep me energized. This is just some chicken that I grilled and I just cooked it in some olive oil and some salt and pepper. I just love this dish
because I see a lot of green and whenever I see a lot of
green ingredients on my plate I know that I’m doing my body good. (laughing) So this is quick, it’s
delicious, it’s easy, and it’s something that I
would typically have for lunch. It holds very well in the refrigerator so what I have left over I
just throw it in the fridge and I’ll eat it the next day. So it’s snack time again and you know, usually I like to have
something sweet around this time and instead of having something
sweet like a candy bar, I’ll go ahead and snack on some fruit. I live a very busy,
hectic, but fun lifestyle and with that said, I like to get fruit that’s already cut for you. So I have some watermelon in front of me and to that I’m just gonna
add juice from a lime. Just like that. The watermelon it’s nice and sweet. The lime juice is gonna
give it a nice tang-tang. Remember I made that word up? Tang-tang. It’s like one of my
favorite words right now. Tang-tang. Go figure. Then I’m gonna add some feta. Just kind of sprinkle some feta on top. Get that sweet and saltiness. Then I’m gonna add some mint. Just kind of sprinkle
a little bit on there. And then I always love to
add a little bit of salt to my fruit. The salt actually brings
out the sweetness. Sometimes for a snack
I’ll have just watermelon or a banana or a mango. But sometimes I just like
to add a little personality and change it up a little bit. So a typical dinner for me
would be fish and veggies. Fish of any kind and any kind of veggies. Right in front of me I have some arugula. So that’s kind of like
the veggie option here. And to that I’m gonna add some quinoa. A lot of people actually don’t realize you can add quinoa to a salad. Great protein and it’s
really good for you. I’m just gonna add some of that in there. I was introduced to quinoa
probably like about maybe five or six years ago. I never even knew what it was. I didn’t even know how to pronounce it. I was like, what? Quin-wha? What is that? It is a very healthy grain. It’s a grain that’s
actually easy to digest. It’s the digestible grain. I’m gonna add some blueberries. I love blueberries. They don’t have loads of calories. And not only that, they’re
high in anti-oxidants and they’re just really good for you. And it makes this dish really pretty. You know how much I love my pretty dishes. One thing that I love
about this dressing is there’s not a lot of additives in there. I mean, it’s very simple. It’s just balsamic vinegar,
olive oil, salt and pepper, and you can just put how much of whatever
you want in the salad. You can do it to your liking. I’m gonna add some balsamic vinegar. Here we go. Olive oil, here we go. I’m gonna add some salt. And then I’m gonna add some pepper. And then just kind of toss my salad. All right, so my salad is ready. That was really nice and easy. It looks beautiful. And the final touch or what I like to add to my salad is some salmon. What I’ve done here is
I’ve baked my salmon and I’ve just rubbed it with Dijon mustard and maple syrup, and salt and pepper. And olive oil. And oh, look at that. This is healthy. It’s filling. It’s easy and it’s delicious. All right guys, so there you have it. This is what I eat in a typical day. All right guys, so there you have it. This is what I typically eat in a day. And let me know in the
comments below what you eat and make sure you hit
that button and subscribe to Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix and
I’ll see you next week, bye. (upbeat music)