So I’m going to tell you what’s in your box for wild box number 23, we have some white bean berries again This time some sheep sorrel it’s kind of like wild sorrel, but you see the the lobes at the base point outwards instead of downwards and It has this sort of waist down here, you know They’re kind of softer in texture and I would say lighter in flavor slightly less tannic We brought plantain again And remember the really distinguishing feature about that is the the ribs that run up or parallel veins That’s very different from most leaves where that the veins branch out from the middle. So it makes plantain quite easy to recognize Is it good? Good crunchy? Or you could say fibrous but chop it down and fibrous suddenly becomes crunch and good mushroom flavor One of my favorite greens is oxide Daisy. Mm-hmm, obviously also a salad and This week we’re going to use it as a salad with some sow thistle This is smooth sow thistle and they’re just like the tops just prior to flowering They’re having a bit of a second wind at the moment Before they die back for the winter And then we have a new one here, which is Charlotte flowers. They’re very much having a second wind You wouldn’t really expect to see these in late September bordering on October But Sherlock is kind of wild mustard. It’s a persistent weed that’s managed to survive all the efforts of Many generations of farmers to get rid of it But it’s it’s there is a mustard and producer mustard seed mustard flavored leaves and must have slated the flowers so they’re going in the salad with the oxide Daisy and the Sow thistle and I might as well say the white Bemis is going that salad too with some feta cheese It’s um, it’s a salad. I filled with a bit of a wintry feel to it And then we’ve got a Lebanese dish this week with Dandelions, which probably needs no introduction. So They’re going to be paired up with the report plantain just chopped down and boarding them fried and then put them for taya pies also with some feta cheese, so we try to make sure we have Uses for your whole bit of feta cheese present Whereas the other half of these berries is going to go in with with the sheep. Sorrel and we’re going to do do a dessert this week, which I’ve Really enjoyed making and eating it’s it’s a sorrel top We’ve white being berries and it’s it’s it’s it’s a bit sort of Christmas it’s tart between sort of a mincemeat tart and a treacle tart, but I Think you probably really enjoy it 23