(light-hearted music) – Welcome to CraftyGirls! – Here, we’re doing our first ever … – Back to school – “What’s inside my backpack?” – 2018 (light-hearted music) – No. Wait, guys. This is the
first time ever doing that because we don’t go to school. What? – Whoa! – What! – Brain explosion! – We’ve never been to school before. We’re all home-schooled, at home 24/7, except for on weekends. And the days we go out and have dinner. And the days we go shopping at Sprouts. We’re not advertising.
This is not a paid ad. Would you stop it? – Okay. And yes, this is our first time ever going to school. We are … – So excited. – So excited. I am pumped.
I am ready. I am shook. – Hang on. Are you … – Shook! Just shook. – We’re shook. Big letters on top of the screen. We’re shook. Explode now. (explosion sound) – We’re going to a private
school that’s two days a week, so we’re not going to a
five-day-a-week school. We’re gonna ease into this school thing. – Like we’re gently sliding into a hot tub… On 100 degrees … All right, whatever. She
just fell out of her chair. – If you’re new to our
channel, I’m Annelise. – I’m Rachel. – And I’m Julia. – They’re fraternal twins,
and I’m their older sister. – We would love for you to
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the comments down below if you’re doing those things, and you might get a shout-out at the end. – Let’s get started! – Here are our backpacks.
They’re already heavy, and I don’t even have a
lunch box yet or my books. Wow, that is … – Okay, Annelise, why don’t
you start with the first thing? – Me and Julia both
have matching backpacks, which we didn’t even plan to do. We just both loved the same
backpack, so there we go. – We all have … Me and Annelise have … – On the front, we have staplers. That’s how we’ll tell ours
apart because mine is purple. – [Julia] And mine is pink. – [Rachel] No, it’s like an orange. – [Annelise] Orange-pink. – It’s an orange cream color. And guys, by the way, I have no stapler because my mom doesn’t love me, and as you may have seen
or heard in the last video, I live in the attack. (Annelise laughs) And I sleep on hay. – No, that is a joke, guys.
Do not take that seriously. She has a stapler. Okay? She has one. – Done with that stuff. – Let’s start with our
first mini little pouch. Unzip. Whoa. – Whoa, what do I have in here? – First thing I have …
We both have a squishy. – And the first thing that I
have in here is my protractor. – [Mom] Wait a minute.
So you all have a squishy and Rachel has a protractor. Who’s gonna get the better
education this year? (Rachel laughs) – Well. – [Mom] Was that on our
back-to-school list, Julia and Annelise? A squishy? – Well, focus reasons, you know. – When you’re stressed you just go (Julia grunts) Okay. – I have a cute little dog
hiding inside a sandwich, I don’t know why, but … – I actually made this. I used acrylic … – Puffy paint. – Yeah, sorry. I used puffy paint, and it’s actually so
much more slow-rising. Like, it’s so slow-rising. – [Annelise] I love mine. All righty. – I have a protractor. Who do we think is gonna get the better
education this year? It is very squishable and lovely, but yeah, this is the
first thing in my backpack, so let’s move on. – All right, second thing in our backpack. – Three, two, one. – Candy! – Candy! Okay, I have
just this as an emergency. You never know when you’ll be like, “I need something sweet
to cleanse the pal …” Mom. “To cleanse the palette.” – And this is what you obviously would … when we walked into the
school to meet the teachers, this I what I got on my
desk, a cute lollipop just for me. – I have one, too … – It’s like they knew I was coming! – Okay, it is very much … – Watch our next video where
Mom cleans out the backpacks. (Rachel laughs) – Rachel, what do you have? – For my second item, I
have mechanical pencils, and I think it’s very obvious who’s gonna get the better
education this year. – So true. Okay, third
thing that you have. On three. – I have … – Wait, ready? Ready? – Three, two, one. Lip balm! – I didn’t get any lip balm,
but in my second pouch, I have this adorable backpack, but guess what it actually is? Just gonna unzip it. – I have strawberry lip balm
because my lips get chapped. – Pencils! (Julia sings a few notes) – And I have this adorable
little Justice notebook, which I’m gonna write down all the times of my classes in so I make
it to every one on time. – And here’s the last pouch. It’s a cute little pencil eraser. – Oh, we both have pencil
erasers. It’s adorable. – I can’t get … Okay. It’s so cute! (whimsical music) – By the way, we did all of
our back-to-school shopping at Target, and no, this is not sponsored, but that would be pretty
awesome if it was. Target, give us a call. – So if there’s anything
you really like from this, you can find it at Target, just not the little Justice
notebook or the protractor. – Okay, and now the third
thing that you have, or the third thing I have is an emergency lip gloss,
hair and makeup bag. – I have two things. – Who’s with me? – Okay, so I required … What are these, flash or index cards? I don’t know, but I have a little pack of index cards and emergency hair bands, just in case because sometimes my
ponytail will fall down. I spent all of last night
organizing my backpack so that it was the perfect fit. – Okay, guys, I have some Crayola markers, skinny type because I need those. – I actually have a second mini-pouch. Me and Julia both do, so
let’s open up our second mini-pouch. – I already opened up
my second mini-pouch. In my second pouch, I have
this adorable backpack. That was my second mini-pouch. – I have a second mini-pouch. All right, ready? I will open … My water bottle just fell. – There goes your bottle. – But in here, I have the
same thing that Julia had, these, lead because I have some pencils that will need to use
that. And then these. I have a highlighter
and dry-erase markers. By the way, if you noticed,
I’m talking completely clearly because I took out my appliance.
Don’t tell my dentist. – Okay, and for my giant pouch,
I have two adorable folders. I love the colors of these
folders. They are so cute. – I just have this pink
folder. There’s nothing in it. It’s just a pink folder. – And I have these two
adorable composition books. This one says “notes,” and this one just has a bunch of really,
really, really cute pictures and stuff on it. – And I have some poly
binders, which are just soft and flappy. These are so I
have extra space in my backpack for other items. – I have this composition
book, and it is glittery, and it’s so pretty. And then
I have this composition book, and it is really cute. An
ice cream, a pineapple, and a rainbow. What
more could you ask for? – And then this is a
really cute little folder. Inside, it has a ball about me. – And then I just have this little box, and it has all of my big markers. And I also have this, and it has all of just my
normal pencils, no colors. – And I have the same cute
little “Live Justice” notebook. – And then the last thing I have in here, look how cute this is.
Okay, it is so beautiful. (whimsical music) And it looks amazing, and I just have all my colored pencils in here and then a pencil
sharpener right there. – I have this adorable
little pencil pouch, which has these little rings on it, so I decided to clip my stapler
into one of these rings. And inside, I have all of my
markers, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. – I have this really
pretty holographic ruler, just in case something
happens and Annelise or me or someone in our class is
just like, “Oh, I need a ruler” or something like that, and
I’ll just be like, “Here!” – And I have a dull
onyx holographic ruler, which isn’t really very sparkly, but at least it’s not
shocking, for me anyway. – In our last pouch, I have two things. We all three have our … – Thermoses! – Mine goes blue to purple. – [Rachel] Mine goes
aqua to blue, dark blue. – And mine goes pink to blue, which is really, really, really pretty. – I love these so much.
By the way, not sponsored, but if you want to get these,
you can find them on Amazon. – And for the last thing,
we have our water bottles and lunch bags. – My water bottle fell. I
forgot. Replay that scene. – I … My water bottle just fell. – There goes your bottle. – It just fell. – So this is super cute.
This is my water bottle. – This is my water bottle.
It says, “Have courage to be kind.” – [Annelise] What does your say, Rachel? – Mine says, “Yaaas!” – Yes. Mine says, “Killin’ it!” And yes, we found these at Target. – I love my lunch box because it’s pretty, and inside, it has freezable sides. And it has this thing
that you can just … I love what that does. – Rachel, show your … – My lunch bag is super cute, and inside, it has this
special insulation material. However, it cannot freeze. – I don’t actually have
a lunch box right now because I could not find
one that I really liked, so I will have one for school.
I just don’t have one for … – Right now. – Yeah, for this video. It is the next day, and
I just wanted to tell you really quickly that I’ve
actually just got my lunch box, and this is what it looks like, so now I do have a lunch box, and it is the same as Julia’s, and you can freeze the whole
inside. It’s freezable, and I think it’s cuter. Don’t tell her. – So that’s it for our backpacks. We do plan to film an
end-of-the-year video, so we’ll see what they look like then. – So those are our
backpacks, but you guys, please comment down below and tell us what is the favorite
item in your backpack. – I think mine is probably
my thermos or my squishy. – I like my protractor. – My thermos. No, actually
this thing. This thing. – And now, it is time for shout-outs. – Emojis and slime. – Kory Kuffler. – Zahairy Lion. – Katelyn McKay. – Malaen Isa does msp and games! – Esther Rani. – ItsJustCameron Rodriguez. – Kristen Ruth. – Super Ashlyn. – Unicornbby0000000.
There’s a lot of zeroes. – Kristin Style. – And Norah Finnerty. – Thank you so much for
being part of our CG family. – We hope you enjoyed seeing
what was inside our backpacks. If you did, please give
it a big thumbs up. – We love you guys so much! – Happy back-to-school, everybody! (kissing sounds) Bye!