(folder snaps) – Ah! – This is…(laughs) this is the story. Dude the bottom of this looks disgusting! – Look at what’s in mine. In case you were wondering
what high school is like that’s your answer. (upbeat music) Alright guys, welcome back! So today I’m gonna do like
a throwback to old videos but not like, okay that
sounds like I’m doing something weird. Literally I’m just doing a
video that I do every year. Cleaning out…(laughs) but really just discovering what is in our backpacks at the end of the year. – Yeah. (laughs) – Honestly though mine
never gets that bad. So I always make Bella do this with me because her backpack like… – Gets gross! – It gets bad! – I don’t ever clean it out. – If you remember like a couple years ago she literally had like a spoon with… – That was rotten and like… – It had rotten food on it. – I have a spoon. (gasps) – With… – What! – More sweet tarts on it. – Bella that is nasty! – That is really nasty. I don’t know why I have a spoon in here. – It’s more pencils. So let’s just say hers is very bad. I don’t know what’s in
the bottom of mine though. I literally like don’t… I don’t even want to think about that. Like when I’m at school I’m like I really should clean this out. But then I’m like…nah. – I get home I’m like whatever. – Yeah (laughs) And also I have a hidden
item in this video. So if you guys find it… I’m not gonna tell you what it is But if you find it make sure
you guys comment down below. And it will resonate with an emoji. An emoji, an emoji. There you go! So comment down below that
emoji once you find that item! Trust me once you find it,
you’ll know you found it. Okay! Without further ado, let’s… get our backpacks. Mine is heavy! Like I’m not even kidding. (groans) (sighs in relief) But literally these are like about to rip! I have like two weeks
left and that’s fine. – Mine is super dirty at
the bottom, like it’s gross! – So far it held up pretty well. I’m not like, there’s a little bit of wear and tear, here and there. – Adidas did pretty good! – Yep. But all my pins fell off. I used to have pins on this backpack! And like part of the
key chain fell off too. So that’s the only thing left on mine. – I got a gorilla that my friend gave me. And the mayan. – That was my book. (laughs) Would you rather have a
bright colored backpack or a dark colored backpack? Click the poll right there. Okay. (laughs) – Which pocket the front or? – The front one. The front one. – Are you sure? – No, I’m kidding. (laughs) – ’cause that’s where everything is. – Okay! I took this class called WAP this year. That’s what we call it. It’s just AP World History. But I took so many notes I
filled up like three of these. So this is just one of
them that I have in here. Full of notes. – Every single page. – It’s a little bit crazy. So that’s pretty much
that so done with that. – I have a t-shirt. I promise you. – Why? – Okay well I didn’t
bring a soccer bag today. So I just put my t-shirt
for soccer in there. And then like you know
this is what I wore today. – I have a note card that
just says the wind. (laughs) – Kamri. – (gasps) No Yeah every time we don’t practice my coach likes to pull us into a classroom and we watch these videos
about like motivation. And we have this packet
and you fill it out. It’s the most boring
thing you can possibly do! And the dude looks just like our coach! An apple! – Why do you have an apple? (laughs) – I get hungry but I
forget I have food in here. It’s a little dusty. It’s dusty look! – Ew! Like you can cut an apple but like it’s like your finger and you
like hit your head hard enough it will slice an apple in half. – I’m not testing that out! – My friend did it at lunch. It was kinda funny. – This is my chemistry folder. We get so many papers in here I have to clean this out like every week. A lot of papers – I have a ton of notebooks
but they’re not assi-… – (laughs) It’s a butterfly drawing. Hold on. There’s another one I did. – Ooh. – Yeah. Good drawings right there. – Oh wait, there’s a book in here! – [Both] Salt to the Sea! – I finished this book like two weeks ago. So not really sure why
it’s still in there. But it’s a good book so… (laughs) What is that? – It’s a tissue! (Laughs) Why did I put a tissue, it’s used! – Why would you put that
back in your backpack? That’s my question. – (gasps) Okay so…
– Bouncy ball? (laughs) – this is the story. We had a project in Math and it was.. – Is it edible? – No. – I thought it was a gumball for a second. – And you pick the balls out of the bag. I took this one and I forgot. – You stole it? – And then a day later teacher goes… Hey so there’s a ball missing
out of one of the bags. Whoever did it you need to return it. I’m not gonna get mad. I never returned it! Burt’s bees hand salf. Don’t know what that is. – Wait did you take that from my house? – Yeah (laughs) – I have a hall pass in here. Maybe I just saved this
for whenever I needed it. – This is my Math folder. – I don’t know what this is. – As you can see this was very well-loved. – What did you do?
– It was well-loved. – See that’s why this year
I invested in these folders ’cause I don’t think you can rip em. Wait I actually kinda want to try. I don’t need this folder anymore so… (whirring) Okay you ready? Okay ready? (groans) (laughing) – You need these folders! (folder snaps) Ah! You got it kind of. – Oh! One, two, three. (folder snaps)
It can break! – That’s the strength
you need to break it. – Just not easily. – My calculator that I stole
from Brooklyn a year ago. And she um still asks me where it is. But I’m not giving it back to her. – This is. – What the heck is this? – I think I got this
in like my backpack… – That’s cool! – first day of school. But I’ve never used this ever. – It’s cool. Why does it look like Perry the Platypus? – It kinda does. – Look, wait put it up a little bit. Perry the Platypus! – That is not the theme song! – Dude the bottom of
this looks disgusting! – Look at what’s in mine! Do you see a reoccurring
theme here? (laughs) Wonder what I eat for breakfast? If this is what’s in the
bottom of my bag. (laughs) You think I like Cliff
bars just a little bit? Because… – Ew, the gum – Ew! This one is still uneaten. – Dude I dare you to try it! – This looks… – (gasps) – horrifying. – Ew! So gross! – It’s been pressed down by
all the stuff in the bag! It’s still good! It’s good to August so… It just looks horrible. I think it tastes fine. – Yeah it tastes pretty good. Dr. Pepper chapstick but there’s – [Both] Gum stuck to it. – Oh here we go! This is the real stuff right here! – I don’t know what’s even in here so… Why do you have it in here? – Oh I finished this today! There were cru…they’re all crumbs But these are fricking good! – No, I loved those! This is my headphones. – Tampon. This is urban decay concealer. I don’t know who’s it is. I really don’t know. You should really get to the, look at. See what my, the bottom. – Is that a leaf? – No, listen! I had slime in my backpack. The slime got on everything in this pocket and it wouldn’t come out. So I put everything in
baggies for a long time until the, finally the slime parted. – Wait, what is this? A hidden note? What does this say? Oh chemical formula warmup! – Hmm. Oh this is my… Okay this is my NHS letter. It’s National Honor Society. I thought I got it. Like I just skimmed it. And I read it again and it was like… You have not been accepted
for our membership in NHS for our upcoming school year. I was like oh! Nevermind! – So I’ve actually not… Like nothing bad was in here this year. I have a sonic spoon. – Okay. What is that? – Should I pull it out? I don’t know if I should. (inaudible) (laughs) – Why? – They’re little babies. – Is the only question I have. – [Bella] They’re little babies! – [Kamri] But why? Why do you have a bag of
little babies in your bag? – It’s so I can hide them
around the school. (laughs) – In case you were wondering
what high school is like. That’s your answer! – I’m that kid! It’s funny! My mom comes in and she was like Bella why did you order this? And I was like first of all
I paid with my own money. Second of all, for school. And she’s like what for school? And I was like for school. A hundred and twenty so… Ooh they just spilled everywhere. – Spilled all over the place. – Oh this one I found in
the soccer field today! It’s another little baby. – It has hair. – But it’s missing an arm and a leg. I was like… It needs a home. – What is wrong with you? – Yeah, I know. – Wait, show them the slime. – I don’t know if you can see that or not? – That looks horrible. – But it’s gross! – It looks like that rat
I kicked, story time! One time I went into the science like, I guess it’s like the teachers only room, but Ms. Dollinger lets
me put my lunch in there. Literally, I walk in and this
thing just flies itself at me. So I do the first thing
that comes to my head and I kick at it! And turns out it’s a freaking rat! Throwing itself at me. So I just kick it and it
like goes against the wall. And then I just like run out! And I was just like
there’s a rat in there! Yeah that rat has never been seen again. So either I was like hallucinating or that rat is just somewhere else. – In the school. – Yeah! That’s pretty much all
that was in our backpacks. – Yup. – But now I’m going to tell
you guys the item that we hid. We’ll see if you guys
actually got it right. And if not you can always
go back in the video and see if you can find it. We hid like this little tiny toy camera. It’s about this big. It looks like a DSLR camera. If you haven’t found it,
go back and try to find it! And if you did find it good job! You have very good eyes! And hopefully you guys weren’t too grossed out at our backpacks. I feel like we did pretty good this year! Like remember that year
that we had our soccer bags. We’re maturing; we’re becoming adults. We’re a little bit less
disorganized this year. – Like I needed an award or something. – (laughs) – Frick yes! – If you guys liked this video make sure you guys comment down below. And also make sure you guys
subscribe to my channel! And I will see you guys next week! – [Both] Bye!