Today we let our mouths
be our GPS. Let’s talk about that. ( theme music playing ) Good Mythical morning. Mythical Beasts,
if you like vending machines, and also eating
the things that are vended
from said machines, then you’re in luck
’cause today we’re gonna
be eating an entire meal – made only from
vending machine food.
– Yay? Plus, we’re going to be
kidnapped and dropped
at random locations on Earth and try to figure out
where we are. Virtually, that is. But, first, your food
is lying to you. It’s time for… All right, here’s what
we’re gonna do, Rhett. We’re going to taste
a well-known dish that either claims
to be from or would seem to be from
a certain place but actually is not. Then we will guess
where it was actually
invented by throwing a dart–
yes– – Don’t do it yet.
– …at that place on the map. And then Chase will do
what he always does. He’ll measure
who was closest
to the actual place. And, Chase, I gotta say,
your already-small shirt
seems to have gotten smaller. ( laughs ) Yeah, you know,
it’s a small world. Oh! ( laughs )
Chase. Chase was sittin’
on that one. He’s incubatin’ that egg
for quite a while. Okay, again,
the lowest cumulative
distance wins, like always. And the winner gets
an all-expense-paid trip to another part
of the room! Ooh, look at that. – Wow.
– Rhett: That’s enticing. Link:
One seat in solidarity
over there. – Get a little alone time.
– Oh, yeah. Also, since I am
notoriously bad at this game
and have never once won– is that true?
I’ve never–? No, no, no,
I think you’ve– – Yeah, that’s right,
I’ve never won.
– Stevie: I think you won once. – You won once.
– Long ago, in ancient times. – That’s what I thought.
– But you’ve lost a lot. Well, today, I brought
a secret weapon. Oh, Caesar salad. You know, we don’t
have to eat… – But, you know.
– …but we should. You know, it’s a great
breakfast food. Now, Caesar salad,
you would think it was
from Rome, right? But that would be wrong. That’s because these
are misleading foods, so that’s why
they put Italy up there. Link: So you’re not
going for Italy. Now, I know that,
traditionally, they put anchovies
in the dressing. A lot of people
don’t know that. They put anchovies
in the dressing. ( chuckles )
Fun fact. Who are you looking at?
You’re looking for some
sort of support. I’m just looking at–
I’m looking at the people
who care about fun facts. Um, and that–
I don’t know. It– golly. This feels like it could have,
like, a Latin America influence
with the anchovies. Like, a Latin American country
that has access to the ocean. Right. Brazil. Going for Brazil, huh? Ooh, leanin’ in,
going a little high. – Okay.
– Right into the ocean. All right, now,
for me… hmm. Rhett, I want to introduce
you to a friend of mine before I throw my dart. Russ, come on in here.
I want you to meet
my friend Russ. – Right over here. Hey, Russ,
good to see you again.
– Good to see ya. Me and Russ been hangin’ out.
He’s just a friend of mine. Why does he have a shirt
that says “Championship
Darts Corporation” on it? Well, because–
he’s just a friend, but he does happen
to also be a professional
dart thrower. Oh, come on, Link. This is what
you’ve resorted to? I was just curious
if I could let my friend who might just happen
to know how to throw
darts really well… Okay, you deserve it.
You deserve… He might’ve even
brought his own darts, – better than our darts.
– Oh, really? He brought
his own freakin’ darts? – To throw the dart.
– Okay, I’m excited
to see this. Do your worst, Russ. All right,
Russ Lyzak, my best friend,
good old buddy, old pal, where do you think
we should throw? – Wherever you want.
– I’m thinking France. I think it’s just
a slight deviation from what the normal
expectation would be. Now, that’s small, man. – It’s small.
– ( Rhett laughs ) Ready? All right, go for France. Oop, you were
a little low. A little low,
but closer than him. ( laughs ) And a lot closer
than I would’ve been. I’m not being picky. – All right, so let’s see.
– What do we got? Stevie:
Okay, Caesar salad was invented
by restaurateur Caesar Cardini. According to legend,
he invented it on the 4th
of July in 1924 when he ran out
of most ingredients and had to make something
with whatever he could find… …in Mexico. ( laughs )
Whoo! Off to a great start. Are you
freakin’ kidding me? Rhett, you had 21. Link and Russ,
you had 35. – ( laughs )
– Oh, Russ! 21’s less than 35. – Hawaiian pizza.
– Pizza. Okay, Hawaiian pizza. – ( chuckles ) Yeah.
– Not just pizza.
I see that now. Okay. This is
a controversial pizza. That you would think
was from Hawaii. – But that’s not even a choice.
– Not even an option. We’d have to throw it
right at Chase’s nipple
to hit Hawaii. No. Rhett:
Do you have a Hawaii tattoo
on your nipple, Chase? – I don’t.
– I can do that. No, no, ‘kay. Um… I’m going first. You mean Russ
is going first. Old buddy,
old pal, Russ? – Hey, man,
good to see you again.
– Good to see you, too. – Thanks for coming back.
– No worries. – I’m really glad
you’re here.
– Yeah. You know
what I’m thinkin’? I’m thinking the closest thing
to Hawaii is Australia. But I think you need
to go the Western edge
of Australia, if I’m being specific. So if I’m wrong, at least
I’m closer to all the other
stuff on the board. ‘Cause that’s a risky place. All right, so you want
Australia, on the left side. – Yeah.
– Western Australia. Link:
That’s good.
That’s what I wanted. Okay, great. – Perfect, Russ.
– ( laughter ) Me and Russ
go way back. Man, I think you’re on
to something with Australia. They got some upside-down
decisions down there. You think I’m right, huh? I mean, I feel like
a good guess would be Australia
or Canada, actually. Australia just has the–
it feels right. It feels right to me. Now it’s just–
are you better…? But I’m gonna do it
with confidence. I’m gonna hit
Western Australia and it’s actually gonna
be Western Australia. That’s fine, try it. – Oop.
– I’m gonna hit
Southern Australia. Dang, Russ.
I hope I’m wrong. Stevie:
Hawaiian pizza
was invented in 1962 at the Satellite Restaurant
by Sam Panopoulos… …in Canada. – Oh!
– Oh, yes! We got it, Russ! We didn’t look good
doin’ it. “We got it, Russ!”
( laughs ) “We’re really wrong,
but less wrong than Rhett!” All right, Link and Russ,
you had 70. Rhett, you had 84. – Ooh.
– So that ties us
right now at 105? – Ooh, the suspense.
– Whoa. ( laughs ) – Mm.
– This looks good. I’m not supposed
to have this. You guys need to take a class
on what not to give Link. – Okay.
– Chicken Kiev. – Now, Kiev is a place…
– Both: In Russia. All right, Rhett,
you’re gonna go first. What do you think,
at this point? Russia’s a big spot.
Maybe they’re trickin’ us. – Exactly.
– Oh, yeah? Exactly! I feel like
there’s one of these that’s gonna be from
the place that it is – as a curveball.
– Mm-hmm. – But…
– Curve dart. So I think this is
from Russia. Because who else
is gonna be like, “Let’s get in on this
chicken Kiev thing”? Right?
But I could be wrong. What are you
talking about, Rhett?
You could never be wrong. I’m going to do
the left side of Russia. – They call that the west.
– West Russia. Because it could
also be a European country that this kind of slipped into,
you know what I’m saying? And this is
a protective throw. It’s a protective throw. – Strategic throw for the
Rhettster, going for…
– West Russia. …left Russia. – Rhett: Okay.
– Okay, there it is. Okay, I’m gonna
grab this dart,
even though– ‘course, I’m not gonna throw it
’cause I’m bringing in
my good friend Russ… – Yes.
– …Lyzak comin’ in. – Okay.
– All right. Russ, since you guys
are such good friends, what kind of stuff
do you guys do together? We hang out all the time,
almost every weekend. ( laughs )
Every weekend, huh? He throws darts,
I read poetry. All right, he went
for left Russia. Let’s go bold or go home,
you know what I’m saying? – I gotcha.
– Back to your home.
You got a great pad. There you go. Um, I’m thinking
this looks like
French cuisine to me. I think there’s
some Frenchness
in this. – Oh.
– So you want to go France? I want to go France. Okay, here we go. – Whoo!
– Rhett: He frickin’
hit France! – Yeah, there we go.
– What? No, he hit Italy. He hit Italy?
Okay, but very close, Russ. You did not let me down.
But did I let us down? Stevie:
Okay, Chicken Kiev is big
in Russia and the Ukraine, and, by the way, Kiev
is the capital of Ukraine. – Whoops.
– But that’s only because
during the early 1900s Russian Empress Elizabeth
sent chefs over to a certain country
to study their cuisine, where they learned
how to make this dish. And that country is… – France.
– Yeah, Russ! – Okay.
– I did my part,
you did yours. We take the lead.
( vocalizes ) ( laughs ) I’m sorry, Ukraine.
Kiev is yours. Yeah, we just made
a lot of people mad. All right, Link and Russ,
you had two. – Rhett: Oh, that’s pretty good.
– And, Rhett, you had 14. – Ew, fallin’ behind.
– Boom. Oh, you know what they say.
“As American as apple pie.” But we’ve been wrong
all along, Neil. Yep, MacLaughlin. Mm, that’s a good pie.
It’s nice and warm.
Thank you for that. Yeah, thank you
for getting it warm. Doesn’t always happen
on this show. Mm-hmm.
( smacks lips ) Get the crust.
That’s the best part
right here. I think the crust
is the best part, too. Not that crust,
but the crust where
the apples are if the apples
weren’t there. I’d love an apple pie
if it didn’t have apples in it. Oh, gosh.
Here we go again. I like an applesauce pie. Um, y’all
go first, right? We go first.
Russ? – Yeah.
– There he is. I’ll just sit over here
and eat the pie. Um, man, Russ, I mean,
it’s just apples in a pie. That could be
anywhere on the globe. Ha!
That’s what you think. Link:
Where do apples grow? Apples grow in,
like, cold weather. Mm, there you go. Link: You know what?
I think this is
the big ol’ Russia. The big ol’ Russia. – The Big Apple.
– Lots of– yeah. A lot of apples in Russia. Uh, so, all right,
I think you need to go
for left Russia. Oh, you’re gonna do
the old left Russia trick. – Now, don’t go
for Great Britain.
– In between the two? – Link: I want–
– Rhett: Oh, he’s
gonna point now. I want you to hit
right there. – Okay.
– Rhett: Oh, okay. You need me to keep
my finger here? Because I can
ask Chase to do that. ( Russ laughs ) All right.
Southern, western Russia. – Southwestern Russia.
– Yep, it’s a great place. Link:
Boom, he nailed it! – Rhett: Wow, okay.
– Link: Yes, Russ! All right, let’s see
what he can do. – ( sighs )
– Yeah. – Don’t taunt me, Russ.
– ( laughter ) He just did.
“Let’s see what he can do.” – What are you thinking?
– I can see this
being Italy. You know what?
I can see this being
Great Britain, too. Because we get
a lot of things
from Great Britain, probably a lot of things
we now claim as our own. In fact, they probably
were like, “Let’s start calling
apple pie American just
to rub it in their faces,” you know, back in
the Revolutionary times? That’s a sound argument. You can’t say that
about your own arguments. There– there’s no way
I could actually
hit Great Britain, but if I sort of
just aim at France, I’m either gonna hit
Italy or Great Britain,
which are my two guesses. So I’m aiming at France. Link:
Ooh. Little shy
of Great Britain, a little to
the east, but… Stevie:
Okay, apple pie was
invented around 1675 and first mentioned
in a historical document written by poet
Robert Greene who said, “Thy breath is like the steam
of apple pies” in… Great Britain. Yeah!
( laughs, whoops ) But they’re better
in Russia. Much better there. All right, Rhett,
you had five. Link and Russ,
you had 25. Oh-ho-ho.
( laughs ) – It comes down to this.
– Both: Ice cream. You scream. When I hit Chase
with a dart, he scream. Chase, have you been
much more at ease with me
not throwing any darts? Yeah, I really like
having Russ here. ( laughs ) Very nice for me. You should hang out with him
on the weekends. Italy seems like
a really strong guess
because of the gelato-ness. Gelato seems like it
could’ve been, like,
a precursor to ice cream. That would make
a lot of sense to me. Neither here nor there. It’s not gonna be
an Asian country because dairy is, uh,
only recently– in fact, in China,
for instance, the milk
industry is booming. – ‘Cause it’s a new thing?
– Booming. Because they’re
discovering it, and new ways
of appreciating dairy. I’m glad you told me that
’cause that was gonna
be my answer. – Really?
– Yeah. This is the kind of thing
that could’ve squirreled its way down to Australia
or South Africa as well. And I feel like because
I’m in the lead, I need to,
like, triangulate something. I’m just gonna throw it
in the Indian ocean. ( laughs ) It’s not the first time
I’ve said that. Okay. ( sighs, grunts ) – ( Rhett yells )
– You’re a little north. Yeah, this is just a–
it’s a protective guess. – Just super protective.
– Man, this is tough. – Russ, come on in here.
I need some emotional support.
– You got it. Man, this is–
here we are again, Russ. – Yep.
– At our wits’ end. I have no clue
where ice cream
was actually invented. ( Rhett laughs )
Yeah, that’s a problem. So we’re gonna play
the field here. – Okay.
– Just aim for Italy, right in the middle
of the board. Aim for Italy. – Rhett: Ho!
– Link: Oh, crap! – Dang, Russ!
– Dang, Russ! All we can do is hope
that was the right answer. My boy aimed for Italy. I think you’re right.
Italy makes the most
sense, but… – ( groans )
– Stevie: Okay, guys. An ice cream-like food
was first eaten around 618 AD when King Tang of Shang
had 94 ice men make a dish of buffalo milk,
flour, and camphor in the country of China. – ( laughter )
– China?! I freakin’
was gonna say China! ( laughs ) You’re a mindbender! Hey, Russ,
come in here. All right, you guys
enjoy yourselves. I’m gonna go sit
in my space. There you go. Make it official, Chase.
What is the freakin’ score? Rhett had 16
and Link and Russ
had 28. Well, it’s all good. ( groans ) Link :
Russ, you know what? We don’t need
a vacation over there. – We have each other over here.
– That’s true. Friendship’s
more important
than vacation. Now keep watching to see us
make an entire dish from just items
from a vending machine. This Dink It and Sink It shirt
will look great while you’re trying out
foods from around the world. Available