Gay marriage it became legal in the u.s. In 2015 but in 2018 some say it still clashes with their religious beliefs take the case of Colorado Baker Jack Phillips It’s a sample of the brownie. He’s at the center of the landmark Supreme Court ruling that came down Just two weeks ago the case pitting a cake maker in, Colorado Against a gay couple who wanted to buy a wedding cake from him the High Court citing today with that Baker gay rights It’s about the right of people to receive equal service at a place of business that anyone else would hit it against Religious convictions. This is a religious ceremony that goes in direct conflict with my face Talk about a hot-button issue. Let’s just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked and That’s why we set up shop at a little cake bakery in Park Ridge, New Jersey a wedding cake and we Know we would go with this topper. Yes, very lesbian wedding. Yes. I can’t serve you but just we can’t do a lesbian wedding I won’t do a lesbian when he cake this put it that way And that quickly catches the attention of these women who spring into action And there’s no reason why you cannot serve them She’s marrying him. She’s marrying men. They’re not to marry each other Unfortunately, you will not do that. So we’re gonna leave actually as well as the women walk out they take our couple with them It’s all upset. I’m like, she I’m so pissed off that I’m sorry time to let them in on our little secret Yeah, let’s go get them I’m John quinones with the TV show. What would you do? This happens in life sometimes What do you say to that? There’s no reason why people who are gay cannot be in love and get married and everybody deserves the same service why why should I get different service because I’m gonna marry a man like Megan and Laurie most of the people we encountered throughout the day were quick to defend our couple it’s wrong. It’s wrong And some folks called Peters behavior, not only bad but bad business Others used religion to defend the women Yes, I didn’t want him this way. You wouldn’t have made him this way, correct? You get to God to judge you by your sexuality pursued by what type of an individual? Throughout the day emotions run high I’m sorry your behavior actually And then along comes this couple he says he doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage but feels the couple should not be discriminated against They whether they want to without the judgment of somebody where’s dr. Lesbian this period that door the way I see it That’s just that’s been back in the day just because I’m white they will allow me to walk into silicon these people have somebody’s personal means because Okay, your hearts beating you were shaken by this Tears yeah why it’s just not fair making making a judgment call just because that person does not believe the way you Do is just as the same situation? You were pulling him out in trouble or anything They should be able to buy wherever they want to buy But not everyone agrees with that And she’s not the only one who feels that way Aaron Christophe is shaking her head too, but for a different reason A lesbian wedding. Yeah, isn’t it exciting? Do Chu are getting married Please I’m just I’m just gonna be clear with you. Um We I won’t do it kay for lesbian weddings. So you can take this back. We tell our actors to push it a little further It’s disgusting. It’s it’s literally I cannot abide the lifestyle that you’ve chosen. It’s Really appalling to me. So please take that and go My They had a beautiful cake really yeah I’m kind of like really freaked out again. I feel like I’m on TV right now What was shake this couldn’t really have just happen. I’m sorry guys still here. You’re disturbing the customers, but you just please leave Okay, just go like I asked nicely I Cannot believe this I cannot believe this. So, thank you colonics I’m sorry, ma’am. I just can’t sell out my beliefs And now it’s time to give Aaron, okay Turns out she was right about her suspicions with us and the clerk I was like, I don’t understand how this guy is turning away lesbians That’s right Peter is actually gay it feels difficult The emotional day of filming the resounding message was that people deserved to be served Regardless of personal beliefs it’s a sentiment that really takes the cake