You’ve… really never kissed before? (Episode 1. Want To Kiss You) This is driving me crazy. Sseol, I think I have
a crush on someone. What? You crazy… Sorry. (Q. When does the boy find out
about the girl’s crush on him?) What are you talking about?
What happened? Well… I kissed… No, let me start
from the beginning. This all started since July. When I first saw him… Yun Ah Kim? I was a bit surprised… Who are you? …because a good-looking guy
approached me first. Yun Ah. He’s good-looking? Is it a guy I know? Who is it? Tell me! Never mind. He’s a weirdo. (1. The first time
she sees him.) You’re a weirdo too. Hey. Do you know how many
weirdos there are at our school? Guys. Mataengyi. What’s up, Mataengyi? Guys. I heard there’s a
transfer student in your class. How should I put this? He’s Gyum’s… old friend since they were kids. By the way, I heard
he was really famous at his previous school. He was very popular. Is it true? I saw him on Eating Fairy’s
social media. “Eating Fairy”? -She posts eating shows.
-How cute. Anyway, he’s unique in a way. He seems close with
famous people too. Look at all these followers. It seems like he’s in
a totally different league. This is insane. What is? He’s going out with Eun Ji Park. I thought it would be difficult
to become friends with him. But seniors shouldn’t change
schools in July like this. Is he some weirdo? I’m not a weirdo. But he… is not your ordinary weirdo. Hey. How could you let them
badmouth your friend like this? You really are a weirdo. Do I seem like a weirdo? He’s a weirdo who’s good at making people’s heart flutter. (2. When she keeps meeting him.) Your heart fluttered? I thought you only
think about studying. I know. It’s really driving me crazy. I think of him all day and when he’s not around,
I find myself looking for him. Is it always like this
when you have a crush? Are you looking for someone? You’re so cute, Yun Ah. No. But why does he keep
popping out of nowhere? That’s what I’m saying. Do you remember
that day last week? When we all went
to that study cafe? Seriously, what is
wrong with you? Of course I do.
How can I not remember? Seol Ah! Let’s talk about me later. What about that day? That day, I kept thinking of him, (Eun Gu Kang) and I couldn’t focus
on studying at all. He suddenly popped out
of nowhere like before… How is it going? …and made
my heart flutter again. (3. When he suddenly
pops out of nowhere.) Why are you sitting here? There are a lot of empty seats. Because I want to sit here. Hold on. Based on what
you’re telling me, it seems like he likes you too. No, he doesn’t. Are you studying for med school? Yes. No way. Why med school? Just because… Isn’t that the best school? Not because you
want to be a doctor? I’m sure he thinks that I’m really dull. Anyway, I don’t want to act like that either… Hey. We shouldn’t talk here, so leave if you’re not
going to study. …but I keep acting cold
whenever he’s around. (Eun Ji Park) Besides, what if I’m wrong
about how he feels about me? I might get hurt later. He’s messing with your feelings. Hey, don’t bother with guys
who confused you. Forget him. I want to. But it’s harder than I thought. Hey. Who on earth is this guy? You received an A
on three subjects? You know him too. You only study math and science? Yes. The more I get to know him, Other subjects are boring. the more he seems
strange and unique. He’s a bit weird too. That’s mine. Sorry. Drink mine. Thanks. Then can I keep drinking this? Did I just see an indirect kiss? You two kissed indirectly! Indirect kissing? Anyway, when I look at him… (4. When they kiss indirectly.) I want to kiss him. My goodness.
Don’t tell me it’s Eun Gu… What are you two doing? Nothing. What’s more shocking is… -Aren’t you hungry?
-Let’s go to the cafeteria. …I think he found out
I have a crush on him. What? How did he find out? During summer vacation, I came to school alone
on the weekend to study. The more I tried not
to think of him, the more he kept
coming inside my head. This summer was a very
important period for me. But all I did was
pretended to study… and spent the entire time
thinking about Eun Gu. I couldn’t stop
thinking of him… and I think I totally lost
my mind for a moment. Why… do you keep staring at me? Since you’re pretty. I’m staring at your pretty face. You’re so silly! Do you want to kiss? I’ve never kissed anyone before. You’ve really never
kissed before? Oh my gosh, what am I thinking? Get a grip, Yun Ah. (5. When she’s caught imagining
romantic scenes in her head.) (Want More 19) (Eun Gu Kang) How is it going? (Q. When does the guy find out
about the girl’s crush?) (5. When she’s caught imagining
romantic scenes in her head.) (Real answer: 3. When he
suddenly pops out of nowhere.)