let’s talk about cupcakes they are the
newest hottest controversy we always have a controversy about something that
used to be okay now is cupcakes a Seattle School is banning cupcakes in elementary schools why are they doing
it well we’ve got some info for your basically they don’t want kids to be fat that’s where the short of it so they are
allowing food can only be served at 3 classroom celebrations per year the decision was based on nutritional
factors in economics it’s not healthy for a cupcake party to be prone for every student on their birthday
because if you’re in a class A 30 that means you’re adding thirty cupcakes the
year which basically one cupcake every 10
days and I think that and not of families can afford to send troops to
school for a birthday celebration leading some students to feel slightly left out so I guess maybe that line has
some validity at the making some kind act economic arguments or to make sense but
the idea that were taken with his company I get sugar we talk about the ideal weights
are all rubbish yeah I mean I get I get all the stuff we have a high
fructose corn terminal carvel separating ever again diabetes in all this stuff I
get all that the reason go the reason is teachers unions know
better than anyone you don’t give rooms a thirty kids all
to show her how and expect to do your job to tell the
tale yet so that’s really what’s going on you they want to control his kid is
screaming little im Sitara yeah it’s it’s disgusting
they’re all hopped up on crack now you can says the one father on the
panel well yeah i mean i think is interesting they said an article you’re
being heard parents bringing other things like erasers which is a hilarious to me I guarantee
if I ain’t going up had a pair bring in something that was inevitable I would
have found the we need to have an entire why not going to school having birthday
parties migraines a week and there is also a lotta kids are born in Somers was
not thirty now I was born on Labor Day and my I’m a
Virgo which means a lot to work but I’m worth
it and I and the fact is that I won my first day
of school in first grade was my birthday and I told the teacher it’s my birthday
and she thought I was lying I never got a cupcake party it wasn’t until months
later she found 11 telling the truth I had a retroactive 1i I was reparations yeah it’s a lot to me but no is in their
other practical ways you can give bringing grapes you know like you can do
other things for par you can sing a song or do something special to to not teach kids for twenty minutes
right to your sort of down with the general idea this I’m really crazy sugar I don’t do not
think it’s that it’s not it’s not because of the nutritional factor
they’re not afraid that one cupcake party or even thirty cupcake parties is gonna cause obesity I’m more worried
about the kids are eating at home low-income families can afford a healthy
meal you know I was in mississippi making this film
for PBS and you know it so many communities there’s no grocery stores in rural America and poor
families get all their food from the dollar store where the gas tax rate which is all
process that it’s not the that’s not yet that’s not the school’s responsibility
is all about sugar and hop double crank its okay so if it
is about that do you still think you lose something by not having that like
if I think back to my elementary school days those are great like that somebody come
in with the cupcake everyone but you lose something if we don’t let kids
celebrate the weighty guess what the sugar when they’re adults
to so I get you try and set summit leaders at the deal with
hatch right so I get it but the thing they’re losing something like do just losing saying about growing up
if you can eat freaking cupcakes in school yes the cupcake you might look it will
finally have it anyway I mean I’m not saying I get something
but the term argument that’s kinda people who are going to be all say but I
I just feel like happy to happen regardless maybe have
one party among freshmen born in that month and you have a at condensed cupcake in and you can have
it at you know at 3 p.m. is it having an open
day and using it Solutions has been on the sucking cupcake great see you want
the cupcakes the teachers union would say you know what give them a cupcake as
they’re leaving school hey you know up a happy to see one small tiny victory for
teachers union somewhere in America but I think a very practical solution is the
end if every month you have your cake one hour at the and
every month and have your cupcake party for all the kids who had a birthday that
month that way the poor kids aren’t singled
out for more shaming if they can bring in cupcakes you just do for every kid
with a birthday in March we’re doing it and we’re doing it in the
thirty minutes before we put you on the bus yeah right that doesn’t bode well for
the bus drivers know it does then they have a very powerful union do compare
didn’t have to deal with the sugar high in and only right they can just lock them
in the basement and do what they want with them you guys they were it were never had
like a balance back against this health conscious thing that we are
going on right now because we are talking about it so much that I do them beer that we’re gonna
have this weird thing where suddenly everyone’s gone 1e awful some fear an
iPhone apps I get the best dollar scenarios chameleon-like spoon yet you that you’d be happy
ireland obviously that’s a that’s a problem to you and I i feel like we’ve we may be a little teachers and at
times I don’t know I’m not raising a child I’m also are making my own poor dietary choices
about how so I don’t now allow some but as we did like the done thing as you
just said like it’s to me so you know every time we there’s obscuring somehow the gun sales go up
yes and I think that’s partly what’s happening here we keep telling people
eat well and then everything shows that they’re getting worse is there
somewhere you what is it with the limits of a bad man with a cupcake in agreement that was amazing with an
equaliser type 2 diabetes can be you know and I think unfortunately it’s
gonna take you know it for me as a child took sitting next to my grandfather with
lung cancer holding his hand when he died for me to know I was never any insect
take cigarettes yeah and I think I like internet to see the suffering of their
parents and grandparents having an unhealthy lifestyle to really
realize it and even then they might not because with the drug and comfort food is a
really nice way above freezing something that would
really is unhealthy habits and it’s not about changing diet is
about changing habits and that’s a lot harder yeah that’s why we talk about this on
the show because we’re trying to get a little a little information across I’ve course
Im gonna still eat cupcakes openly entry up