– Check this out. It’s Trevor James, and today
I’m at Istanbul super hungry, and were gunna go for some awesome Turkish desserts, baklava. I’m real hungry and we’re
on the Galata Bridge right now on the way there. Let’s go check it out. Turkey is a food heaven. I tasted flavors there that I didn’t even know existed. And when that happens, there’s a magic that you’ll never forget, and a place stays forever in your heart. You don’t want to leave. And the flavors are etched into your mind like your first love. Except this is much more. It’s your first bite into a new world. So this is the most bumpin’
baklava place in Istanbul. It’s got the best sweets, and I’m here to meet the
owner and hear how it’s made. Wow! Look at this. Baklava heaven! (speaks in foreign language) – One portion. – Thank you very much. – Yeah, bye. – Thank you, okay. So, Mr. Hasan there, probably
the nicest guy I’ve ever met, and he’s given me a full
plate of classic baklava. I’m really excited to try these today, because this represents all of the flavors that you would normally find in baklava. We have five different type of baklava. This is a full pistachio, okay. This is a walnut. Oh, look at that, oh yeah! This is a walnut pistachio mix. This is the classic baklava. Oh, yeah. And this one here is a
super pistachio baklava. Extra size, extra big. Okay. I’m gunna go the
classic baklava first. That is super sweet. Wow! It has a strong pistachio flavor. And this pastry is really flaky. Actually, that’s probably
one of the sweetest candies I’ve ever tried. It’s almost unbearably
sweet, but delicious. I can see if you have a sweet tooth you get really addicted
to these really fast. This is the best baklava
joint in Istanbul. And I was lucky enough to
visit in the summer of 2015. The summer I began contemplating going full time with food ranging. It’s the summer I met Ting
Ting at a hostel in Istanbul, and now we’re both full time food ranging. This is where it all began. – Okay. – Very good, very good. – Thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos. It really means a lot to me, and I’m so happy to be here today at the best baklava
restaurant in Istanbul. So many locals here. So many people. It’s so busy, and I just gotta say please leave me a comment down below, click that like button, and make sure to subscribe. Thanks again. If you enjoy my videos, please follow my Instagram @thefoodranger and let me know what you think. I’m currently studying hard
at culinary school in Sichuan, and planning out my future trips. Over the last year, the growth of this channel
has really shocked me. And it’s become enough that I
can currently survive in China and travel sometimes as well. I’m gunna keep growing this channel to provide travel content and
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you as my follower. Thank you so much, and I hope you’re eating well.