Reach: Oftentimes,
buffets get a bad rap because you normally
don’t see food like this, preparation like this, and décor like this. But for a high end
Vegas buffet, this is the norm. Here’s a look into
the beauty and chaos of running the buffet
at The Wynn Resort. The Vegas buffet, it’s the shining example of
treat yourself vibes in the city
where treat yourself is the whole lifestyle. At the buffet at
the Wynn Resort and Casino, treating one’s self in an
indulgence of high quality food is the reason why I am here. Getting down to the exact
details of how the buffet here at the Wynn is able
to serve such superb food in high volume is actually
pretty mind blowing especially when you think
about the number of diners reaching up to an
average of 3500 per day. I’m talking about
5,000 eggs cracked daily, 800 pounds of
slow-roasted prime rib, over 69,000 pounds of shrimp, 510 pounds of Alaskan
opilio crab legs, a hundred talented cook
chefs and pastry chefs bringing 15 live action
stations to life, it’s no wonder that, for the buffet
at the Wynn Resort, the praise and
returning guests have come so easy and often. Jonathan Bauman, Executive Chef
at the Wynn Buffet. Buffets have a bad rap
when it comes to food. How did you guys want to
take hold of that narrative and then just flip it
on its head? Johnathan: We just look for perfection
in every little dish, in every little ingredient, and see how we can
push the envelope just to make sure
that every single bite that’s had in the buffet
is actually that amazing bite. Product that we serve is
ordered for us and that’s it. We have massive amounts
of food daily, everything from our prime
ribs all the way down to our vegetables
that we use. Reach: What are some of the, the,
the stars of this buffet? Johnathan: We have choice prime rib, uh, which is excellent,
pretty much unheard of. We get compliments all the time
about guests telling us that it’s better
than their sit- down dinner the night before. Reach: So basically restaurant
quality at a buffet? Johnathan: Better than restaurant
quality at a buffet. Andrea: It takes about 130 employees to get us up and running from
breakfast through to dinner and that’s 60 people
in the front. Those are your servers,
and your wait staff, and then 70 people
from the kitchen. Our goal is to always provide
quality over quantity. What we hope to do
here is to offer not only a different
culinary experience, but we really want to
focus on quality. I think everything
that you taste over there tastes like a small batch
and that’s really the goal and that’s how
we produce our items. We want you to come and we want you to
taste that food and say, “Wow, that’s really delicious.” Johnathan: We have our fried chicken here. It’s actually
cooked to order. The one that you see in
the window is the food that just got cooked. We have our New York
strip loin here, which is a chili marinade. Reach: Mmm. Johnathan: We have Eggs Benedict there. We actually poach
the eggs fresh so we can put them
on top of the Benedict with our hollandaise sauce. Soft poached delicious eggs. Sushi, so, uh, we actually use
real crab meat in our sushi. Um, you know,
I mean for a buffet, that’s kind of
unheard of sometimes. Um, it’s fresh opilio crab. Reach: These are just the
highlights which makes me so eager to just
check out the rest. That’s some bomb paella. Oh. Perfectly seasoned. That’s a killer prime rib. And we got
the Tomahawk right here. There’s the smokiness. See this? It’s called finishing strong. I got different cuisines
of food right around me. They’re all excellent. We got the mac and cheese. We have the mashed potatoes, crispy pork belly,
fried chicken, ahi poke, Jonah crab legs. We got spider crab legs. We got shrimp,
green salads, Greek salads,
Peking duck bun, shrimp shumai,
kimchi fried rice, drunken noodles. It’s everything. Everything runs the gamut and they do it all
so magnificently. Whoo. You know what’s
always a good idea? Dessert. What better way to end
an excellent meal. That’s a wrap!