– Okay guys, you know what? We don’t need Cynthia in our house. This is not good. I don’t know if that’s
what the clues meant but we’re getting rid of her. I’m gonna get rid of her. I’m gonna get her far, far away, guys. – Guys, I found this doll
out on the front porch. I think it got left out all night. – Alright guys, it is time to
get rid of Cynthia for good. We have decided that we
are going back to Lagoon, the amusement park where
Taylor won her to begin with and we are going to return
her back to the person that gave her to us because
we don’t want her anymore. (creepy music) – We’re back at Lagoon guys and it’s time to give Cynthia back. This is the game I played
and those are the toys that I won so let’s set you right there. Now I’m done with her. (child laughing) – Alright guys, so we got rid of Cynthia. We brought her back to Lagoon. – She’s finally home now. – Now we’re just gonna
enjoy ourselves at Lagoon and we’re going through
the spooky booth so that we can get scared and get some candy. – I don’t wanna get scared! (girl laughing) – Guys, it’s so spooky here. I’m worried that Uncle Derek
is gonna be too scared. (creepy singing) Guys, it’s so crowded. That’s the scary part about
this place is that when it closes, we’re gonna be stuck
in the parking lot forever. – I got a ring. – [Jamie] Is that your new wife? – Date night. – Steve just said that it’s
his old wife, yuck, yuck, yuck. – Yuck, yuck, yuck. – We just survived our first haunted house and we got tons of candy. (creepy singing) The girls wanted to take a
break from haunted houses and ride a ride so there they
are, going around in circles, over and over again. – I’m so excited. – We are watching a pretty intense show. It’s pretty crazy. – Alright guys, we came to Lagoon. We dropped off Cynthia. We rode some rides, we went
to some haunted houses, we watched a show, we
ate some dinner but these kids are freezing cold
and it is time to go home. – I need to get warmed up. (child laughing) (witch cackling) (screaming) (creepy singing) – We’re all loaded in the
car, ready to head home. Alright guys, we are home,
all of the kids are in bed. I can barely move because
I am so exhausted. We are gonna call it a night and we will see you guys in the morning. (child laughing) (creepy singing) Hi guys, it’s morning. We kinda had a restless sleep. We woke up this morning and things just kinda didn’t feel right. It felt a little weird
so we decided that we are going to get out of the
house and go for a drive. We are going to head
to look at some pretty fall leaves up in the mountains. Guys, are you ready to go? – [Kids] Yeah! (creepy music) – Are you guys enjoying the car ride? (child laughing) (children chattering) – Hey guys, so we got to
see some really pretty, beautiful leaves up in the mountains. We drove around for a bit,
it was a little too cold to get out up there so we
decided to stop at this really cool looking church. We’re gonna walk around it, it’s super old and let the kids stretch their
legs before we head on home. Did you like looking at all
the beautiful fall leaves? I did. – Look at how old this church is. – Look at guys, all of the
windows, they’re just so old, it’s so beautiful! (child laughing) There are some really
pretty stairs leading up to some doorways at the front
of this church so we’re gonna take a really quick family picture before we freeze to death. Alright everybody, are
you ready for a picture? Okay you guys take such good pictures, come on, down! (child laughing) Alright guys so we got our picture. The kids stretched their legs a little bit but we are heading to the
car, I can’t stand being out here for longer than like two seconds. It is freezing. I really don’t like the cold weather. – It’s not freezing, I feel awesome! – Alright we’re home, it’s
time to eat some dinner and get some baths and go to bed. – Mom, Cynthia’s back! – She followed us back from Lagoon! – How is she able to keep doing this? – I don’t know what’s going on but we keep trying to get rid of Cynthia
and she keeps coming back. It looks like she may be
stuck with our family forever. I don’t know what to do. – Mom, what if the doll maker
somehow controlling her? – [Jamie] Like there’s
like a camera somewhere? – [Steve] A camera? – I think you’re right, guys. I mean, there’s gotta be
a camera or something, I mean just look at this. On the doll maker’s Instagram account, there’s a picture of me. – [Jamie] Oh my goodness, Steven. Right here. Guys, that’s a picture of Cynthia and Steven. – His post says, good Cynthia, make them feel like you are one of them and part of their family. They won’t suspect a thing. Pretty sure I suspect a thing. – Alright guys, so we are
taking a different strategy. We have decided that instead
of trying to get rid of the doll and putting the
doll different places, we are going to keep the
doll around us at all times so that maybe we can try to get an idea of who the doll maker is. We know that the doll
is recording or at least taking pictures of what
we’re doing so we’re going to be very careful what we say and do around the doll. – I have a really bad
feeling about this doll. – Alright so we are
going to spend all night doing research on the doll maker. Stephen, Steve, go get a computer. I’m going to go put the girls to bed. They’re a little nervous. Good night girls, K? We’re gonna try and figure out
who the doll maker is, okay? – Okay. – [Jamie] Just try and
get some rest, alright? – Good luck, see you in the morning, mom. – Alright the girls are in bed. We’re gonna see if we can figure anything out about this doll. I’m gonna leave her in the
kitchen, she creeps me out. – So from his Instagram
account, we know that there’s only four dolls that he’s created. There’s a doll for four channels. Us, Smellbelly, That Youtube Family – And the Scorries. Why do you think he chose
those four channels? Do we have something in common? – And we are obviously not the only ones being watched, guys. These pictures are taken
of these other channels from the doll’s point of view. So one thing that I have
noticed when I have talked to some of these other
channels and have watched some of their videos
is that their dolls are tending to gravitate
towards one family member and we have kind of
noticed that with Taylor, I’m a little nervous. – I’m mainly thinking
that might be the case because Taylor won the
doll at the carnival. – When we played the carnival game, I did better than her
and I only got this small Hulk stuffed animal and she got a doll. – That’s true, I’ve
never seen anything like one of those dolls at a carnival. – Yeah, like name one time. – The main giveaway that something is up was that letter from the doll maker. It kind of explained
everything that we needed to take care of Cynthia
and that she was going to become a member of our
family and I am worried that she is going to
gravitate towards Taylor. – What does it mean to become
a member of our family? Well on this website, I found this thing, it’s like a legend or a
tale of the doll maker and I think it’s supposed
to be like a old story but it says in this story, specifically, that the dolls that the doll maker makes, try to take over somebody in your family. – Wait, where’s Cynthia right now? (creepy singing) (upbeat music)