Where do you eat in Williamsburg? You ask. I’m Jen your local New York City guide and I’ve lived in Williamsburg for over
three years, so this is the no BS guide to the best restaurants in Williamsburg.
Bedford is just the first stop on the L train there are three more stops that
non-locals forget about: Lorimer, Graham and Grand. So my guide will cover spots
beyond Bedford. If you want places that are rude to you and have lines for no
reason then this guide is not for you. I also have to say I was talking to my
friend and they were like you’re paying for all this stuff by yourself for this
food it must be so expensive and yes I do I pay for all of these meals by
myself because I want to test it out and actually know that this is good I don’t
want people to treat me any differently as a blogger or whatever I want to make
sure that the food is good, I test it out multiple times a lot of these places
I’ve been to repeatedly week after week because I really enjoy them and that’s
why I recommend them. So I kinda just have to just get that over with, say that! If you
want quality places where the locals eat then come with me! One of the best places for fresh bread
coffee and baked goods is Bakeri behind me, (spelled) with an i. Even if you just want to
come by and check out their beautifully painted door they have just the cutest
decor, they have a globe in the window they have all the right knickknacks to
make this gorgeous gorgeous space feel super homey like you are welcomed into a
grandmother’s home! It’s just absolutely adorable and
everything tastes really good I have a …I have a lemon… oh okay of course we’ve got squeaking buses… I’m going to edit this out or NOT… I don’t know
so I’ve got the lemon… lemon cranberry my … so I’ve got the lemon cranberry
muffin it is super like soft let’s dig into it! So moist and good you know those muffins that are like old and crumby and not good this is none of that this is not
the stereotype is so gooey and just like cooked to perfection, these little poppy seeds, everything about it is just ooh so good excuse me
and while I work on this muffin I’ll meet you at the next place okay. If you want to start your day with a
bagel or brisket come to this contemporary Jewish deli Frankel’s, I’ve
got my sandwich right here it is technically on the corner right on the
border just over to Greenpoint but it is so worth that extra crossing the street
let’s dig into this. It looks and feels oh it doesn’t look because I haven’t
seen it yet…. shh… but I know it’s good so I got an egg and cheese on everything
bagel let’s open this up! OK let’s take a bite I’m OK I’m only
gonna eat one, cause this is ridiculous. that is so good
I love a good everything bagel never enough everything bagels in one’s life as a New Yorker. Sauvage located one block away
from Frankel’s along the Greenpoint border on the Williamsburg side is
savage this American French spot never has a long wait for brunch or dinner it
is less popular than its neighbor Five Leaves but gives you so much more space between tables and sometimes a really good story I went to savage for brunch
with a couple of girls it was really fun we were having a lot of fun and the
maitre d offered to take our photo we’re like yes and then I feel like we took
like a couple extra (then we realized) that we were making someone wait and then I felt so bad when
we saw who it was it was actually Jon Snow aka Kit Harington the actor from
Game of Thrones (HBO) waiting for us with Ingrid – crazy in real life that they’re
married – the wildling and they were just waiting for their table and we were
taking our time taking photos. So if you want to see potentially Jon Snow he
might be at Sauvage you never know that’s my… that’s my funny story and on
to the next food spot! Number four Jimmy’s Diner this is a
breakfast all day kind of dive that boasts the best fried chicken in
Brooklyn and will not disappoint any food cravings! Lella Allamentari: Williamsburg has no
shortage of Italian places but Lella Allamentari is a unique breed of
cafe / grocery store with everything you didn’t know you needed. My Italian friend
who leads Italian tours in Italy brought me here and now I cannot imagine my life
in Williamsburg without it. It’s like this joint was picked up from Italy and
dropped off in my neighborhood. The food is delicious and the friendly service
easily allows me to practice my rusty Italian. It is a Taiwanese American
hot spot that reinterprets classic dishes though the kickstarted restaurant
was opened in 2016 it’s vintage style sign and overall vibe feel like it has
been there for decades. The recycled plastic bottle chandeliers glow over
small and large communal tables I ate at the bar as the wait can easily be over
an hour but trust me it’s worth it. My favorite thing was sloppy bao which as
it sounds were sloppy but delicious steamed buns filled with peanuts and
ground pork I’m here at Mesa Coyoacan and I just
had the soup I always have the Aztec soup it is so good it is a chicken
tortilla soup but the chicken is super tender it is not a thin broth it is a
nice thick red broth it is so good and the chicken is super tender slices about
avocado on top and then you get these surprised chunks of queso cheese it is
so good and gooey and amazing and I could have this soup for days! I also
have to tell you a funny story about this spot I actually was super randomly
interviewed for the Food Channel and I mentioned that this is one of my
favorite Mexican spots Mesa Coyoacan behind me here in Williamsburg,
Brooklyn and that actually aired on the Food
Channel somewhere I didn’t know when it was gonna air they couldn’t tell me but
they you know had me sign off away my life and then basically they had a
little clip of me on the show. I did have someone who follows me on Instagram send it to me which was amazing just a quick like photo that they were able to take
what was on the news basically I think it was like a commercial break moment
and it was so cool I honestly don’t have that footage so if you are ever looking
and watching the Food Channel and you see my face and I’m talking about Mesa Coyoacan this spot, please record it please send it to me
because I would love to have that footage, sadly I don’t have it but cool
moment maybe you know it’ll eventually lead to one day I’ll have my own show on
Food Channel or Travel Channel or whatever I would love that so if you
work there you let me know you you send me an email, I will I will answer it very quickly 🙂 almost as fast as I answer in my
comments I try to comment back and like respond to you guys yeah so like anyone
looking for a show host cuz hey! Okay but seriously let’s go to the next one
I’m super full as this is my last my fourth meal of the week… wow I can’t talk
this is my fourth meal of the DAY and is barely 12 noon so I think I’m gonna go
home take a break cool drink a lot of water prepare myself for a couple more
meals for dinner too because the first location where I’m
gonna be shooting tonight opens at 5:30 p.m. so I’ve got a little bit of time
but I am so full oh my god oh I couldn’t help it the soup is so good I love this
soup okay nap time (I didn’t nap oops) I’ll see you at the next spot! Since I’ve already mentioned my favorite
and the best pizza place: Best Pizza yes it’s called Best Pizza in my last
food video (and another video too) I’m gonna be sharing two non- traditional non-New York style pizzas
next! Emmy Squared: dig into the juicy burger, fried chicken sandwich, or Detroit
style pizza at Emmy squared the pizza easily steals the show with its thick
squares that are oh so satisfying the crusts are crispy and crunchy with warm
gooey cheese and toppings like roni cup pepperoni. This spot can be popular
especially on the weekend so get here early! Montesacro: a famous San Francisco wine bar just opened a new restaurant only a few weeks ago that specializes in pizza Roman pizza the name plays homage to the
working-class neighborhood in Rome the pizza is a modern take on the ancient
flatbread that peasants would make outside of Rome’s Imperial walls it is
supposed to be a healthier low-fat and low calorie pizza as the dough is made
with Roman imported rice soy and wheat flour there’s also a bright garden room
with a retractable glass ceiling. Apollonia: this East Williamsburg
Mediterranean spot is a bright cafe by day and romantic date spot by night the
mostly white decor and long communal marble table lead your eyes to the
bright front area perfect for an intimate dinner party there’s even a
separate gallery space dedicated to local artists this intimate and modern Chinese
restaurant just opened its second location in Manhattan just over the
Williamsburg Bridge: Kings County Imperial serves up flavorful dim sum and
tiki inspired cocktails. There’s an outdoor area for warmer months and
circular red booths for large parties the restaurant is known for its home
brewed soy sauce which is sun fermented for six to eight months to maximize its
flavor my favorite dishes where the soup dumplings and the cold sesame noodles. I already mentioned a few of my favorite
ice cream spots in Williamsburg during my ice cream video like -321 and Republic of Booza, but where do you go for pastries?! For
dessert come to Fortunato Bros it is full of Italians you can tell that the
people working there know what they’re doing they are filling those cannolis by
hand to order if you see cannolis that are already prefilled – that is a tourist
trap that is not authentic so come to a spot like this here in Brooklyn. oh my
gosh I got this Sfogliatelle covered in powdered sugar I’m just gonna I’m gonna
take a moment to appreciate this… that b-roll order the classics Sfogiatelle
meaning thin layers that is filled with ricotta or the italian-american lobster
tail filled with a sweeter french cream and then i wait for it to focus and
there we are and now let’s see if i cannot make a mess of this whole
thing let’s do it hmm it is so flaky and so soft on the inside
so good thank you so much for watching check out the blog post link down below
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I’ll see you next time bye!