– [Coyote] Now what I
would love to do, Collins. – [Collins] Yes. – [Coyote] If you
think you’re up for it, is to let the spider walk
on your hand and arm. You think you could do that? – What are the chances of
it biting me really quick? – [Man] For real? – Yeah. – [Man] 1/10th. – There’s always a chance. Just like that. – [Collins] It feels crazy! Oh my gosh! – [Coyote] There you go. Perfect, whatever
you do, don’t apply any pressure to the spider. – It’s going on my arm. (lively music) – [Coyote] If there
is one place that we as a team love to explore at
night, it’s the Sonoran desert. During the light of
day, temperatures can easily cross 100
degrees fahrenheit and combine with the
bone scorching sun rays, the conditions are pretty
much unbearable for a human. Even the rugged creatures
of the south west, do their best to stay hidden
underground or in the shade. However, under the
darkness of night, temperatures drop considerably. Making it the perfect
time to encounter a world of nocturnal animals. What’s going on guys, so
we just finished filming an episode for Collins’ channel and it’s only two
in the morning, so we said, “let’s get outside and explore our backyard
here in the Sonoran desert and see what sort of night time creatures we can come across. Now, I’m gonna let you
take with you tonight, my special sort flashlight
right, so you’ll be… – Oh my god! – Don’t shine in your eyeballs. – Oh my gosh, this
thing is crazy bright! – But that will definitely
help you spot some of the creatures that we’re
searching for tonight. You’ll also notice that I
have a pair of snake tongs and that is because
there is a lot of western diamondback
rattle snakes. They can potentially
be out there tonight. There’s also the
chance of coming across tarantulas, banded
geckos, gila monsters, other lizards that are sleeping, literally, there is a plectra
of biodiversity out here in the Sonoran desert
so anything is possible so if you guys are ready,
let’s head off into the darkness and see
what we can find. You ready? – Let’s do it! Collins Key is without question, one of the fastest growing
talents on YouTube. His family friendly content
and charismatic style have captured nearly seven
million subscribers to date, making him a bonafide superstar. However, when it comes
to adventures in wild, this is going to
be something quite a bit different
than he is used to. Now, I’m trying to see if maybe
there are some Black Widows. – What! I’m out, bro. What? Black Widows are
the dangerous man- oh my geez, woah! – [Man] Easy buddy,
just a bush bro. – So we’re excited to break
trail into the darkness to see what species
of animals we can get him up close and personal with. So you notice all
this area here, looks like waters flow
through here right? – Yep. – This is a very
small wash, now, wash is like an animal
super highway right. It’s pretty much free of
plants and any debris. That means, snakes,
gila monsters, even something like
a coyote or a rabbit. – What’s a gila monster? – Oh, you don’t know
what gila monster is? – No, it sounds super dangerous. – Oh well, it is
the only venomous lizard in the United
States, actually something that I’ve
been bitten by before. – Of course, of course you have. – But not intentionally,
it was the most painful bite
I’ve ever taken. Yep, he got the whole
top of my thumb. He went past the GoPro and he
got the whole top of my thumb. Just stop for a moment. Our odds of seeing a
gila monster are like, one in a million, it is like
the holy grail of the desert. Not likely we’ll see
one tonight, but, yes, gila monsters
will use the wash to move about at night as
they’re searching for prey, so, what we often
times try to do, is shine our light down the wash just from a distance, see if
we see any animals moving. I don’t see anything
here, but as you can see, this is an open
pathway also for us. That means if we walk down it, we stand a less
chance of accidentally running into something
like a rattlesnake. So let’s head this direction
and maybe, we’ll find a lizard. Now, if we spot a rattlesnake, it actually will be
very, very different. They have a black
and white tail, that just jumps out in
the flashlight beam. Lots of little ants
running around. But ants don’t scare you right. Is there anything you’re
afraid of, Collins? – Not a massive fan of spiders. – Okay. – We actually had a pet
snake for a long time. So, I think snakes are
actually pretty cool. Woah! Oh geez, I’m sorry,
it was you… He asked the question
about are you scared and then literally,
his flashlight shone through the plant
and there was like that weird kind of reflection on
the ground and I freaked out because I thought it was a giant
moving spider or something. I’m really good at
this as you can see. – [Man] We’ll probably
see some of this. – [Coyote] Collins… – What? – Look right through
there, you see that? – Yo… – Look at that limb, that is
a huge desert spiny lizard and it’s sleeping, we
might be able to catch it. I’m gonna have to go around
from this side though, you stay right there and watch. Keep your cameras on. This is gonna be tough because
I’ll be shaking the tree. – [Man] Still asleep. He’s on to you. Nice grab! Nice. Guy’s a nice one. – [Coyote] That’s a big desert
spiny lizard right over here. – [Man] Nice! – Man, that is a
good looking lizard. – That thing is huge! Oh my gosh. – That is about the biggest
spiny lizard I have ever caught. – That thing is huge! – It can give you a pretty… – Oh my gosh, what’s
coming off of it? – Powerful bite. Just scales. – Oh, really? – It’s just shedding some
skin, you can see at the back like it’s actually in the
process of shedding right there. You can just pat the
back, pat its back. Feel how spiky that is? – Oh my god, I’ve never seen
a lizard this big before! – And you can tell it’s a male, you see that blue chin
and on the underside. Look at that.
– Woah! This thing is huge! – Pretty gorgeous huh. Now this is one of the fastest
and toughest lizard species out here, ooh, it’s so spiky! And, usually the
only way to catch one of these lizards is
exactly what that technique, at night, find them
sleeping in the trees. Absolute beast,
you wanna hold it? – Yeah, I guess? How do we do this? – Now, you have
to be very careful because they can
drop their tails as an escape mechanism
from predators, so, I do not want you to be
bitten, we’re gonna do- – Staying relaxed. – He’s very, very powerful. Ooh, he’s very spiky
too, ow, ow, ow. I’m actually getting
spiked very bad there. – He’s like gonna bite me man. – Alright dude, just
kinda hold him in the middle of his
body, there you go. And if you let him go,
if anything happens, you just let go and
he’ll jump to the ground. There you go. – Woah… – That’s you holding one
good size spiny lizard. – Oh my gosh. – Pretty spiky huh… – Yeah! Holy cow! – Have you ever held a
lizard like this before? – Never, I didn’t even
know they were this big! – That’s honestly
probably one of the biggest one
I’ve ever caught. – This thing is massive. – He is an absolute beaster. Alright, I’m gonna gently
take it back from you. – Okay, yup. – Okay, you can let go. There we go, alright buddy. It’s hard to hold onto him
because of all the spikes. – Geez. – There we go, wow! Wow, I will say this is an
excellent start to our night. – Yeah. – Let’s see what
else we can find. – Alright. – [Man] Coyote, why
are we at this wall? – The wall’s actually
a great place to look for not only scorpions
but, what’s that? Alright, Mario on his own,
he’s found a banded gecko, let’s see where this is. Okay, this looks pretty safe. Where is he? Oh, oh, oh, yeah, okay, I’m
gonna go ahead and catch it. Real snug here. Alright… Woah, woah. Okay. – [Mario] Right down
here by the pool pump, definitely in the backyard. – By the pool pump,
but yeah, that’s great. These are often
times the best places to look for animals, is right
around human habitation. Of course, this is turning
into the night of the lizards. Start with the desert
spiny and this, is one of my favorite species,
the western banded gecko. Now, it’s very, very fragile,
I’m gonna turn it like this, go ahead and just pat its back. You’ll feel it’s
like velvet right? – Yeah… – This is a species that is
almost entirely nocturnal. As you can imagine,
hot desert sun would absolutely
cook this creature. So they’re underground
during the day. Now Collins, what’s really
cool about this gecko is that this is one of the
rarest species out here in the desert, that is not
venomous or poisonous. There are a lot of
animals out here that can give you a pretty
nasty bite or sting, this is one that is
completely safe to handle. And like I said, they
are extremely fragile so, anybody out there watching,
is out in the desert and sees one of
these lizards, it’s probably best to just admire
it from a respectful distance. But, how cute is
that lizard right! – It’s adorable. – So, have you ever
held a gecko before? – No, I literally held like no creatures really before at all. – I don’t know
guys, do you think Collins should hold the gecko? – [Mario] Absolutely. – Okay, so can you see how
I just have it balanced on the tip of my finger there? – Yup. – You can see I’m just
holding onto the back leg and you don’t wanna apply
any pressure to the tail. There you go. Kinda let it rest up on
your finger like that. There you go, real gentle. – The craziest thing is the
little heartbeat going like… Oh my gosh. – Can you feel how soft
and velvety that skin is? – Yeah. – And you notice the camouflage
pattern on this lizard, all of that banding, that’s
where they get the name, banded gecko, but
it helps them blend in perfectly to
this environment. So what I’ll do is I’ll hold
up just a handful of rocks and dry grass and
you can see how easy it is for this creature to just blend right into
its environment. – It’s just so soft, it’s crazy! – [Mario] Do you think
Collins should let it go? – Oh yeah, you
wanna do the honors? – Sure, just put it
down and let it go? – Yeah, let’s make sure
Mario’s got a decent shot here and just kinda lean him
down, let go of your hold. There you go. It’s kinda like, woah, I’m
back off into the desert. – Exactly. – Okay, so far we’ve come
across two very safe lizards. I think we need to up
the stakes a little bit and find something either
a little more dangerous or a little more creepy,
are you up for that? – I’m up for it. – Alright, here’s your
flashlight, let’s head this way. – Let’s do it. – It’s tough, when you
hear somebody yells they found something,
you wanna move quickly so I have to stare at
everywhere you’re going. You don’t wanna step
on rattlesnakes. – [Man] Hurry up! – What you got? – [Man] Okay, come here. Take a look right there. – Oh my god. – What? – It’s a gila monster. – What! – That is a gila monster. – No way! – Hang on, hang on,
it moved from that bush to that spot right there. It’s kind of chilling
right there but I need to- – Oh I see it. – Let me get a shot guys. – That’s a big one. – Have you got a shot of him? – Okay, go for it. – Okay, I’m gonna
move real slow, we don’t want to try and
catch and handle this one. – [Collins] Oh my gosh! Yo! – Okay, Collins stay
back, just to touch. Okay, go ahead Collins,
crouch down right there. Very, very, slow. There you go, real slow. Okay. Good, good, good, good, good. Now just keep your fingers
up away from the ground, I am going to move in a
little bit closer to you. Ooh, you see that
tongue flicking? – Yep. – It is sensing us right now. Now I’m hoping that me
not being in front of it doesn’t give it
that escape route. Okay, there we go, how’s
that shot for you, Mark? – [Mark] That’s perfect. – And good, Mario good for you? Okay and I am going to keep
the snake tongs in between us, just in case it launches, I’ll
be able to block its strike. And there you have it, that is the holy grail of the Sonoran
desert right there, Collins. Probably the rarest creature
that you can come across. You can see now it’s
getting comfortable, it’s saying to itself,
“okay, nobody’s trying to pick me up,
nobody’s in my way.” this lizard’s going to
move on when it feels it’s time to move on
and that’s gonna be the moment that we
get to spend with it. But look at that
amazing patterning. That is a very
healthy gila monster. You’ve never seen one of
these before, have you? – No, this is so cool! – [Mark] You should
seriously get out your phone and take a picture. – Do you have your phone on you? – Okay, move very
slowly, very slowly. There you go, get your
phone out, take a picture. This is gonna be one of those
moments to remember my friend. Now, my excitement
could be a lot louder than it is right now, but we
want this reptile to stay calm. The longer it stays
here in front of us, the better it is for our scene because if it decides to book, we’re gonna literally have
to let it go on its way. Now, they will stay underground
the majority of the day. Again, trying to
escape the heat, they come out to hunt at night. Ooh, stay right there,
stay right there. And you’ll notice the skin,
looks very beaded right? Everyone of those
bumps is an osteoderm, which is a little chip of
bone underneath the skin and then there’s a scale
up over the top of it. Yeah. Oh my gosh, this is
like a perfect specimen. – [Mark] Look at
how good it’s being, it’s just sitting there. – This is the second largest
gila monaster I’ve ever seen. – Really. – Yeah. That is a big
lizard right there. And this is the only
venomous lizard species here in the United States,
however down in Mexico, there’s another venomous lizard
called, the beaded lizard. So there are only two venomous
lizards in North America. But when it comes tot he south
west, this lizard is king. – So when it’s flicking
its tongue out, what is it doing
when it’s doing that? – That’s a great question,
well they a forked tongue just like a snake
and what that’s doing is it’s sensing its environment. So when that tongue comes
out, it grabs chemicals from the air, sucks
it into its mouth and have what’s called,
a jacobson’s organ. And that basically, is like
a computer that tells him, “okay, this is
what’s in the area.” it can be potential prey, it
can be potential predator, it could be whether
or not rain is coming. They rely on that tongue
for so much information. – Wow. – It’s like a gila monster’s
little personal computer. – He’s starting to move
his head towards us. – It is, it is
getting ready to head into the shadows
and call it a night. I think it is hung
out quite long enough. That’s a little beetle that
just flew into the scene. Okay, Collins, okay why
don’t you gently stand up and just kinda take a very slow
step off to the edge there. Perfect. And we’re gonna let this gila
monster continue on its night. That was epic. This has certainly be the night
of the lizards at this point but I have now found a
pretty good size tarantula. You can see right up on the
edge of the grasses there, I cannot tell if it is
getting ready to burrow and if it’s next to
a burrow, I wanna see if I can get it away from us so we can actually get up
close with the cameras. – Do you want me to
be close to this part or how do you want
me to be in this? – Let’s bring it all
the way from the grass. That’s gonna be the key
because we can’t really see. You alright? – Yeah. – Oh here we go,
this is perfect. – Alright Collins,
now we actually have the tarantula up
and out of the grass with the best thing
for me to do is, actually just kinda cup
my hand over the spider to see if I can keep
it in one place. I’m gonna try to do this
without taking a bite. – Yeah. – Now, the bite from this spider is no more potent than
that of a bee sting. So if I am bitten,
it’s gonna be okay. – Oh my gosh! Yo, that’s crazy! – I need you to just
stay completely still. It does make me
nervous to try to like, balance the spider from
one hand to the other. So now what I would
like to do, Collins. If you think you’re up for it, is to let this spider
walk on your hand and arm. You think you could do that? – What are the chance of
it biting me really quick? – For real? 1/10th. – There’s always a
chance, but you see how I’m just letting it walk from hand to hand
applying no pressure? – Yep. – It’s staying pretty calm,
just put your hand out straight in front of my hand. – Oh gee, (fumbling words) it just tripped out
for a second, bro? – Yep, it’s because you
made a lot of noise. You wanna stay as calm as you
can, don’t make any noise. – Okay, I’ll go and then… – So here’s a thing
though, Collins. If you do this, you gotta
keep your hands still. – Gotta stay completely still. – Back on the hand
or from the hand? – I would do the
base of your hand. And I will be here to… – Are you gonna catch
on the other side? – Now I’m gonna let it
on to you, there you go. – Stay, stay, stay. – Stay still. Very good, very good. – Oh that was pretty good. – That was great. – Very still, we’re
just gonna continue to give it a runway
just like that. – It feels crazy! Oh my gosh! – You are doing awesome. Did you ever think that
you would be out here in the Sonoran desert
handling a tarantula? – No way! This is so cool! Oh my gosh… – There you go. Go ahead and try to get
your other hand in front. Perfect, whatever you do, don’t apply any pressure
to the spider. – It’s going on my arm. – There we go. – I forgot about the
loud rule, my bad. – It’s okay, it’s okay,
the quieter you stay, the more calm the
spider will stay. Well, its figured
out at this point that we are not
predators, that we are not trying to eat the spider. – So cool! – Its interest is just in
getting to the next spot it can walk, there
you go, now my hands aren’t even involved. – Yeah, yeah, it’s going for it. – Excellent work. So cool, you are a
brave man, my friend. It takes a lot to
be afraid of spiders and actually hold onto
one of these arachnids. But like I said,
this is not something that you need to be afraid of. Despite the fact that
they are venomous, the bite is very mild. And after I handle the
spider for a few minutes, I can kinda determine that
it is gonna stay calm. – It is so, that
just blew my mind! I never thought I
would hold a tarantula, let alone a wild tarantula
that we just caught. – Yeah, tell everybody watching. This is a tarantula we
literally just found. – Just found this in the
bushel of grass, fam. A bushel of grass. – I’ve handled many
tarantulas but, you have to base
handling an arachnid like this on its demeanor. Now, for anybody
out there watching, I would never recommend
that you go out and try to pick up a tarantula. Keep in mind, I’ve been doing
this for a very long time and the only reason that I
push you into this position is because I feel
comfortable with this spider. I’ll let it get adapted to me, and then I’ll let
it walk on you. I would never put
you in a situation that I didn’t think was safe. But there you go, you have
faced your fear of spiders and you have handled
a wild tarantula. How cool is that? – Literally never
thought I would do that. – Well, guys, I would
definitely say that this was one incredibly
epic expedition. We came across
multiple lizard species including, the holy grail
of the Sonoran desert, the gila monster and
then, Collins Key, my main man, faced
his arachnophobia by handling a wild
desert blonde tarantula. Look at that, you got it? – Yup. – I’m Coyote Petersen,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next location. – Look at that! See he likes me, he’s
going back on my hand. – You got a new buddy. – Exactly. – Alright, you want
to do the honors of letting it make
off into the desert. Alright, just put your hands
on the sand and off it will go. Bye buddy. – Bye! Have a safe journey! – That was awesome! – [Coyote] So far, over
the course of my time creating content for
Youtube, I’ve had the chance to meet
or work with many of the platform’s
finest talents. And working alongside Collins
was an absolute blast. Not only is he one
of the most genuine and positively happy
humans I’ve ever met. But for someone who
has never embarked upon on an adventure into
the eerie darkness of the night time
desert, he has within him a bravery that is
absolutely unmatched. I wonder if you can do math
while handling a spider. What’s eight times eight? – Yeah, I’m not… A lot of legs on a spider. That’s why there’s eight legs, that’s what we’re
going for right? – That’s good, that’s good. If you enjoyed
this collaboration
between Collins Key and the Brave Wilderness team, make sure to go back and watch my appearance on
his channel where we find out what’s in the box. And don’t forget, subscribe! So you can join me and the
crew on our next location. (screaming) – Oh my gosh!