– Hi everyone! We just picked up the kids
and brought ’em home, and — – Guys, I —
– We have — – [Tyler] I guess who would win. – [Mom] Not only Kayla,
but Vanessa, and Tyler. – Vanessa would lose.
– [Mom] All together. – Look at this.
– Look at that! – [Kayla] It’s so weird! She’s so flexible! – [Mom] Yep. Kayla, you gotta practice with Vanessa. – Can I —
– You need to start stetchin’. – Can I have ice cream? Because my teeth hurt so bad. – [Mom] You can have a little bit now. Yes, I’d rather you had it
now than right before bed, ’cause I think that’s
what upsets your stomach. No more sugar at night for you. – I haven’t had ice cream
for like three days. – [Mom] Okay, good. (hard rock music) – See, Hershey’s in love
with Vanessa right now. – Yeah.
(laughing) – He’s like people. – [Mom] Yep. – Aww, hi, hi. – [Mom] So much love. – He’s just to love. Are you a love too? Oh, he’s so cute. Oh, right for Vanessa.
(laughing) – [Mom] Vanessa has a
bunch of pets too, huh? – Yeah.
– Yes. She has a turtle, a
bunny, a cat, and a dog. – [Mom] Yep. – [Tyler] Uh, hey, my tooth — – [Mom] That means we gotta
get at least one more pet. – Yes!
– Vanessa, I never said I liked turtles —
– Yeah, are we really? – No, it would support itself really. – I like tortoises.
I like tortoise. I like tortoise.
– I want a ferret! Or a mouse. (laughing) – A mouse?
– I want — – No! No mice, no, I say no to that! – How ’bout a snake? A snake? Then we feed the snake the mice, so we could technically
have both if we get a snake. – What would you guys rather have, how ’bout a choice of a
snake, a turtle, or — – A rat!
– A ferret. – Yeah, a ferret!
– Dad would totally — – I pick ferret.
– Pick ferret. – Dad would totally —
– What would you pick? – Ferret.
(laughing) – Ferret.
– Shawn would totally pick ferret.
– Ferrets are cute. They’re so cute they have — they act like dogs. When we went to the pet store, they had ferrets, and they
acted like little dogs. – Doesn’t their bit hurt really bad? – Like mommy was looking —
– That’s like that wive’s tale I heard, that’s not real. They don’t really do that. – Really, they don’t bite? – Well, it depends on the ferret, I heard, and so, I guess it’s just
like a temperament thing. But, they’re not all known for biting. – And they don’t grow germs in their mouth so if you do get bit,
you’re not gonna get sick. – Yeah, they don’t grow
germs in their mouth, isn’t that crazy? – [Kayla] So their mouths
are completely clean! – [Tyler] And they don’t
have to visit the dentist. – 100% clean. – They don’t have to visit the dentist. – [Mom] Sounds like they’re
convincing you guys, you should go with ferret,
but let’s let them vote. Are you guys ready to go to cheer? – Yes.
– Yes. – I got bug bites on me. I have one like right here somewhere. – How did that happen?
– And one here. It’s Florida. (laughing) – [Mom] Ta-ta, have
fun, be back in an hour. – Okay.
– Bye! So how was cheer? – It was good. My messy bun fall out in
the middle of practice, so coach Barker put it back up. So now it’s like in a half and half, so half down, half up. – It looks cute.
– I did good, we had to do like this progression thing, so every four months they check to see how well you’ve progressed. I think I did pretty good, and so I think that’s supposed to show what class you’re supposed to go in next. So, yeah, I think I’m gonna be staying for a little bit longer,
but you never know. I’m like the only person
in my group so far that can do a backhand spring, so maybe? Then, so now we’re gonna go home, and we have to go pick out
fabrics from Michael’s. I’m excited about that. Because we have this thing
at school called Power Hour, and so you have to pick a club, and so I picked sewing club, and the teacher said that,
sorry we just went over a speed bump, the teacher
said that if you don’t like any of her felts, you
can go and get your own. So, I’m going to Michael’s and we’re gonna go get some fabrics, because we’re making
this stuffed animal mole. I’ll have to show you guys
once I get it finished. But, it’s gonna be fun! – [Mom] His hair is starting
to grow long on his tail. – Yeah, look —
– And his ears. – Fluff on his tail, it’s soft. – [Mom] That’s what’s
weird about a maltipoo — – [Kayla] ’cause he has
long hair in some places, but short hair in others. – [Mom] Yeah, he’s like all mixed up, ’cause like on his ears, I don’t know if you could pick him up, here, hold him. So his ears —
– He’s got fluff. – He’s got these weird
little wispy things, like an old man.
(laughing) That stick off of ’em. And down here, I don’t
know if you can see it, there ya go, see, like,
they just, they’re like little whispery things. But then on the tops,
that’s what makes ’em cute ’cause he has a lot up here, so they kinda get perky. – And then below his legs
he has little fluff — – Yeah and then on his legs
he’s got long hair growing. – And then on his tail —
– On his tail, it’s growing long curly hair. – [Kayla] But wherever else it’s short. – [Mom] And everywhere
else it’s staying short. – She’s interested in this —
– She’s all mixed up. – [Kayla] Hershey’s very interested in the beetle on the ground. – [Mom] And Hershey — Hershey, you’re just a lovie lovie. Awww, they’re both lovies. – [Kayla] Harley, I just
put him on the ground, he just laid on his back,
like okay, just give me love. – [Mom] Hershey! Hershey’s busy wantin’ food. Hello pooyoos! Hey booboo ba doo! – Grew a hand on his face. I think —
– How’s your arm? – It’s still a three. – Let’s see. – It feels like a three.
– Feels like a three, out of ten? A three being not as painful anymore? – Well, yesterday was a six. – So, yeah, you’re on
the road to recovery. Hey, Kayla and I are
gonna go to Michael’s. – Goin’ to Michael’s? – [Mom] Yep, are you jealous? – Not really, I mean, if
you’re going to Dave’s, that’s way better than
Michael’s, but, you know. – [Mom] Yeah.
(laughing) – Tyler’s gonna do a little up and down — – [Mom] Did you finish your homework? Tyler?
Yes, good. – He did, I already —
– Did you finish your homework?
– Not yet. I still got more to do.
– Get back to work! – I know.
– He has like 25 more. – [Mom] Did you finish your homework? – I haven’t even started. – We shouldn’t even be going to Michael’s. – I’ve been waiting for
you because you said as soon as we got back —
– You coulda been gettin’ — everything at Michael’s.
– your homework done while you’re waiting. Shame shame, everybody knows your name. – Let’s go.
(laughing) – I haven’t heard that in
like forever and a year. – Yep, we’re outta here on our way. Let’s go. Alright, we just arrived at Michael’s, and we have discovered the
cutest animal costumes. – But we just bought costumes. – [Mom] I know. – [Kayla] There’s a hot dog, and a shark. – [Mom] Wouldn’t that be so cute? – [Kayla] And a monkey. – [Mom] A monkey! Oh I would love a little monkey. I want a monkey dog. – [Kayla] What’s this? Little hats? They’re little hats! That one’s for a cat. – [Mom] Look it, we
could make him a pumpkin. – [Kayla] Oh my gosh. – [Mom] What’s on this side? – [Kayla] (laughing) Inmate! Panda bear!
(gasping) – We can have panda doggie!
– Oh my gosh! A lobster. A dinosaur, oh no, yeah it is a dinosaur. It’s a dinosaur.
– Oh my goodness, a shark. – A monster.
– How funny. – No, we just bought costumes! – [Mom] We better go for
what we came here for, let’s find that felt.
– Fabric. – [Mom] I thought it was felt we needed? – Well, one girl from last
year used like a quilt, so, anything you can sew together. Okay, so we’re looking at all the felts, and we found this. Look, I can make a fluffy mole. – [Mom] It looks like a Hershey. – It does, it looks like Hershey’s fur. And they have zebra print too. I don’t know.
– What do you wanna do? Do you wanna look at the other fabrics? – Yeah let’s look at the other ones first, – Okay.
– Because I don’t wanna buy something and then
see something better. – [Mom] Alright, so your choice are — – I got this —
– For the body. – Yeah, little squares with blue outlines, and then the white background. – And this is —
– And then I got white fluff for the tummy. – Okay, and you’re — You told ’em what you’re making? – Yes, it’s like a little
mole stuffed animal. And it’s gonna have like
a little button nose, which we should probably
pick out like a button or something too. Cute little buttons? Two dollars.
– That’d be cute. A blue button? – The little button nose?
– Yeah. – [Kayla] That’d go good. – So we are heading outta here. We gotta hurry up because, we still have to go to Open House. – Yes, at school. – I wanna see how well Kayla’s doing, unfortunately I missed Tyler’s Open House. But, yeah, we gotta go to that next. – Alright, so I guess the girls are out, they’re doing some shopping, and then they got like a
school thing for Kayla, so, we’re kinda on our own for dinner. They went to McDonald’s, I
just got a call from Connie, which, McDonald’s actually
sounds pretty good right now. It’s totally gross food, but every once in a while I crave it. So, what do you wanna eat bud? What do you think? What are you thinkin man,
what are you thinkin? – Drumsticks! – You wanna eat drumsticks? Maybe we can have that after dinner, but what are we gonna eat FOR dinner? – Uhm, fish sticks.
– Fish sticks? – And tater tots.
– Fish sticks and tater tots. One of my favorites, oh
my God I can’t believe you said that, I was totally craving that. So, yeah, I think we have all that. So we’re gonna put ’em in the oven here, and, let’s get our grub on! – Alright, we just arrived at the school, and Kayla’s gonna show me her stuff. – Yup, I’m excited. – So, what is your favorite class? – I think I like art or PE the most. We’re laughing because
mommy didn’t want to go into any of the classrooms because they were all having a lecture. – Apparently our schedule was WAY off, we showed up REALLY late, so everybody was already in a classroom, and I did not want to interrupt any of those classrooms that was embarrassing. – You were like, you’re
supposed to get there at six or something, and
then you’re supposed to go for your schedule, and so I
just heard the announcement, and it said you’re switching
to your fourth period. I was like, oh, okay!
(laughing) – We already missed half of school. – Yeah.
– So — Did you get your homework done? – No, I can —
– Kayla! – [Kayla] I keep getting distracted. – Do it!
– Sorry! – [Mom] Thought you wanted to
take the doggies for a walk? – Itches. – [Mom] How much homework
do you have left? – Just this, and, well, and math, and science.
(laughing) – [Mom] You better get on it. No more messin’ around! So you got some gourmet daddy meal? – Uh, yeah. – [Mom] I thought we
were gonna be home sooner and we didn’t make it, so — – You guys ate McDonald’s without me. – [Mom] What’s that? – You guys had McDonald’s without me. – [Mom] I know, we blew it. We went to McDonald’s. Sorry, I thought we weren’t gonna be home in time to make dinner. You see this, don’t you? (squeaking) Oh! Everybody’s so happy. Okay, go get it! Go get it! Go get the ball. Hello. You guys wanna go outside? You ready? Oh no, how are you gonna get it? How are you gonna get it? Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? You gonna get it? You’re not gonna get it? I want that ball. How do I get that? How do I get it? Am I gonna get it? Am I gonna get it? You gotta get it. Aw, they gave up. They said forget it. How’s it going Kayla? – Good. – [Mom] Workin into the
late hours of the night. It’s totally dark outside. How’s it feel to be in sixth grade? – I hate it. (laughing) – [Mom] But you said you’re almost done? – I guess.
– [Mom] Okay. – Alright, we just finished our homework, and now it’s time to get ready for bed, and everyone’s kinda tired, but we’re gonna pack our lunches first, ’cause that’s the first thing we do before we go to bed. – Abend. – So, we’re gonna show you guys what we pack in our lunches. Okay, so the first thing I put in my lunch is water, just a small
little water bottle. Dropped it.
– Is that like, normally what you drink?
– Yes. – Every day?
– Every single day. – Yeah, water.
– And sometimes I don’t even drink it so I just save
it for the next day. I’m not thirsty all the time,
so I just put it in there. – I have the same thing,
it’s just not cold. – And then —
– It will be by tomorrow. – And then we eat these
little granola bar things, mine, I like the soft baked
bars is what they’re called, and they’re from Quaker Oats, and it’s, I like the cinnamon pecan kind. – Yeah, I like those too, but I keep getting the banana bread. (laughing) The banana butt —
(laughing) – [Kayla] Butt? – Banana nut bread. (laughing) – Banana butt bread. – [Mom] I like the banana nut breads. And those aren’t always what we get, huh? What do we usually —
– We usually get Zbars. – But —
– But we haven’t been able to find them. – Yeah, the kinda ran out.
– We haven’t? – At Costco, yeah they don’t have ’em. – So we’ve just been getting these, and these are actually really good. I’m addicted to the cinnamon pecan kind. – I like the banana butt kind. (laughing) – Alright.
– And then, the next thing we put in our lunches, is lunchables, it kinda just speeds up the whole process, it’s
like, a whole lunch. – [Mom] Usually we get the turkey kind, but you guys kinda got sick of them. – Yeah, I’ve been liking the
chicken nugget kind lately, because I’m kinda sick
of the sandwich ones. First of all, I can never
find the ones that I like. Which I’m very picky about the
ones that I like with those. This is easiest, just chicken nuggets with ketchup and Oreos.
– I don’t even eat the ketchup – So, yeah.
– Those still have protein. – Yes, these have protein
’cause there’s chicken. And they have Oreos! – [Mom] No protein in Oreos though. – No, but they’re delicious though, so. Probably should put that in first, because it’s the biggest, I
usually put that in first. – [Mom] So what do you put in yours? – I put in a allibacon, a lunchable. (laughing) – A lunchable also —
– A bacon lunchable? – I wish! It’s also chicken nugget with, you kinda see on the back
ketchup, and an Oreo. That’s the dessert that
you eat at the end, but I eat at the beginning
because I like it. (laughing) and, scary knife! There, there, there you go. – And the last thing we
put in our lunch is apples, ’cause it’s just a little healthy snack. So I have my apples already prepared, because I forgot my lunch this morning. – Apples.
– So — (laughing) – So you’re done.
– I’m done. – Apples.
– Tyler’s apples just got cut so he’s gotta put ’em in the bag, and that’s that, that’s
all you guys eat everyday? – And look at this gorgeous —
– For the most part? – Cutting board that —
– My friend Sara gives me Little Bites, which are
these little baked muffins. – [Mom] You get to steal some other people’s snacks.
– I love the green cutting board because it just gives it — – My kids live off —
– that sour apple. – [Mom] of the good will
of other people sometimes. (laughing) – Every day, Sara just
brings Little Bites. She’s like, ooh, you like these kind? Then she hands them to
me, and I’m like, okay. (laughing) But I like it.
(whistling) It’s always nice. – [Mom] Alright. – She has like brownie
ones, chocolate chip ones, it’s like all the time,
it’s like a surprise, – Or something because —
– Why don’t I get any bruh? – Because you’re not —
– Because you gotta get some better friends.
(laughing) – My friends are fine! You —
– Yeah, but they don’t give you food.
(laughing) – [Mom] The best friends give
you the best food, right? – One time I got —
– Like, every time we go to Jayla’s place,
they give us like steak and hot dogs and stuff, so she’s — – One time I got a whole
fruit roll-up thing from a friend.
– I forgot to talk about my nails.
– Ooh, look at those. – My gummi can see your face. – You got all gorgeous again, no I can’t see it, they’re blurry. – [Tyler] Fake nails are on my apples. – [Mom] There you go. – She totally stabbed her
fingernails in my apples. (screaming) – [Mom] Love, love, love. I think there was some artwork in there you wanted to show
everybody real quick too. – Oh yeah. – [Mom] So you might as well do that while Tyler takes a shower. – Tyler, what happened to your artwork? – [Mom] I found it. – It’s kinda hard to see
some of the pictures, ’cause I have all this, but —
– You showed some of it before, so, what’s the new stuff? – The new things I put up, I’ll do the fan mail first. So we did this one,
which we got by Leilani? I put up her note too right here. Her name is Leilani, and so — – [Mom] That was really nice of her. – She made this picture of me, and then she made a picture of Tyler, and she made a picture of
mommy and daddy, and so — – [Mom] I think that’s in my office, I have hers in my office. – Wait, I wanna show them the other things that I put up though.
– Okay. – I put up some pictures
that my old friend Rachel made me, she made a little koala and a little hamburger,
and a little kitty cat, and a little llama, and little — And I made the unicorn. – [Mom] Tyler, go grab yours
from Leilani real quick. – But I want to show it.
– And then she also did this. – [Tyler] Someone made for me, they totally,
– We did that on camera. – They totally,
– Well, he can show it again. It’s still kinda cool. Some of these things we’ve
already showed everybody, but it’s just kinda fun, like, this is the appreciation
that we show for your guys’s artwork that you send us. It doesn’t just go in the
garbage or anything like that. We save it, it might
end up in a scrapbook, we can’t figure out yet
what we’re gonna do, but —
– I’m posting all my — – [Tyler] Yes! – [Mom] Thank you guys
so much for you know, all the love and yes, this one actually got missed
when we were doing the last, show and tell, and she has beautiful — – [Kayla] You mean you now? – [Mom] Yeah, I just
call it show and tell. (laughing) Because that’s what we did,
we showed and telled it. But anyway, so yeah, she did
some beautiful artwork there, I thought that was really creative. – I’m wearing my crop top. – Guys, look at this
bracelet someone made me. Bracelets. – [Mom] That’s awesome,
and then one other thing that Leilani did was this artwork here, and the TV’s blaring so I gotta be quick, but she did a really
awesome drawing of Tyler and thank you so much Leilani. Should we just say
goodnight anyways right now? Mary can grab daddy and
we can all say goodnight? – Good day down.
– Stressed. – Kayla’s stressed, she had
a lot of homework tonight. More than normal. – But she owned it. – Actually it was less than normal. – Really?
– Yes. I’ve been having a lot of homework. It’s kinda stinky. – Yeah, I wonder if — How are you guys doing
with homework out there, are you feeling like it’s startin to get a little bit heavy, now
that we’ve been doing school for a few weeks,
or are you still feeling like it’s kinda light? – I’m getting used to middle
school schedule, so — – Yeah.
– Sorry, I just cut you off. – That’s okay, you missed some school, not today, you missed some school when you got your braces done. – Yeah.
– So that, now, they’re kinda sore,
she’s got some sore teeth too. – I don’t know! – But you look really cute! And your teeth are gonna be
straight in a couple months, so it’s good. – Yep.
– It’s worth it. Anybody else have anything
exciting that happened that we didn’t talk about? – Not to me, how about you —
– I might be a flyer for my team!
– Guys. Guys, do you like bacon
better or pancakes better? – Coach Mel, she’s like,
she’s been, apparently, she told one of the other coaches that she’s been trying to convince me to get in, and I’m like, I would do it, she’s like, now you would do it. (laughing) – Guys, this is totally off the subject, would you rather have brunch or brinner? – I have no idea what that is. – Breakfast and dinner.
– Left field here we come. – Alright guys, so anyways, we are going to say goodnight to you, it is night here for us right now, – Might be morning by the time you see it. – It will be morning when you see it. – Good morning, good evening,
good night, good brunch. – Whatev. So we hope you guys enjoyed this video, and until next time, bye! – Click on the annotations
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