– Today we ask the age-old question– – Will it cheesecake? – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – Yes, the rumors are true. Small towns across the
entire United States have been dotted with billboards featuring Good Mythical Morning. And yes, our nipples are visible. But they’re only gonna
be up for one more week. Not our nipples, well yes our nipples, but the billboards.
(Link chuckles) We’re gonna continue to
put clues to the locations on our social media where we encourage you to share your findings with #MythicalUSA. – #MythicalUSA. But now cheesecake. Cheesecake is one of the
most popular desserts in the world, in fact, it’s so popular they have dedicated an
entire factory to making it. But the cheesecake that
we’re gonna be eating today didn’t come from a factory. It’s home-made and if past
Will Its are any indicator, we may be making a trip
home after eating it. It’s time for– – [Rhett And Link] Will It Cheesecake? – Now your typical cheesecake consists of a mixture of soft fresh cheese, typically cream cheese or ricotta, eggs, vanilla and sugar, all on top of a cookie or graham cracker crust. – Mhm and for all of
these we have maintained the cheesecake recipe by
using eggs, cheese, sugar and crumb crust but
everything else is gonna be pure experimentation! And for this first one, we
have decided to go savory instead of sweet and
what’s more savory than a Philly cheese steak? Plus it rhymes. Presenting the cheese steak cheesecake. – Mm! – Looking good, right? Okay, this has got rib-eye
steak, onion, mushroom, and provolone filling. It is topped with Cheez
Whiz, whipped cream, and pickled cherry tomatoes. I said tomatoes but I
meant to say peppers– – [Rhett] Have a slice, Link! – It’s still cold because
that’s how cheesecake happens. We may wish that it was warm. It kinda looks like, I
want it to be a quiche. – It has a quiche-like quality. If you were to give me
this on a brunchy morning, I would think that I was
being given a quiche. – Maybe the coldness will
work its savory advantage. Probably not, but let’s try it. We dunk it, now we sunk it. Very cheesy. Perhaps the cheesiest
cheesecake I’ve ever eaten, just by virtue of–
– Well the Cheez Whiz. The Cheez Whiz on top, I
feel like I might need, just to get a pure experience, I’m gonna take a little
bit of that cheese off and just get the cheesecake. – And once you get past
that, I didn’t know cheese was such a strong taste. You’ll eventually get to the
steak and you’ll eventually really start liking it. – I know, I like it. I liked it before.
– Mhm. – My mama used to make–
– Great woman. – You remember, in the 80s
they made cold savory things and you thought that maybe
somebody should put it in the oven, but– – Yeah I’m not bothering
the coldness at all. I’m not bothered by it
and I’m not bothering it. – Well don’t bother the coldness. – I don’t mean to annoy you. – I do wonder what it would be like if it were to be put into an oven. It would probably just
become a gelatinous mess. – It would no longer be cheesecake. – But if the coldness
is a little off-putting, but, I’ve got this cheese
stringing off my face. Can you help me with that?
– I don’t see anything. – Maybe it’s just happening in my mind. – You’re going a little cray cray. – It’s so cheesy that I’m beginning to have cheese hallucinations. – But ultimately, Philly cheese steak. Will it cheese cake? – [Rhett And Link] Yes! – We’re gonna ride the
savory train one more time because once you put
steak in a cheesecake, the next obvious move
is to put chicken in it. But not just any chicken, we’re talking about
Kentucky Fried Chicken. And that’s not the only
thing we’ve done here. Get a load of the KFC’s cake. – Look at this. Now, this is amazing. Break it down for us. – We’ve got popcorn chicken,
mashed potatoes, corn filling. That’s all in the middle, then
we’ve got whipped potatoes and gravy cream topping
with cheese and coleslaw all in a biscuit crumb crust. – [Link] Oh gosh, look at this. – I’ve always wanted coleslaw
on top of my cheesecake. That’s the one thing I’ve
always thought was missing. – This is something that
KFC would break out, man. ‘Cause they will do stuff. They’ll do some weird stuff. – KFC just exhibits– – I wasn’t gonna say desperate, but– – Signs of desperation too often. Listen, you’ve got incredible
chicken with 11 herbs and spices; it doesn’t
need to be bolstered by bowls where you just mix everything else on the menu together. – Or sandwiches where the meat becomes the buns.
– Is the bun! You don’t have to do that. – That’s odd! – Now I enjoy all of it, personally. But normal people probably don’t. – Now I like to mix everything
that KFC offers together beside the chicken, so
I’ll eat the chicken and then I’ll mix the
coleslaw with the gravy with the potatoes. – So you’re the reason
that they have those bowls. – Yeah. – Okay we talked our way all
around, right back to it. – I mean, I hope you’re watching, Colonel. – You know what happens when corn goes in? – Corn come out.
– That’s right. – Uh. (crew laughing) – Give it a chance, man. – I didn’t get any chicken. Is that a chicken chunk? – You’re the bowl man. Give it a chance. – Okay, now that I got
some chicken in there, I love it. – Oh, hold on! That was all it took? – Yes.
– So next time I’m having an issue with you and I need
to persuade you, just pop– – Just pop a little
chicken popper in my mouth. – Y’all, get some popcorn chicken, I want it on-hand at all times. – I’ll be making a face like,
I don’t know about this. And I’ll be very critical and then– – Pop it in.
– Oh, I love it! – I don’t love it, to me it’s not– – This is how I eat
KFC, all mixed together. – It’s not as good as the
cheese steak cheesecake. But it’s not bad, again,
the coldness throws me off a little bit– – There’s a sweetness
in the coleslaw itself. – The corn, it’s the corn.
– The corn. – Did you chew the corn?
– No need. – No, you gotta chew the corn. ‘Cause you don’t chew the
corn now (clicks tongue). – You like to talk about the
corn coming out the tuchus. – Yeah.
– There’s a piece. – [Rhett] So, KFC’s
cake, will it cheesecake? – [Rhett And Link] Yes. – Okay all that fat
and sugar in cheesecake can make you feel like
you need to take a nap so we decided to counteract
that sedative effect with something stimulating. Namely, energy drinks. It’s the five hour energheese cake. This thing is jam-packed
full of all the energy drinks we could get our hands out. We reduced Rockstar, Red
Bull and Monster drinks to just their essence through
a process called reducing. (Rhett and crew laugh)
That’s a cooking thing. – Yeah, it’s a new thing. – The whipped cream is
5-hour Energy whipped cream and there’s Hypershock Rage crust. – The Hypershock Rage crust requires rage to get it–
– Use some rage! Hypershock Rage–
– Dilly dally under there. – If you don’t know, it’s
a pre-workout that promises vein swelling pumps. – Oh, I know. (chuckles) – And there’s a little
bit extra of the Rage sprinkled on top there. – They made a lightning bolt. Josh made a lightning bold out of Rage! – Rage! – Hypershock Rage. – Now this is, I don’t know if I could have guessed that it would turned out
like a minty pink color. Who would have known? – It smells like cheesecake. – It smells like– – It smells like cheesecake for once! – But it looks like–
– Dink it. – A problem. Woo! Woo! (Rhett chuckles) (Rhett laughs heartily) Making my jaws clench.
(Rhett grunts) You raging? – The only way to get
through this tartness is with rage! Oh gosh. – Now I just wanna point out
that it’s not packed full of steroids, it’s packed
full of caffeinated drinks, so it’s not necessarily
gonna make your balls small and you angry, but– – That’s already happened. (both chuckling) I kinda like it! – I really like it! – I’m just saying that– – I really like it! – I don’t know if it’s the
effect of the Hypershock Rage, I’m just saying that it’s so tart, in order to make it through the tartness, you gotta rage. – It’s the tartiest
cheesecake I ever tasted. – We could sell this at the gyms. – We could go door-to-door to gyms? – We go in there like the Bushwhackers. – Hey!
– Hypershock! Hypershock Rage cheesecake! – Get it while the getting’s good. – We get sponsors. You know what, we get sponsor, first of all–
– Make you pucker. – Energy drinks will sponsor anything. They will sponsor anything–
– They’re shameless. – And they’ll both sponsor the same thing. We want all of them to sponsor one cake. Sponsored by all the energy! – And if you don’t, we’re gonna rage! – You know, I think, let’s just bring the Bushwhackers back
and get them to do it. Are they still alive? – They’ll be easy to track down. Energy drink, will it cheesecake? – [Rhett And Link] Yes! – People eat cheesecake
when they feel bad. People take pain relievers
when they feel bad. Say no more, break out
the analgheese cake. – (chuckles) You’re
gonna have to explain why anal, it’s got the word anal in it, so you gotta explain why analgheese cake. – You shouldn’t say anal. Say annal. Analgesics are pain relievers. Now, we don’t have any actual drugs here. This is all-natural. We got devil’s claw, Boswellia serrata, and kava kava filling. I’m sure I butchered that. We also have feverfew whipped cream and willow bark cracker crust. First of all, we’ll say, even
though this is all-natural, I do not recommend that
you do this and make this. We don’t know exactly how
much you could eat of this before you have maximum pain relief. I think we’re just
gonna have a bite of it. – Not only is there a pill here, but I see cross-sections of
pills throughout this thing. – Now this is when we rage too hard. When we bushwhack just
like a couple of maniacs and then we get– (chuckles) – If you bushwhack too
much, your bush whacks back. – That’s right, and then we come back home and we’re like, aw man. – I gotta get some analgesic in me. – Yeah, and it’s, you just eat cheesecake. You don’t wanna stop eating
cheesecake for anybody. – I like the fact that we’re
bringing the term analgesic out of the board rooms and into the home of all of our Mythical Beasts. – There’s a syrup in the
middle of it, what is that? I’m sure it’s good for me. Dink it. – Smells like cheesecake and Grape Nuts. – It actually smells like pet food. Well let’s just eat it. – Oh. – It tastes like it’d be a poison. – Tastes like I’ve been
wronged in the mouth. – It’s worth it! – Just bad, ooh! – You’re gonna feel so good
when you get that down. – Are you swallowing it? – Yeah. – Oh gosh. – I raged so hard, I’m gonna– (chuckles)
(Link gags) I’m gonna do whatever it takes, man. Do what it takes, Neal! (Link gags) It’s like if you took–
– Oh! – A hamster cage that had had
hamsters in it for awhile, you took the newspapers.
– Yes. – You folded them up,
you started cinching them and you squeeze–
– Juice in your mouth. – One drop.
– Doop! – That’s what just happened in my mouth. – Herbal pain relievers. Will they cheesecake? – [Rhett And Link] No! – Now in order to make cheesecake,
you need milk from a cow, but what if instead of
taking milk from a cow, you took the digestive fluids
synthesized by the cow’s liver stored in its gallbladder
and secreted into its small intestine. Yes, I’m talking about
everybody’s favorite cow juice secretion, beef bile. We call this one bile
have what cheese having. (Rhett laughs) – You know what, no matter what happens, if we don’t make it through this, it’s worth it because of
the name of the cheesecake. – It’s the color–
– It’s freaking gray! – Nasty, turn around like
this so they can see you take the piece out. – Now just in case you didn’t
understand what Link said. – It doesn’t stink. It doesn’t stink at all. – It is a secretion. We haven’t had secretions
very much on this show. – Yeah this is– ♪ A whole new world ♪ Oh gosh.
– Oh gosh, I can’t. I can’t dislodge it. – So here’s what’s in this thing. Bile filling, bile whipped cream, and cinnamon graham cracker crust. Yum. – Okay here we go.
– There it is. So hand me a full– – Here’s a complimentary
bile caramel drizzle. (crew laughing) – Yes, Josh.
– Oh, beautiful. – Thanks for your
table-side service, Josh. – No problem, thank you
guys for dining with us. – [Link] Now, this
doesn’t, it doesn’t stink when I smell it.
– No, it’s enough! That’s plenty, man!
– Oh sorry, I’m sorry. – But we were told that
this may be the worst thing we’ve ever tasted on this show. Stevie said worst thing we’ve ever tasted, Darren said at least top 10. So boy I can’t wait to get into this one. – Before we put that extra
secretion on top of it, it was seeming almost doable. – No blood is going to my hands anymore, it’s like I’m going into survival mode. My extremities, I can’t feel them. – Typically this is
like mixed into things. Not cheesecake. – Again, it doesn’t stink. – It’s gonna be good. Dink it.
– Dink it. – And sink it. (both gagging and retching) (crew moans disgustedly)
(crew laughing) (both spit) (Rhett screams) (Rhett gags) Oh gosh. It’s not meant for human consumption. (Link spits) How could that have no smell? – That’s in a cow? – But it helps the cow eat its own food. You know what I’m saying,
it’s not the kinda thing you should be putting in cheesecake. Whose idea was this? – Really, whose idea was this? ‘Cause they are going down. Kevin?
– Oh gosh. Well. – [Link] Beef bile. Will it cheesecake? – [Rhett And Link] No! – It’s the worst pure taste
we’ve ever tasted on this show, I think. I’m sure there’s other
things that it ties with. – What I will say is
that it doesn’t linger with the disgust in the
same way that blood does. ‘Cause now that it’s not in
my mouth anymore, I feel okay. But the moment that my
mind registered what it was is one of the worst in my life. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Bailey.
– I’m Trevor. – And I’m Jacob. – [Bailey] And we’re from
King George, Virginia. – [Together] And it’s time to
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