The most venomous spider on Earth has been stolen from this exhibit. A mind blowing 7,000, yes, 7,000 living insects and spiders have been reported missing from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion. Surveilance video captured the suspects loading plastic containers into a car in broad daylight. A few minutes later they drive away taking over $40,000 worth of the critters. Including this one. A deadly sand spider that buries itself under sand ready to ambush its next victim. If it was to bite someone, yes, it could rot 25% of their body. John Cambridge, CEO of the Insectarium told Inside Edition producer Alison Hall that most of the population is gone. So some of these enclosures here are completely empty because people stole insects? We found tanks that were just empty and it was really scary because some of these are very dangerous creatures. Here’s one the thieves missed. What a monster. One bizarre clue. The thieves left behind blue staff uniforms impaled on the wall with steak knives. Now police are searching for the suspects and all those creatures. Especially that lethal sand spider.