Hi everyone, I’m Noreen and welcome back to my kitchen today, we’re gonna be making this delicious Mason jar French cream cheese dessert now. This is a little bit different because we’re gonna be making this in a whipped-cream cannister and It’s gonna be really easy to throw together and even easier to enjoy, so let’s go see how this all comes together We’re gonna be making this in a whipped-cream cannister And this was sent to me by a company called an Animato, and I’m gonna show you how this works, and if you’re interested I’m gonna leave a link down below to where you can get your own with Christmas and Thanksgiving coming up This is a wonderful thing to have on hand you can do more in this thing than just whipped cream so keep that You this would make an excellent gift for the footie in your life. Everybody has that person I’m that person in my family So this is just one of those awesome kitchen tools that you can have on hand And I would like to thank the good folks at Animato for sponsoring today’s video And we’re gonna demonstrate to you how their little device works so what I have here is an 8 ounce brick of cream cheese That I have let come to room temperature you can see how soft that’s so that’s 8 ounces of cream cheese, and I’m just gonna go ahead and And do that okay I have a half a teaspoon of salt That’s entirely up to you. I have a tablespoon of lemon juice a half a cup of sour cream heavy cream and That’s very cold. I just took the heavy cream and the sour cream out of the refrigerator I have a third of a cup of confectioner’s sugar and if I didn’t say it I have 2/3 of a cup of heavy cream and two egg yolks and we’re going to just Whisk all of this together Okay, you’re gonna. See how this is liquefied and pretty smooth, and that’s how we want it So now we’re gonna go ahead and put it in the canister And then I’ll show you how that works This is a little too thick to go through a funnel so I think we’re just going to kind of do what we can The best that we can not everything felt went in there So there’s just a little bit left so that can be either Cooke Street Or what have you there is a? Maximum fill line that is printed on the outside of the canister you want to pay Close attention to this there’s a little rubber ceiling here And you want to make sure that that’s in there and seated properly You can’t remove that for cleaning so just screw this on now you’re gonna. Take your charger carrier And a charger this one. Take the large ones. This is a larger one the small yellow cream whipper that I have Takes the smaller ones so when you buy a creme whipper you’re going to want to make sure what size charger it takes You’re going to just slide the charger right in there, and then you’re going to pop it on make sure you don’t get it cross threading and Then you’re gonna when it gives you a little resistance. You’ll know that the cannister. Well the charger has met The the nozzle here, and you’re gonna screw it in and it’s gonna hiss Okay, I hope you heard that so then what you want to do is you want to give this six to ten good shakes? Okay, and then we’re gonna remove this And it will hiss again, so don’t be alarmed and Then you’ll remove this and throw it in the garbage This is a one use deal only so just toss this and then move this off to the side And then you’re going to want to screw on or just pop on your little cap now This is gonna have to go in the refrigerator for about an hour And so we’ll do that and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna come back I’m gonna give you guys a little overview of the cannister and all the things that come with it and give you a little information About where you can find it, and then we’ll come back after that and we’ll show you this delicious whipped No-bake cream cheese dessert those of you. Who are interested? I just wanted to give you an overview really quick of what comes with this cream whipped cream dispenser. It’s really Very cool. You’ve seen me use whipped cream dispensers for years, and I highly recommend them It’s it’s a money saver a time saver, and you know exactly what goes in there plus You could do an awful lot with this besides just make whipped cream so what this comes with Is the stainless steel cannister this also is available in black it comes with this cap? Which is where you insert your co2 cannister, or your n2o cannister? This is where you would insert your either your nitrous or your carbon dioxide Cannister, and then this is the sleeve that will help you do that and it comes with three tips depending on how you want the cream or the contents to come out of the Canister and it comes with two cleaning tools It comes with a sponge for cleaning the bottle and then it comes with this brush for cleaning The tips up here and the the lid there’s very small Portions where you’re gonna want to get in there and clean it with some just good hot water I recommend simply washing this by hand in hot soapy water and allowing everything to air dry That’s what is included if you’re interested. I’ll leave links down below to where you can get one I would like to thank Anne Amato for sending this to me to play with I’m gonna be doing other videos in the future on what else you can make on this because really It is gonna blow your mind, which you can do with this thing It’s very simple to use and I think it’s it’s gonna surprise you so Let’s go see what our whipped French cheese cake looks like all right our Whipped cheesecake mixture has sat in the refrigerator in the canister for a little over an hour And what we’re gonna do now is we’re just gonna Screw on the decorative tip that we’re going to dispense this with now Before I go any further I wanted to remind you also because I forgot Animado has a website where they have recipes and all of that good stuff. You can go check them out I will leave a link down below where you can do that and Yeah, let’s dispense this you want to hold this upside down That’s beautiful All right, I went ahead and I I cleaned out my creme whipper and I added some cream to it So we’re gonna top this off with some whipped cream So we’re just gonna top each of these off with a little fanned out strawberry, and you have a lovely dessert That’s all ready to serve your guests This is really great if you’re gonna have a dinner party, or if company over or really you could Honestly, you could just throw this together. You can put whipped cream and caramel sauce in this canister Shake it up really good charge it and then have caramel whipped cream for alongside of apple pie or an apple crisp you can put a heavy cream and chocolate syrup in here and have chocolate whipped cream I’ll have to share how to do flavored whipped cream in here because they’re Fantastic that is the Animato whipped cream canister, and you guys can find that on Amazon. I’m gonna leave a link below This comes with a recipe booklet and then also access to an e-book as well again this can use the nitrogen or the Co2 cartridges depending on what application you’re going to be using for your recipe You can make whipped cream plain with no sugar, which is really great for low carb diets And you can honestly your imagination is your only limit here You can make a cake batter in here And then you can also do Italian infused oils you can do a homemade limoncello With lemon juice and vodka a couple of those recipes are available on their website And you can go and check that out as well This is the same style of professional cream whipping canister that is used in restaurants and by professional chefs And I have to say this is actually built to last because it’s stainless steel It’s easy to wash it comes clean really nicely, and I think you’re just gonna love it. I love it I think it’s great. They also have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, and if you don’t like it after you’ve used it you can get your money back so If you want more information on where you can get this awesome cream whipper with the holidays coming I think this is a really great thing to have in your kitchen not to mention It’s a really great gift idea for the foodie and your family I’ll leave information down below where you can access the I I personally want to give this a taste I don’t know about you, but I want to give this take a taste how about you, honey? Yeah, let’s give this a taste. I’m just gonna spoon in here Here you go What do you think Mmm. Oh Man, that is so good Putting it through the whipper has just aerated it. It’s it’s light its fluffy and It gives it a whole different texture very different from how it was before we put it in there was dense and thick now it’s just really light and fluffy and Exactly. That’s exactly what it tastes like a cheesecake. Mousse. It’s delicious. Oh, man. You’re gonna love this Mmm, so I hope you give this a try I hope you get one of these if you think it’s something that will fit in your lifestyle Because I love mine I’ve been using a cream whipper for years, and I absolutely love it I got one for Christmas several years ago But it’s half the size of this one so now I can do all sorts of different recipes Using this larger size, and I’m really excited about that I want to thank the good folks at Anne Amato for sending this to me and allowing me to play with it and share it with you you will be seeing this in upcoming videos as well where I’m gonna be sharing how to make flavored whipped creams and I They have a you can make pancakes in this thing. There’s a lot of things you can do. It’s a lot of fun So I hope you give a try. 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Telling you that I have done so so that you won’t miss out also, I want mention that I do actually have three self-published cookbooks available they can be purchased on lulu.com if You’re interested there will be links down below I hope that you give this French style whipped cream cheesecake a try And I hope that you love it and until next time I’ll see