Hi, I’m Wilma Haerkens, I’m your makeover specialist today We’re going to do more taste testing of some raw vegan food and you’re going to learn why you should have your dessert first But we have some special guests Francine is back, but she also has her special guest with her her son, Daniel We’re going to be starting with our dessert today, and you might be wondering why So in this book. We’ll get back to this book afterwards But all the books and everything that’s associated with this video that you may want to purchase There’ll be a link for through Amazon for you below in the description But what they’re talking about is that it’s a really important that you actually eat your dessert first, and it’s that great? But what they say is that you’re better to have like a 3-hour window in between your main course and your dessert Oh wow so that your stomach is empty While it’s dealing with the food, so what happens is if you are eating a main meal And then you add your dessert where there are sugars involved then it starts ferment and rot in your stomach Yeah, so so eat your dessert first, so we’re going to gve this a try today So that’s what they’re saying So if you if you eat your sweets first the body can break down the sugar quickly So even if you overeat the meal sits on the top and shields the sugar from a yeast attack Nice so great idea. We should always have our dessert Yeah, I don’t know you know that would be an adjustment really to. I’ve done that before What do you mean an adjustment? That’s a great adjustment. I know but haven’t you had that before? Like had your dessert before. I mean I’ve done it before I’ve done it many times. Sometimes what happens is though you forget to have the main meal? So you don’t want to be doing that but yeah the ideal is to have a three hour break in between So the dessert that we’re having is called a nut free double chocolate brownies so Mine’s a small piece because I’ve been indulging it was made yesterday So I’ve already been indulging Once again. Well who’s going to indulge first not your fingers We actually gave you some you know some cutlery to use I don’t know actually I found Me cavemen you like with finger in my food It’s all good. I mean I was eating them with my fingers but don’t you eat brownie with your finders? yes, and that’s what this is right a chocolate what is it so there’s really great stuff in here So you’ve got pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds coconut sugar coconut sugar yeah exactly when I saw this This recipe I’m like coconut sugar? So I’ve only been starting this raw stuff You know about six months ago, so a lot of things are new for me, so this is coconut sugar And it’s actually taken it doesn’t actually taste like coconut it’s taken from the coconut tree but they take the You want to try I want to try it He’s so like his mother like Francine is gonna be sitting here you remember Francine. She’s been around a couple of times with our so welcome back Thank you for coming back, and thank you for bringing your lovely son You know and he’s got a lovely little t-shirt on he’s into the chicks So Coconut sugar would not be considered raw from what I understand. It’s processed? It’s it’s heated up higher than 118 degrees so it needs to be below 118 degrees to be considered raw so what I find is This is the book actually that you’ll find the recipe in and it’s on page 108 and it’s the nut-free double chocolate brownies and So yeah, so that’s where the cookbook once again. I’ll put their link so you’ll find in the the Cookbooks that they will have certain things like maple syrup like we talked about the other day Which is really not considered raw, but a lot of people will use there’s so many benefits of the maple syrup So personally I’m gonna be continuing using maple syrup. We got some today actually venture this morning so I’m gonna continue using it because there’s so many benefits from it So where was I at the coconut sorry the natural flavor you’ve tasted it’s very good yeah? Yummy mm-hmm ya know almost as good as my stevia on my garden tower Yeah, not bad. Yeah, so coconut sugar is one of those healthier Sweeteners so and it doesn’t spike your your sugar your sugar levels Okay, it’s better for people with diabetes Diabetes um there’s also Yeah, a great alternative like you know I think they want desserts too – well of course. We all want desserts What if you want it in your coffee? That would be good for coffee coconut sugar yeah You want to keep it down as low as possible, but yeah great substitutes, so I am definitely looking for the healthier routes another product that they have will I’ll talk to you in a minute because I don’t wanna lose track here, but Cacao nibs is also in there We also have the maca powder again Yeah Well you weren’t here at the last taste testing I was going to say, that’s how you were conceived from Maca powder from Maca powder You weren’t even taking Maca powder at that time But you were younger Yeah And so the next one that they had this is another one it’s um rice malt syrup so I’ll create a link for you as well so that you know all the Ingredients here that you’ll be able to get it on Amazon Put your whole order in there and get everything so this particular one would not be considered raw I don’t know. I don’t either it’s organic so I definitely recommend that you go with organic should I taste it – I’m laughing because we were just at a trade show a health and wellness and Daniel was at every booth tasting every little bit of food got to have my vitamins, right But you look it was yeah tasting everything so we just looked where there was food and we could find you It smells good. Yes. I Haven’t used mine. Here’s my fork. I had touched it yet because I’m going to just use my fingers. Oh there you go yeah, so this would not be considered raw I don’t think this is it doesn’t say raw, but it is organic and So it made obviously with brown rice brown rice now what my research Discovered, so is that they’re finding a bit of arsenic in the brown rice Yeah, so I definitely recommend you know rat poop is in rice Yeah, so I would definitely go with Organic so I wouldn’t worry as much You can also I think substitute. They marked in the because the this brown rice this Rice malt syrup is actually in the frosting and in the you know in the brownie part So they had mentioned that you could actually substitute in the frosting They said that you could substitute it with maple syrup, so personally. I think um Next time I’m making this mm-hmm I’m going to use maple syrup in both. Yeah couldn’t you possibly use honey And possibly honey, it would probably change your taste a little bit right so it’s just yeah Yeah, so you wouldn’t have to have as much sugar in it. Yeah. We’re as much of your cocoa sugar The rice or the cacao sugar stuff that you call cacao Oh, yeah, you can kind of replace the recipes that kind of it is cacao though it’s cocoa There’s a difference between cocoa and cacao, oh is there? I’m sure Francine and Daniel are not the only ones that are confused about the difference between cacao and cocoa powder So the next time I have Francine on we’re going to address this so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out So does one go mu and one don’t go move so of course there’s also pitted dates and cacao powder That’s because it’s a double chocolate brownie. It’s a double chocolate and in the frosting once again. You’ve got pitted dates You’ve got the cacao powder. You’ve got coconut sugar again of the rice malt Syrup and you also got some coconut oil. It’s really good Mm-hmm, I like the texture of the little seeds, it’s gonna slight bit of The crunch in this you like that They didn’t call for soaking the seeds. No. I like the seeds because they give like a little crunch to it a texture to it It’s goopy I love it. It is good though. I’m just gonna use my fingers I suggest trying some at home yourself, huh? Mm-hmm there’s black in my teeth You can really taste the chia seeds? mm-hmm the chia seeds? Yep, so very healthy for you Mm-hmm very delicious You’re loving it. Oh. Yeah. It’s definitely got chocolate in it It’s like but it is goopy. It is yeah, goopy, sticky Yeah that’s the word sticky chocolate brownie mm-hmm yeah brownies usually are sticky a bit very good very good mm-hmm. Yeah, I’ve got a few pieces already Great idea though eating the dessert first yeah Mmm. I think would be hard for people. Maybe I don’t know it’d be interesting to see like you know I mean I’ve done it so rarely not like you know I Mean I have found myself doing it on occasion, but I never it’s really hard to talk It’s really hard to talk so that’s why I figured we’ll be right back So what do you think well that was very good out of a five? Yeah Six I love it I don’t think we’ve ever had a rating of 6 yet no Oh no I had a five five plus. Yeah With what was it something that we had possibly the pumpkin it was the pumpkin. I was just trying to remember Yeah, pumpkin was good so Daniel um I actually think it tastes better than The average brownie, which is considerable considering the ingredients, so I’m gonna give it a full five out of five rating yeah Yeah, I’m definitely giving a full five five Yes Definitely now. This is the second dessert that we’ve done in yes, this book and This one is it much better much better than the pecan we did the pecan was good too? Yeah, that’s right. That was good. That was the other five. Yeah dessert desserts are always better Yeah Yeah, anyways they definitely got a great rating so definitely something that you might want to try so So we’re back, and we’re going to have something a little bit more savory this time and We are going with the alkalizing cucumber rolls you mean you mean cute-cumbers because they are so cute so cute there you go, yes, it’s wonderful, so this is the book that they are in and it’s page 166 so it’s the uncook book So clear right? a title like that like it’s very clear the un-cook book So you don’t have to cook anything ever, yeah, no cooking I always hate cooking and now I’m not cooking no Yeah, I got a recipe that’s got cook. I’m not really interested so anyways Do we dig in Take one of your what cute-cumbers Cute-cumbers cute-cumbers see when I changed the recipe we’re gonna change the name and create something and it’ll be after you nice you’ll get a credit a credit I didn’t say a royalty just credit Does it smell good it does like a cute-cumber Yeah, so what we did was it’s a little bit different than in the cookbook the uncook book So we ended up taking our slices and actually cutting them in half because my mandoline it doesn’t We can’t control the thickness correct, so it was it seemed to be a little bit thick so we ended up cutting them in half Oh you are already in there, you’re like a dirty shirt like yes, I should know this by now, it’s really good. Yeah, yeah You’re you’re starting to like this taste testing just like mom So you know I’ll be counting on both of you here. Oh, yeah yeah Well it’s food right it’s food and it’s good food and it’s healthy food Healthy food it’s cute food and it’s cute. I want to taste mine now. Can I go yet? Yeah? And this I haven’t tried it yet No This will be your first will be my very nice if that’s what I’m really trying to do is actually Try recipes for the first time with my taste testers Dig in please Okay So once again, I’ve got fresh parsley, oh yeah, I meant to where did my little cue card go Buried it, my cute card. Yes. Just to let you know what’s in here, so we’ve got We’ve got my poor little thing is gonna fall apart on me. we can’t have that there We go so we’ve got some almonds avocado line and parsley so It’s very good I’m afraid my bottom is gonna fall out I think I want to mandoline that makes thinner slices mm-hmm. I really like the almonds in there They give it that little crunchy mm-hmm. I like the avocado actually mmm. Yes Well, I like the taste of lime as well Mm hmm. Hmm. That’s really good. This is a lovely Entree for a lovely New Year’s Eve or If you’re having a dinner party or having people over, and yeah, this is yeah, this is a great finger food. Yeah Easy to make It was really easy to make I mean and all you needed both recipes Actually all you needed was a food processor, so you didn’t need any special equipment on both of those recipes It was really nice. I like that and anybody can make this this is not something You know you have to be a special uncooked cook yeah If I can do it anybody can do it because as I said I spent my life not in you know mm-hmm Not enjoying cooking so there’s a bonus to this – what is that as you know animal parts in it? There’s no animal parts, and it’s green and it’s green and it’s an alkalizing Yeah, so it’s alkalizing the I mean I guess it’s mainly The cucumber itself right which would be the alkaline the lime as well the lime, yes that’s true Yep, so this is really good for alkalizing your body. no animals were tested on this product just humans You both have been my guinea pigs yes, thank you for that it was very good it was very good, I like that I might take another one Please you might So you probably have Thank you tasted enough already No, never tasted enough tastes are just tastes well bring it home Just just to give the people you know your ratings start thinking about that okay? So the rating on this out of five mmm. It’s not chocolate. There’s no chocolate in it Francine. No no She rates everything with chocolate as a five Just saying Mm-hmm one of these days you’re gonna hit something you’re gonna. It’s gonna shock me it will be a good thing that I’m sitting down Cuz you’re gonna go on I’m gonna give this a four you know, I’ll be like what? but Francine it’s got chocolate in it And of course you know having the fresh parsley on there from the tower So my garden tower. I mean we’re picking these things yeah, and it always helps to have the freshest ingredients Yeah, and this will actually be so much better Cuz you know it’s the middle of winter and we’re in Canada so cucumbers are coming a long way Mm-hmm now once we got the farmers market down the street And we’re having this and there are thinner layers. Oh my gosh Because I would to take for lunch for work oh Yeah You could actually keep them separate, too and you know just roll them because they’re really quite easy yeah to roll off and you’ll have to bring lots because your Your co-workers at work would like to share them we want to share them as well. They’ll be eating them, right Oh, yeah, stealing your lunch. Yeah, those are good. Yeah Yeah, no you feel like you could have like tons and tons of them, but I’m sure after a few it’s like well Well you have the almonds in there too Yeah, it’s a good Yeah the Almonds are in the avocado, too And I think that was the the one thing well it’s hugely different with raw food is that you’re never feeling Stuffed mmm-hmm you don’t eat raw food and feel of that uncomfortable feeling that you’ve eaten too much so Right anything that we’ve done so far No, you don’t come up after eating it. You don’t feel like oh my god so much. No. I give you that tired feeling Anything no if anything you feel slightly energized energized eating it Yeah, it doesn’t overwork your body knowing your body will process it quicker and turn it into energy faster hmm, ooh And it might actually increase your metabolism Cuz it’s like a snacking food you eat, it during the day gonna keep your body always running I just got a mouthful with the parsley it’s excellent mmm hmm hmm oh, that’s why I’m thinking it’s gonna be so much better With fresher cucumbers or a summer I think so too and thinner cucumber like you said this is If anybody can see I don’t know, but you see how thick that cucumber is it should actually be About 50% it could be thinner maybe 50% thinner. Yeah, yeah, and I’ve been but we just couldn’t control unless we do in my hand and I don’t know if my hand and I would get more cucumber the Better. It is anyways right yeah, but a Little different texture in different you know cuz you’re actually used you’re supposed to use the whole slice mm-hmm, but it’s very very thin But still good still great, but I think it’d be a bit different. That’s really good it is good Yeah, you’d have one in your own. Yeah. I want another I’ve already had three Just keep going keep going I’m done. Yeah keep going So Are we ready to rate? Yeah, yeah? Okay I’m listening I’d say it gets an extra point because it’s the fresh greens and the nice blend and be Delicious Parsley parsley is fresh fresh parsley What what what number are you giving it? I’m thinking it breaks the 5 point. You think it’s more than five it’s more than five. Well. Yeah I’m taking like 5.9 I love this five point nine Almost six, so the whole idea is that we rate it similar like you know hotels right you know rating for five stars. You know We’ve got five point nine On the Richter scale on the Richter scale yes absolutely that’s priceless I love it so it’s definitely something that you would eat again something that you would recommend other people eating yeah, and The bonus thing about this is there’s still some room in there. You could always put a tiny bit of meat if you wanted He’s priceless But of course you can bring your son again it’s a recipe You could do anything it’s all from the tree. What can I say? Yep so what do you rate it Wilma 5.9 well, I’m gonna stick with my rating system So I’m definitely giving that one a five I’m thinking the summer time. Oh my gosh like even now It’s great, but yeah, it’s gonna be really Really nice in this summer great for you know sort of a potluck to bring different Wow Yeah, really really good even after those meat eaters. Yes. They would still enjoy this yeah Yeah, they definitely would then they would be surprised go oh, I want another one another one and another one another one and another one Yeah Enjoy we’ll just carry on reading over here. I I would give it another five. I would give it a five It’s not chocolate, but it is a nice I like it I really did enjoy that Yeah Okay loved by the cat. Yes. Yeah, she’s gotta be in here so if you enjoyed this video please give us the thumbs up and Like and subscribe yeah like you for on Facebook and of course subscribe and sharing is caring sharing is caring sharing is caring still eating over there are we yup Oh of course one more thing I want to thank our guests Hopefully you’ll be back you are more than welcome to come back Food yes Daniel is here Enjoy see you later