Hi, welcome to the American International School of Bamako. I’m Carla, and I’m Thierno. AISB is a close-knit school offering an American college preparatory curriculum. It’s a wonderful place to study, work and play. So what does it mean to study here? Let’s find out! The community of AISB is very diverse and has a very international make-up. Norway, there’s Malian of course, Guinean, Lebanese, French, Dutch, Vietnamese… Everyone knows everybody… There is no separation, we’re all pretty much one big group. Even though there is a difference in grade level between a ninth grader and a twelfth grader, we’re still friends with each other, we spend time together. Almost everyone here is friends with each other. It’s beautiful and you get to learn about different cultures and you become a more well-rounded person because you are not ignorant about other cultures and how they work. It’s like a big melting pot! Everyone is calm and focused, but you know for real, not just for show. Everyone can laugh together and go home and have at least too funny things to tell.. ..like the shadow dance performance with the song Roar… The Klédu farm, well, we actually saw a lot of animals. We got many things to do that we won’t be bored. We learn about habitats where animals live. And we also already did the sea and the desert, and the normal forest. We use a lot of computers in this school and I like this. It’s not always textbooks. Sometimes you watch powerpoints, you watch even movies… We had to make an iMovie project about a book we’ve read. The time-capsule project with Ms. Leavitt. Hmm this project where you had to design your own country for social studies. Learning the same information but in different ways… in entertaining ways. The thing I like here is that we can choose our subjects. In my old school, the French school, they would tell you at the beginning of the year “You’ll take French, English, math and so on…” In my other school, in my french school, we’re sitting on one desk, each of us. And you are always doing almost the same work, always the same stuff. But here, you can work as a group and you have more ideas for the subject While here, you have the choice to do what you want. There are so many activities that take part in.. Monday I go to African Dance, Tuesday I have swimming classes, Thursday I have arts and painting, and Friday, I have Dutch. On Tuesdays I’m class-rep for Student Council. Wednesdays I’m in a play. On Friday I go to the music room, and I play music with my friend Mohamed. The M.U.N conference in Dubaï was a great event which has brought me to actually choose my career based of that. Student Council holds a lot of, well have held a couple of movie nights, Halloween, festivals, international festivals, bonfires that are held for the students. We have intramurals: this competition we have in the school. You can have a middle schoolers with high schoolers and that kind of makes connexion. It’s just a fun opportunity to just hang out with your friends outside of the academic kind of structure. I love teachers because they’re really helpful. The students develop a really close relationship with the teachers. The teachers are here for you to help you. Teachers really get a good relationship with the student. The teachers aren’t mean and they’re actually understanding. The teachers aren’t mean and they’re actually understanding. And you can talk to them outside of class and you are not afraid to come and talk to them about extra help when you doing homework or even when you feeling like you need more advice about different things. Ms. Wilson always tells me to write it down, in very easy words, what I have to do and I’m really thankful for that. Well, I really really like is how the place is set up, because they have these gardens and really good play stuff. I play in the swing and in the merry-go-round and on the slide I like that the campus is so beautiful there are vines growing everywhere and flowers and inside the building there are gardens. We have a great soccer field, a nice basketball field and some places to play new sports and the classes are not too far from each other so it’s easy to get around. For me it’s more of a.. AISB is more of a family community than most school that I’ve been to. It’s not this group of people, this group of people… No, everyone knows each other, everyone respects each other and we all treat each other like a family. Well, I would add dessert for lunch, but everything else is absolutely perfect… I love AISB though!