Hungry for knowledge? Pour yourself a glass of ice-cold milk and
bite into some “Wonderfilled” facts about the ever-so-delicious Oreo cookie. “Mmmm… mom says dogs shouldn’t eat biscuits,
so I’m going to have to eat yours, too.” You’re well-aware that these creme-filled
delights are tasty… but there’s a lot you probably don’t know about this beloved treat. Listen and learn, snackhounds! How do you enjoy your Oreos? Do you twist and lick? Dunk and slurp? All of the above? “Twist it off. Ohhh, you did it. Just give it a lick.” “…!” “Now let’s dunk it. Just like a professional basketball player.” Regardless of your preferred technique, you’re
bound to find lots to love in this next morsel: In 1984, Nabisco launched the Oreo Big Stuf. Each individually-wrapped cookie was a whopping
316 calories, and it reportedly took about twenty minutes to eat the whole thing. By comparison, a single regular-sized Oreo
contains about 53 calories. Now that’s what we call a gigantic Oreo. Unfortunately, the Oreo Big Stuf was eventually
phased out… but if you’re craving a throwback to the freewheeling, cookie-crazy ’80s, you
must watch the Big Stuf commercial in its entirety… preferably while stuffing your
face full of Oreos. Let it suffice to say, we’d go to the ends
of the Earth for one of these big boys. Back in 2012, Oreo came out with Birthday
Cake-flavored cookies. Many of us were determined to get our hands
on a bag before they were eaten up by people like this lady: “Oh, oh, oh, who’s that kid with the Oreo
cookie? Licking up the creamy middle, like she did
when she was little…?” The sprinkle-laden cookies were only supposed
to be available for a limited time in celebration of the brand’s 100th birthday — an event
that inspired lively debate in newsrooms across the country. “The other important question is: Do you dunk
your Oreo in milk?” “NEVER.” “Never, really?!” “Mm.” “Ooh.” “I have to say—” “You do, though?” “YES.” “You do?” Here’s another worthwhile news nugget for
you: Despite the fact that they were marketed as a limited-edition offering, you can still
find Birthday Cake Oreos at many fine stores. We encourage you to march over to your nearest
food pavilion and pick up a batch this instant. Did you ever notice that every time you turn
around, there’s a brand-new, totally wild Oreo flavor to tempt your tummy? “Firework Oreo. This has been trending all morning. The cookie is in stores right now, have you
seen it? It’s got a Pop Rock kind of candy inside the
filling.” So why does Nabisco insist on cranking out
so many non-traditional flavors? To get to the bottom of this pressing matter,
GQ reached out to Cornell University behavioral economist David Just. He told the magazine: “The key is they’re not trying to introduce
the flavors for long-term consumption. You build in this idea of really tacky flavors,
and that sort of builds this relationship to the consumer who likes to sort of check
out these kitschy Oreos.” And here’s even more heavy-hitting news for
you: Many younger consumers give the company loads of free PR by posting new flavor reviews
on social media. David Just describes this approach as, quote,
“building this personality behind its brand.” So even though it seems like all these wacky
flavors are coming out of left field, the brand is counting on these novelty flavors
to help solidify their fan base. Clever strategy, isn’t it? Ever taken the time to truly appreciate the
beauty of an Oreo? Talk about a great texture story. The iconic design stamped onto each side of
the sandwich cookie makes it instantly stand out in a sea of basic, unadorned cookies. It would be a terrible shame if you went through
your entire life never knowing the backstory behind this lovely design. When Nabisco wanted to give the cookie’s design
a face-lift in 1952, they looked to a man named William Turnier, who was reportedly
first hired in 1923 and started out in the mailroom. According to Mental Floss, Turnier learned
industrial engineering by “shadowing” other talented folks who worked at the company. The smart, hardworking Turnier was asked to
update Oreo’s design, and, as you know, he landed on something truly inspired. According to Bill Turnier, a law professor
at the University of North Carolina and William Turnier’s son: “That design goes back to monks who used it
on the bottom of manuscripts they copied in Medieval times. It was a sign of craft — saying they did
the best they could. Nabisco really liked that.” Calling all Game of Thrones fans. When winter came, so did special-edition Oreos…
and they were embossed with the crests of the four remaining houses at the time. If you’re a fan of the show, you undoubtedly
went out and bought a bag before the series finale — especially after you saw the epic
promo, which featured the iconic Game of Thrones landscape made entirely out of Oreo cookies. “The way it works is you eat seven of them
and then you have to wait three years before you can have another.” To realize this extraordinary sequence, the
folks at Oreo went to Elastic, the production company that created the Game of Thrones main
title sequence. Kirk Shintani, the company’s Head of 3D, told
IndieWire: “We wanted to make sure that we built a world
of Oreos first and established this language of Oreo. And then we’d add our Game of Thrones influences
into that. The thing that we wanted to avoid is just
taking Oreos and creme and then stuffing them into our existing main title.” Good thinking! Shintani and his team used Oreo’s vegan creme
for the geographic elements like the earth, mountains, and snow. Every edifice was constructed using Oreo’s
signature chocolate cookie. According to Stash, the end result took about
2,750 computer-generated Oreos with 20 million crumbs scattered throughout the Oreo-scape. When all is said and done, the Oreo commercial
might be the single most exciting thing to have come out of season eight. Oreos and rap music? It may sound like an odd pairing, but a 2019
marketing campaign proved they taste absolutely great together, just like milk and Oreos do. In February, rapper Wiz Khalifa stepped in
as a spokesperson for the cookie company and became the face of their “Stay Playful” campaign. Even better? It wasn’t just Khalifa hawking the cookies
— his adorable 5-year-old son Sebastian starred in the TV ads alongside him. Together, they showed us exactly what playfulness
is all about. It’s about eating Oreos, basically. The TV spot featured an original song by Khalifa
entitled “Playful 4 Life,” and that’s not even the most interesting part of this whole
thing. Are you ready to officially have your mind
blown? The full-length song was released via the
Oreo and Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Box — a miniature record player literally
powered by Oreo cookies. “Releasing a song on a cookie is crazy.” To cue up this cookie-powered turntable, you
simply place an Oreo on it like a record platter, and move the record arm into place. Mmm… sweet, sweet music. According to the Smithsonian website, the
Oreo cookie was originally created out of a New York City biscuit plant that can be
traced back to 1890. Over time, as the company grew, the complex
expanded until it covered an entire New York City block. They eventually moved operations to New Jersey
in 1958. According to the New York Post, the former
factory was half-empty, covered in bullet holes, and sold for less than 10 million bucks
back in 1993. How times have changed. In 2018, Google’s parent company Alphabet
bought the building for a whopping $2.4 billion. The spike in price can be largely credited
to former owner Irwin Cohen, a developer who turned the once-dubious space into the “Chelsea
Market” food hall. “A hundred years ago on this very spot,
the first Oreo cookie was made. This, of course, was the original Nabisco
bakery.” If you think your Oreo addiction is out of
control now, you may need an intervention after learning this one delicious dessert
hack. We imagine you already know that cookies-and-cream
ice cream is delicious. And we’re sure you know how tasty Oreos can
be. Well, according to one genius Redditor, if
you dip your Oreos in milk, wait until they’re soft, and then freeze them… “They are delicious with the consistency of
Oreos in Cookies n’ Cream ice cream.” But it sounds like the cookie company doesn’t
quite condone this bold feat of Oreo alchemy. On their Frequently Asked Questions page,
the folks at Oreo address the best way to store cookies once the package has been opened,
claiming: “The product shelf life can be extended if
the packaging is kept well sealed. It is also best to store the cookies in a
cool, dry place.” Just to be clear, the people at Oreo don’t
consider the freezer to be a cool, dry place, carefully spelling out that “We do not recommend that you freeze our products
as it can affect their quality.” If you just can’t control yourself and absolutely
must freeze your Oreos, the website reluctantly goes on to recommend that you: “[Place] the product in the refrigerator for
a few hours after removing it from the freezer, then [move] it to the counter top to reach
room temperature for best results.” That’s kind of a mixed message, isn’t it? The only thing we know for certain is that
Oreos taste absolutely delicious, frozen or not. Well, this is awkward. In October 2018, Oreos made headlines for
all the wrong reasons. Administrators at Byron High School in Illinois
ended up suspending 10 football players for taking part in a naked “Oreo run” on the school’s
football field, according to the Registrar Star. You’re probably wondering: What’s an Oreo
run? In this case, students reportedly ran across
the school’s football field naked, each of them carrying a single Oreo wedged between
their… you know. This intensely odd extracurricular activity
was initially suspected to be a hazing incident. But no — it seems the participants all acted
willingly. The story went national, and even got a mention
on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Evidently, Myers stays on top of all the Oreo-related
news out there. “Said one teacher, ‘Who put these back in
the breakroom?'” You might consider yourself big on Oreos…
but one Hollywood actress could probably give you a run for your money. In March 2019, Mindy Kaling took to Instagram
to celebrate what looks like one of her favorite days of the year: National Oreo Day. As her daughter squealed happily off-camera,
The Mindy Project creator said: “It’s National Oreo Day, which you may or
may not have heard about. My daughter is very excited about it.” And in case you think Kaling might have been
in cahoots with Oreo, she swears she only made the video because of her deep affinity
for the cookies. “I’m not sponsored by Oreos, but I love them,
and I thought I would do a taste test, ‘cuz there’s so many different kinds.” Sitting alongside her Cookie Monster mug,
the self-professed “cookie head” indeed taste-tested and rated several types of Oreos. We imagine you’re dying to know: How did she
feel about Birthday Cake Oreos? “Good. Like an Oreo. Good crunch. But the cream is extra vanilla-ey and super-sweet.” Mint Oreos? “Ooh, not bad. This is like Thin Mint vibes. Girl Scouts — this cookie’s coming for you.” Okay, then… well, what about Most Stuf Oreos? Sounds like Kaling found a winner with this
one. “This is so good. Look how beautiful… it’s like creme with
a hint of cookie, which is exactly how I like my cookies.” Kaling gave the Most Stuf Oreos her highest
ranking: ten out of ten — which coincidentally is the score we’re giving to Mindy Kalling’s
Oreo taste test. Congrats, Mindy! Please contact this channel to collect your
prize: “Oooh… New Oreo Snack Packs. Perfect-sized packages of your favorites.” During a House Financial Services Committee
hearing in May 2019, Democratic Representative Katie Porter posed a question to the Department
of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. According to Newsweek, she asked him to, quote,
“explain the disparity in REO rates.” Here’s how that went. “Do you know what an REO is?” “An Oreo?” “An — no, not an Oreo. An REO.” Of course, that wasn’t the correct answer. REO stands for “real estate owned.” Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the
mistake, Oreo sent out a cheeky tweet to its nearly 1 million followers. The since-deleted tweet read: “REO stands for ‘Really Excellent OREO (cookie).’ Everyone knows that.” After the hearing, Carson took to Twitter
to post a photo of himself along with a package of Double Stuf Oreos. He added the caption: “OH, REO! Thanks, @RepKatiePorter. Enjoying a few post-hearing snacks. Sending some your way!” Yeah, well not everyone thought Ben Carson’s
appearance was cute — particularly not Katie Porter: “It was disappointing and frankly it was frustrating. Look, these are real people’s lives that he
is supposed to be improving.” Anyway, aren’t Oreos delicious? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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