Birds are chirping. They’re singing because
it’s a lovely day. Today is also the second day of Summer. Summer in New York City is glorious. Oh we gotta max it out as best we can. It’s one of the longest
days of the year today, so what better day to take you around to some
of the best places in the city to drink and eat outside. We’re gonna do it all in
Queens, so we’re starting right here in Astoria. We’re gonna get something in our
stomachs first. We’re gonna take you to some old-school and new-school spots.
We’re not gonna tell you what they are yet, you just gotta stay tuned and watch. Let’s
do this. So eating outside means lots of street food, so we’re gonna start here in
Astoria with some Greek Street food. We’ve taken you on a tour of Greek
Astoria before I check out the video right up here, we’re gonna put a card there.
It’s gonna be a different spot than any the place we took in the video. And we also got a freddo cappuccino, the iced Greek cappuccino right here. It’s hot out, it’s perfect. Mm let’s go. Ooh that smells good! Alright, so we’re here at Elpida aka The Souvlaki Lady. A famous souvlaki cart here in Astoria.
So we’re starting off here with the classic pork souvlaki just with lemon
salt and oregano – that’s the way to get it. And we’re also waiting on something
else, we’ll show you in a second, but let’s take a bite of this delicious classic souvlaki. It’s so nice and juicy, really taste the lemon.
Not too salty, it’s got the right amount of salt in it, oregano. Oh the meat is nice and well marinated – good stuff right here. So, Summertime you think of barbecues, right? But we don’t have access to a backyard,
so we have the next best thing. We’re at the cart. So we got here we got soutzoukakia. My Yiayia, my grandma she made it stewed with tomato before, but this is
minced meat this is actually grilled like kebab. So this one looks more like a
Middle Eastern style kebab which makes sense because it actually has some Asia
Minor roots to it. So let’s take a look. I never had this grilled before, let’s try it
out. It smells really good – really nicely grilled. A lot of herbs here, let’s take a
look. Oh wow! So many herbs and spices in here. Very fragrant. It’s very moist and tender. This is like a meatball on steroids right here. It’s got that crispy outside, the inside
is so so tender. Oh it’s delicious. I was just in Athens a few months, she made it with tomato yeah. It’s either on the grill or inside the sauce. It looks good! How about you, where are you from? Thessaloniki. Ohh Thessaloniki, haven’t been yet, I want to go. It’s a beautiful city. So you’ve seen guides of Summer drinking
outdoor places here in New York City focusing on Manhattan and Brooklyn. But
today, we’re just focusing in Queens. This is our home borough. We are outside the oldest beer garden in New York City, Bohemian Hall. It’s a Czech beer garden. It’s over 100
years old, it’s a classic. I grew up right down the block from here. My neighbor
growing up was Czech she would come here many years, so we’re gonna show this to you. It’s very popular, it’s awesome. This is the spot you want to check out. You want
to go to a beer garden, this is the real deal right here. Alright, so we are here at the Bohemian Hall beer garden. This place is awesome for many reasons. It’s the most classic beer garden in New York. It’s family-friendly, you can go out with your
friends. You have all ages here. As a matter of fact, there’s a big children’s party right next to us going on right now. It’s a great spot to watch sports. Copa
America’s going on right now. There’s some Brazil and Peru fans here. This is
a classic spot. World Cup gets wild here, especially for a lot of the European teams, a lot of the South American teams. You know we have that heavy contingent here in Queens.
You know we’re very diverse. Without further ado, let’s take a sip of our drinks. I got rose cider. I am not a beer person, I love my red wine. It’s a beer garden so rose cider it is.
Yep. I got a Czechvar, it’s a Czech beer here.
Had to go with a Czech beer at this beer garden. Why not, right? So salud! In Czech, Na zdraví Oh that’s good. Oh it’s smooth, refreshing. That was fun at the beer garden. Now we’re trying to catch our ferry. Yeah catching the ferry taking the
scenic route over to Long Island City to our next spot. But, the ferry
we’re gonna be talking about we’re gonna show you the beautiful views. This is the
Astoria ferry right here. Love the scenic route. A day like today a beautiful Summer day. Yes, it is summer! We’re so happy about that!
On a beautiful Summer day like today, you can catch the bridges, the skylines,
just take in some sun. Some vitamin D is good for you. And what’s cool about the
ferry too if you wanted to drink they do have beer and wine on board. But, we’re gonna drink some more. We already drank a little before and we’re only going two
stops, we’re not gonna do that now. But, this ferry is awesome. The ferry ride was awesome. It was the quickest way to get from Astoria to Long Island City. So the N train’s had so many issues over the past few years as Astoria residents
will know very well, so it’s not even running between Astoria and
Queensboro Plaza in Long Island City, so this is the fastest way to get here. And
it’s the most scenic and enjoyable. Especially the weather like today. So
now we’re gonna head to our next drinking spot, which will also have some food. I’m
excited it’s one of our favorites, yes! It’s got a great view of the city. That’s
enough. Hold on, we’re gonna show you all the good stuff It’s so sunny, I love it! We’re currently
at Anable Basin. It’s a beautiful beautiful outdoor place in Queens and it’s the best place to drink and eat and look at the scenic beautiful skyline view. I would like to take the credit of introducing this place to Greg five years ago. This has been the place
every summertime outdoor drinks for the last five years. So what’s cool about Anable Basin I believe it’s the only spot on the water where you can drink in
this kind of setting. It’s cool, it’s like it’s a small low-key joint. It’s
been here for several years. You get this beautiful view of the city.
You’ve got some stuff on the grill. We ordered something very special, you’re gonna see what it is in a second. We’ve got some beer on draft. That’s what’s cool, it’s a
very low-key spot. It’s not a pretentious kind of place, it’s very
chill. You see you’ve got people here all ages. You’ve got kids, you’ve got families, you’ve got younger people. It’s a cool spot. And this part of Long Island
City is cool, too. It’s a little more low-key than the other part of of Long Island City further south that has the bigger buildings. So this is a spot we like just
to chill in the Summertime. This is a good spot in Queens if you want to view of
the city, you want some drinks, come to Anable Basin. Can bring the pets, the dogs, kids. It’s a very nice place to get drunk
and to enjoy the scenic New York City skyline. Cold beer in the Summertime, not much
better than that! Ooh straight off the draft, too. (Beeps) Know what this means, our food is
ready. So another cool thing about Anable Basin –
they’ve got a lot of stuff on the grill. They’ve got your basics. They even have
stuff like bison burger, but they have something very special.
It’s called cevapi. So cevapi, for those who don’t know is a Balkan
skinless ground meat sausage. It’s often found in Bosnia and other countries in the
Balkan region, too.(laughs) Alright, so the ground meat sausage is fresh off the grill and they put it in this flatbread that’s also been griddled, it’s called lepinja.
So it’s got a nice little crisp on the outside. On the side they give you raw
red onions and ajvar, it’s a red pepper spread. We’re hungry, we love it. Again,
it’s like if you if you don’t have a backyard for a barbecue, come to a place
that’s gonna grill some food for you. And that’s what we did. Beer and barbecue, not
our own backyard, but this is better. Let’s do this. Let’s get a bite. Just gonna grab this thing right here. Try a bite by itself first before I add some sauce. It smells so good. These are really nice. They have a nice crisp on the outside from the grill,
but they’re still juicy. These aren’t aggressively spiced, you taste the meat. I believe this is beef. Sometimes they do a mix of beef and veal, sometimes
little lamb, but usually there’s beef and veal. Think this is a beef one.
So now I’m gonna add some of the ajvar Just gonna just dip it. And now we got
some of the ajvar on the outside, that red pepper spread. Let’s take a bite of that. Oh I like that. You look at that red pepper
spread, you’re gonna think it’s gonna be spicy. It’s not at all. It’s got that roasted red bell pepper flavor. The roasted red bell pepper flavor is nice. It complements it well. This is not gonna be some
aggressively spiced. It’s just simple done well food. This bread is very pillowy, I
like that. It’s light but it’s still pillowy. Let’s take a look at that there. Now
I’m gonna add a little bit with some red onions and I’m gonna put a little of the ajvar too. Gonna go in with the hands. You know us, we’re not shy to use our hands. Now what
those red onions do, that red onion will add a little bit of a kick and it
adds some crunch to it too. It’s the whole package. This is great. So
it is my turn to eat. Greg left me a tiny piece, well he left me a lot. You know a
lot of it is for you. Isn’t that what Summer’s all about?
Summer is all about beer and barbecue, am I right? We’ve transported to our favorite ultimate
favorite food market in New York City. Queens
International Night Market. The third stop of the day. We’re gonna eat and drink
here, outdoors. We did a whole video on the Queens
Night Market last year in the Fall. Should be up here, click it if you’d like
to see the crazy food roundup. But we had to just include this on the best places
in Queens to eat and drink outdoors. I mean look at this – it’s the best food
market in New York City. We’ve got over 50 vendors here every week from all over
the world. We’ve got new ones – got some new ones here tonight, too. We’re trying a
Cambodian vendor. You can’t get Cambodian food here in New York City, it’s very
hard to find. You gotta go to Philly to get it. And now you can drink anywhere in
the spot as long as you have this snazzy wristband. So you could walk around, you
can sit on the grass like a picnic. That’s what’s cool too. You don’t have to
go to a park for a picnic, you can just come right here. Queens Night Market picnic and get all the
food you want. Get your wine, get your beer. Everything is just five or six
bucks, you can’t beat it here. This is the spot. It’s family friendly, you get the
one of the most diverse crowds in the city. You get all types of people coming
here, it’s amazing. We’re here on the grass folks. We’ve got one of the newest vendors
here at the night market. Cambodian vendor here. This dish we actually had
in Cambodia back in 2015 when we visited Siem Reap. This is called fish amok
or amok fish. Smells good, it’s got that curry, that orange color. Looks like
there’s some chopped peppers, coconut milk, let’s try it out. We’ve got some
rice. Rice is life – Jumi’s excited from behind that camera. Yes, I know it! Oh, it smells really good. Oh that coconut curry, kaffir lime leaves in there. Oh yeah. Know we love those kaffir lime leaves. Of course, we saw Burmese Bites didn’t have the crazy lines they normally have, so we had to get it. It’s always good got our favorite Keema Palata right here. We
got that curry flavor coming out in that chicken. Chicken’s just bursting with flavor right there. I am most especially excited about the dessert. It’s from our friend Nigel, Hello
Moonman. Look at that it’s so pretty. So delicate, wow. That coconut is so powerful. We love coconut. It’s really good
quality coconut milk here. A little saltiness there too, like that.
The little tapioca, it’s like caviar. Should cost a few grand, but just five bucks Alright folks We have come to our last stop of the
day and I’m really exhausted. Yeah we’re at this hotel. We’re gonna check in. Pretty
tired but Jumi’s exhausted. We’re gonna check into this hotel. Not really, but we’ve got this last stop here. We’re gonna class it up a little bit here folks.
New York is known especially in the summertime for this that we’re gonna
check out right now. You’re gonna see in a few minutes what that is. And we’ll take you
there. The entrance to this place is actually – it’s a weird entrance.
Interesting the first time we’ve come here it was we were like we felt we were
lost, but now we’ll show you how to get here. Press Leaf Lounge elevator. And you go in the elevator like this. And you gotta press the button again. Queens doesn’t really have many rooftop bars, except when you get to Long Island City. There’s a
couple of rooftops of hotels there. So this is on top of a hotel too. But Flushing this is the only one we know of so far. That might change in the next few years. Flushing is changing very fast. But the beautiful thing about this rooftop is that you get
the view of the city unobstructed. There’s nothing in the way like when you
get closer to the city in Queens by new buildings in say Long Island City. And then you get to see Citi Field if you’re a Mets fan, if you want to check that out too.
Planes coming in at LaGuardia And you get the hustle and bustle of Main Street Flushing. This is the Cho Cho San. I love how fragrant that lemon hits you right away. It’s
lemon rind in here too. The Amaretto comes in underneath too. We got that tanginess from the lemon. It’s a little sweet. This is really a perfect summer drink. Just look at this view! I’m so tired, exhausted even. We made it. Yeah so we hit up four spots to eat and drink today from Astoria
to Long Island City to Corona to Flushing And we had our little Greek food to start. It
was cool to show you Queens. It’s like we had a nice mix today of
some old school, some new school, some high-end some chill.
That’s what Queens is all about, right? Queens is all about diversity. We love to
showcase it to you. So it’s a beautiful time, it’s Summer in the city. We
encourage you to come out and enjoy. If you’re in New York City, Manhattan is
cool, Brooklyn is cool. Come to Queens too And give Queens some love. Definitely we
deserve it as a borough. We hope you enjoyed this
video today. Thank you so much for watching. Smash that like button, as
always. And subscribe, hit the bell, you want to be the first to comment, right?
Yes you do. Thanks for watching, peace It was a bad decision to untie my hair hahaha. Hey! Where’d you see us? Talking about not pretentious. We’re sitting in chairs that I feel like I sat in elementary school in Astoria over here. It’s cool it’s just like they making use of what they got here. Yeah I
feel like I’m in school, but school would be a lot cooler if we had beers like this,
right? Hahahaha