Hey guys this is Josh here with Trillium: Wild Edibles. I’m inside of my kitchen and I’m about to make a pancake out of some Curly Dock seeds, so stay tuned. Hey guys welcome back. Alright so I’m about to make a pancake out of some Curly Dock seeds that I’ve ground into flour. In here I have about an eighth of a cup left of some flour that I made out of the seeds. Now obviously you’re going to need some Curly Dock seeds that you ground into flour to make this. So if you don’t already know how to make flour out of Curly Dock seeds, I’lll put a couple links in the description below, and you guys can go click on those videos if you’re interested. To learn how to make the seeds of Curly Dock into some flour. Okay so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go ahead and get started. Now whenever I’m making my pancakes, one thing I like to do to get my butter melted so I can mix it into my flour mixture. Is I like to get a glass Pyrex bowl and set it on the burner that I plan on using then I’ll just turn that burner on medium Then at that point I’ll just cut myself a tablespoon, approximately, of butter into the bowl. That’ll get nice and melted for me. And while the butter in our bowl is melting it’s a good idea to just cut yourself some butter right into your skillet. So that way it’s ready when our pancake dough is done. Okay at this point our butter is now melted, what you want to do is we just want to go ahead and measure ourselves about an eighth of a cup, which I already know this is an eighth of a cup just for video sake, And here you can see we’ve got around an eighth of a cup of Curly Dock seed flour. So we’re just going to take this and we’re going to dump it right into our bowl of butter. Sorry about that I forgot I zoome the camera back. And in this jar I just have some organic whole spelt flour, and of that we’re going to take an approximate quarter cup. Okay so we have our quarter cup of whole spelt flour, we’re just going to take that and dump that into our bowl. Next we’re going to add a dash of salt and we’re going to take a little maple sugar, and we’re going to pour in some maple sugar. For taste. I like to use about a tablespoon. But I really like maple, so it’s up to you, you can use regular sugar, brown sugar, turbinado, muscavado, whatever sugar you prefer. You just want to take this and mix it up into our butter really well. Almost like we’re making a pie crust or biscuits or anything of that nature. Just mix it in really good and you’re going to see solid clumps starting to form. Then after you’ve mixed your flour together with your butter, go ahead get your skillet back on your burner, and turn it back onto medium. If you didn’t leave it on. Then at this point we just want to take ourselves one egg, crack it directly into our bowl. Then we want to pur ourselves a little bit of milk. Then we just go ahead and wisk this together. Okay so we’ve got our butter melted nice and hot. We just want to pour in some of our pancake batter. Alright, there’s one little pancake on it’s way. And you guys can see the color, really nice dark brown. Almost purple. But I’m going to let this cook up and then I’ll get back to you. Okay you can see our pancake is starting to cook rather well now, it’s almost ready to flip. Here in maybe just a few more seconds. Scoop her up and flip her over. Make sure we touch all these edges down so they get cooked real well. You can see this looks for the most part, like a normal pancake. The only difference is it’s coloration. It’s darker, it’s got a lot of brown and by the time it cooks, you’ll actually see this purple hue coming out. Okay and when our pancake is done, just scoop it out and set it on a plate. And if you have anymore batter, or you need to scoop more butter in to cook the rest of your batter like I do here, then just scoop a little bit of butter in there. So we don’t get any stick. Then go a head and cook up the next one like we did the first one. You can see here I’m cooking up the second one. It’s almost ready to flip, you’ll know when they’re ready to flip, just like a normal pancake you’ll see all kinds of little air bubbles and air pockets. You’l see those little bubbles and air pockets starting to explode and open up. In the top portion of the pancake. That’s how I always tell when my pancakes are ready to flip, you may be different. It depends on how you make your pancake batter I guess. Another good way is to just try to pick it up with the spatula, and if it feels like it’s going to break or rip on you, then you know it’s not ready to flip. Then when you’re pancakes are done, just serve them up like you would any other pancake. I like mine with a little butter and syrup. Today I’m actually going to be using some Wood Sorrel syrup that I made If you guys don’t know how to make Wood Sorrel syrup, I’ll put a link in the description below as well on how to make Wood Sorrel Syrup. I thank you guys for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it.