– [Mom] Who’s most likely
to pick their nose in class and wipe their boogers under the desk? Who’s most likely to skip class? (upbeat music) – Hey guys. It’s Tyler. – And Kayla. – From We Are The Davises. – And today we are going to
be doing who is more likely to school edition. If you haven’t seen this on YouTube yet then basically how it’s gonna work is that we are going to
be answering questions on who we think will be more likely to do different things. So, yeah and then we have Tyler’s name and my name on this little
Popsicle stick. (laughing) – [Mom] When at school, who’s most likely to end up asking for a pencil? – Tyler. I think it’s him because
he’s always the one that’s asking me for a pencil before we even get out of the car. (laughing) – I ask for pens. – Same thing. You put up your name so you’re
not disagreeing. (laughing) I always have pencils. Actually not always. Most of the time I have pencils but Tyler’s definitely more likely to. – I spent like half the
year without a pencil in my first class. (chuckling) – [Mom] So, who’s most likely
to forget their homework? – Me. (laughing) I always leave my homework. Sometimes I purposely leave
it because I didn’t do it. But most of the time I do
it and then I leave it. – I usually do my homework in
the period right before it. – Are you serious?
– Yes. – That would stress me out too much. – But all the homework was super easy. ‘Cause most of it was just math. – All my teachers, like
everyone else can do that and they won’t get caught
but the second I try and do it, I’ll get caught. So I can’t ever do that. Plus it’ll just stress me out. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to pick their nose in class and wipe their boogers under the desk? (light piano music) (laughing)
– What! No! I’m so disgusted by gum under my seat. – Okay at least I don’t
pick my boogers, eat it, and then put it under the desk. – I don’t do that!
(laughing) I can see Tyler doing that but I get disgusted when I touch gum. Why would I pick my boogers
and put it under the seat for someone else to touch that’s just rude.
– You think I like gum? You think I like gum? – You’ve never complained about it. – Oh, yes I have!
– I’m the one that complains about it. I’m just saying.
– I’m gonna break open your skull. – [Mom] Triggered. – Shook. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to join a school club? – Yay. – ‘Cause I’m a stay at
home mom. (laughing) – I haven’t ever actually
joined a school club though. I think it’d be fun though. – If there’s a gamers club, I would definitely be doing that ’cause I’ll be the best one there. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to quit a school club? – Me. I think it’s me. – I would quit because I wouldn’t like it. I’d be like this is very boring. (laughing) – I feel like I would
join, or I would quit. I don’t know. I’m just very inconsistent. I get very bored very easily. So my attention span for a certain thing doesn’t last that’s why I’ve
switched so many sports. – So you don’t like your dogs? – They’re the only exception. – Oh. – Where is she? – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to have their phone ring during class? – Tyler. Tyler has told me that
it’s happened before. – During the finals my phone rang and I blamed it on the person next to me. – I hardly ever even bring my phone. I bring my phone on occasion and when I do, the ringer’s always off because of filming. – ‘Cause I always get
these random phone numbers calling me and like in the middle of class you can just here (making phone noise) (laughing) – Oh, my gosh, that would be so awkward. – Like I just kept working
like I didn’t notice it and I just blamed it on
the person next to me. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to answer their phone during class? – I never take my phone out. – I just said that my phone
doesn’t ring during class. So how can I answer it? – Because you’re Kayla. – I’m just saying, my phone. I’m very not popular.
– [Tyler] I have never That’s not how you say that but. – I’m not popular. – I’m very not popular. – I’m very not pop. (laughing) – Very socially awkward.
– Drop it like it’s hot. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to bring snacks to school? – Actually no I don’t
bring snacks to school. I barely eat breakfast. – I bring candy. Candy is not a snack. – That’s how I’m so skinny. (laughing) Candy’s not a snack but if I have candy sometimes I’ll bring it. So, yeah, usually I’ll buy snacks though because our school has
a pretty good cafeteria. – Yeah, they have good food. – So I just buy stuff there. – My favorite thing is pizza. – They have good pizza.
– ‘Cause they have really good pizza. – Or bagels. They have really good breakfast burritos. – I have never had one. – They’re really inconsistent but if you get a good one,
they’re really good. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely to mooch snacks off of somebody else? – What’s mooch? – Like, can I please have some? – I do that. I do that a lot. – I don’t know if I’ve ever done that. – People do that to me a lot.
– I’ve taken snacks I’ve taken snacks
– So I just do it back. – that were offered to me but I don’t think I’ve ever asked. – I only do it because people do it to me and I do it to the same
people that do it to me. – I feel like weird if I do that. – You owe me boy. – If I have done that I don’t remember it. So, sorry don’t, don’t at me. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to have fun shaped erasers? – Me. – ‘Cause I never have erasers. (laughing) – Yeah, he doesn’t have pencils so he doesn’t need to erase anything. (screaming) And in a past video, the giveaway video, I showed you guys all of the fun erasers that I’m gonna have this
year so I’m very excited. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to get a good grade on a spelling test? – I used to be good at spelling but recently I’ve gotten really bad. I think I spelled brain wrong. – Yeah, and then you added the E. – I had it like perfectly.
– You were like and. – Cause I remember when I was in my first grade spelling
bee the nerves got to me. I spelled brain perfectly
and then for some reason I felt the need to add an E at the end. – No, ’cause they went like and. – They just paused like they were waiting. So I added something on
instead of saying the word. I’m just saying but I got to you know how there’s like the school and then there’s the county or whatever. I got to that one and then I messed up. But I like 36th. I did really bad. (laughing) I used to be alright but now
I’m really bad. (laughing) – I’m okay. – Comment down below
have you guys ever been in a spelling bee even if
it was like just your class. – [Mom] Okay, who’s most
likely to get a good grade on their math test? – Tyler. Tyler loves math. I
– Hate it. – Hate’s a strong word but I feel it
– Very dislike it. – Yeah, I very much dislike
it, math. (laughing) – Very, very much dislike math. I love math. – Because he’s good at it. – Yeah. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely to
go to the principal’s office? – Tyler. (laughing) I feel like all these are Tyler. – I’ve been to the
principal office before. – Yeah. – I already told this story though. Yeah, I’ve been to the office. It was a misunderstanding
on the deeds part but you know it’s good. (laughing) – Tyler’s misunderstood. I’ve also been to the office but it was not because I got in trouble. It was because I got sick and
they had medicine there so. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to stay after class to learn more from a teacher? – I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ve ever done that. – I dropped my card. No one. (laughing) – I’m gonna say me because
– I feel like you’ve done that before. – I might have. I don’t know if it was to learn. Maybe it was because I
didn’t have a password for that class. I definitely did that. Like stayed after class to get passwords. – [Mom] Detention. – Never detention. – I’ve never gotten detention. – Never gotten detention. All of our other schools I don’t
think really did detention. – This one does. – This one does but I haven’t gotten it. – They can get you expelled, suspended, you know all that good stuff. – All the other schools do that too. [Both] We just didn’t have detention. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely to skip class? – I’ve never done that. – So I’m gonna say I have kind of. So what I did was I said I
had to go to the bathroom and stayed in the
bathroom the entire class until the bell rang. – Really?
– Yes. – [Mom] Huh, Tyler. (laughing) You’re in trouble after this video. – Gosh darn it now I
don’t get my cookie cakes. (laughing) – The only thing that
was like close to that for me was I pretended
to go get my notebook out of my locker but then I came back. So I didn’t skip the
class I was just ditching like two minutes of it. – Hi. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to share their lunch? (soft music) – I like food. (laughing)
– Same. – I would never, ever in my life. – I have bought someone a cookie. – Okay, I’ve done that. But I didn’t share my food. – That was never my food. – I didn’t want it. – I just bought someone food. – Yeah. I always give my friends seconds ’cause they’re like I need money. – I’ve done that because at our school if you buy your lunch you can get seconds – [Both] For free. – So sometimes people will
ask you to go get seconds. So I have done that too. – I thought it was funny
’cause on pizza day I went up there, I bought the pizza, I went back, got seconds, went back, went to a different window, – You’re saying you got thirds? – Yeah, and then I’d give
it to a different person I go fourths. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to fall asleep at school? – I have almost fallen
asleep so many times. – I think on the last day
I fell asleep in class. – Really?
– Yes. – Okay, I’ve never actually fallen asleep but I’ve been very close many times. There’s a couple classes
that are kind of boring. – We were watching a movie and I just (laughing) – Like when the class was
over my friend was like hey, hey wake up. (laughing) and I was like huh? – I’ve done that when we
were watching videos too. – Have you ever fallen asleep in class? Put in the comments below. (clicking) Don’t forget
to give this like a video. (drumming) I said that backwards. (laughing) This video a like. (laughing) – [Mom] Who’s most
likely to fake being sick so they can go home. – I have. – We actually haven’t told
our parents this story yet. Sorry Mom. But, do you want me to say
it or do you want to say it? – I want to say it. – Okay. – So, there was this
test and I didn’t have all the sheets for it. – He didn’t study.
– I got scared. And I went to my teacher and me and Kayla went up to her and I said I feel sick and then she brought me to the office. I went to the office. But then when I got home the next day I actually felt sick like the next day. – Okay, I’m gonna tell
the story in more detail because you left out
some crucial parts, okay. – So Tyler didn’t study for a test. It was our first day back
from like like an FNO. – We were in Hawaii I think. – We were away for a few days. And so Tyler didn’t study for a test. I happened to be outside
studying for a test with one of my friends. I saw Tyler – [Both] Crying. – Because he didn’t know
any of the questions. So we went to his teacher
– I knew seven. – And told her that he was sick and then she got mad so we – She didn’t get mad. – She asked why he
didn’t do it himself but. – Oh, ’cause I was like I am nauseous. (laughing) I think that’s what I said. Or ’cause I was scared. – No, I said, yeah, I
told her that you said you were nervous. So he went home and studied then. And passed the test I think. Did you pass the test? – I got like a B. – That’s passing the test. So, sorry Mom we didn’t
tell you that story before but that happened.
– And that’s actually a true story. – That happened. – But then the next day
– [Mom] You’re both grounded. – Now I don’t get my both cookie cakes. – All my friends were
super cool about it too. – Yeah, the one friend there. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to actually be sick but stay at school anyways? – Me. I’ve done that. – I have done it too actually. ‘Cause Dad forced me. (laughing) – I think, yeah, I think I was sick. I told Dad but he let me decide whether I should go or not. – I always hate deciding
’cause if I pick home then it’s like I don’t want to stay home. – I feel guilty if I stay home. – Same, same. – Unless I’m like throwing
up, then I feel guilty if I stay home so I went to school. That’s my story. – It’s weird, whenever
I feel sick I never, I throw up sometimes,
but I usually just get like stomachache or a headache – Headaches are the worst. – My whole entire body hurting when I’m sick.
– Headaches are the worst. – [Mom] Who’s most likely
to ask for extra credit? – I’m good. – Especially in Social Studies. – If I can just get an
A I’m okay with that. I don’t really care about extra credit. – One time I gave a present
to my Science teacher and she upped my grade by like 3%. – I remember that.
– 5%. That was actually kind of a sad story. – Five kids did it. – Oh, really I though you said no one else got her a gift that’s why she. – No, yeah, in my class. – Oh. – And different days cause that
was Teacher Appreciation Day and I was the only one
so she’s like (clicking) there you go son. (laughing) – Anyways we hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to comment
down below all the questions that we asked. We’d love to hear your answers. And until next time, – [Both] Bye. (upbeat music)