Claudia Romeo: Hello from Rome! And today we’re going
to try the trapizzino, which is a local street food. And it is something of a hybrid, in between a pizza and a sandwich, but then the toppings are none of the actual toppings of
either a pizza or a sandwich. In fact, the toppings
that we can find in here are, like, oxtail, or tripe, and they’re really deep into
the roots of Roman cuisine. So, we’re gonna step inside to see how the trapizzini are made
and what goes into them. The word trapizzino is a combination of the Italian words tramezzino
(sandwich) and pizza. It was invented by Roman pizza chef Stefano Callegari in 2008. Eleven years later, the
company has expanded, and now has five locations in Rome, seven in the rest of
Italy, and one in New York. We visited Trapizzino in Piazza Trilussa, in Rome’s neighborhood of Trastevere, one of the most vibrant parts of the city. Claudia: The restaurant
serves 30 different types of trapizzino. Here, you can find great Roman classics like chicken cacciatore, codfish and chickpeas, but also more traditional Italian recipes like meatballs in tomato
sauce and eggplant parmigiana. Across all locations, they serve over 5,000 trapizzini a day. Claudia: Some fillings, like the oxtail, take almost eight hours to make. The same can be said
about the pizza bread. So, I’m gonna give this one a try. This one is the chicken cacciatore. I’m actually really, really
curious about this one because I’m not from Rome,
but I’ve had this sort of dish a few times in my life. And I’ve always had it, like,
served on an actual plate, and I ate it with, like, knives and fork. So to have it, like, in here, in this, like, nice little
triangular sandwich, is very unusual for me. And yeah, I’m just, like, curious to see how this tastes like and how it compares. It has that same sort
of, like, familiar taste of the dish that I’m used to. Like, it’s still very juicy
and it’s actually maybe better, because the juice, it’s
all here, you know. It’s all over in this,
like, little bread pocket. If you have this on a plate
with a knife and a fork, you’re just gonna have the juice, like, dripping at the bottom, but you won’t actually get it at the top. Like, you know, the top of the chicken. But in here, you kind of
get the best of both worlds. So it’s definitely worth it. Look at the size of this meatball. It’s, like, almost the
same as the pizza bread. But we’re gonna try, OK. I can’t guarantee anything. So flavorsome. The meat itself is fantastic. Wow, it’s amazing how
much the tomato sauce has gone deep into the little
pockets here of the bread. Oh, saved by, like, two centimeters. But that was good. But yeah. This sauce, it’s, like,
all in with the bread. The bread is so warm and,
like, crunchy on the outside and very, very soft on the inside. The tomato sauce sort of,
like, blankets it perfectly. It’s 30 degrees outside, so
it’s, like, pretty warm as well. But to have something like
this that’s warm in itself, it really doesn’t feel wrong at all. Man: Ciao.
Claudia: Ciao.