The mission of Anasazi is to prepare parents
and children to turn their hearts to one another, to begin anew, and walk in harmony in the
wilderness of the world. I think Anasazi is a unique place, a very
special place. There’s a lot of programs that work in the
outdoors and there’s a lot of really good people that work in this field. But there’s something very special about Anasazi
and it really comes down to the core philosophy—what Anasazi was really established upon—the
philosophies that Larry Olsen and Ezekiel Sanchez really put in place when they started
it. When they came to Arizona they actually—had
actually identified a couple of key points and that was that young people actually responded
best to those who weren’t trying to change them—weren’t trying to “fix” them. They actually responded best to just this
day-to-day walking on the land with people who were on the journey with them—and a
time for introspection, a time to really examine in their own life—with people who were actually
examining their life right along with them. That, that actually produced the best outcomes. And so, they set up a program that was focused
on finding greatness in young people—on a program that was not just finding greatness
in the young people that were walking the trail, but finding greatness in the staff
who walked with them on the trail. And so, it was a place of awakenings, of discovery,
of a new beginning. The Anasazi Foundation is centered around
the family. Our whole emphasis—and we call that a “sacred
trust”—our sacred trust is to turn the hearts of the children to the parents and the hearts
of the parents to children so they can do the “Walking of WE.”