– Today we ask the age old question:
– Will it chocolate? – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music playing) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Chocolate. It’s a delicacy, a dessert, it’s a movie starring Johnny Depp before
he turned into your high school’s creepy theater director. It’s everything
that is good. – A brief history of chocolate: it is made
from the cacao seed! CACAO! Its earliest known use was in 1900 B.C.
and it was also used in place of fake blood in the famous shower scene in
“Psycho” (makes “ee-ee” noises) Cacao! Cacao! Cacao!
– But does chocolate really make everything better? Let’s test that theory! It’s
time to find out: Together – Will It Chocolate? – First up we’ve decided to go with
everyone’s favorite side item. – We used to fill up at least two squares
of our Buies’ Creek Elementary School sectioned off cafeteria tray with this item:
Tater Tots! Together – Will It Chocolate? – It’s just chocolate covered potatoes.
– Look at that, that is a magical, cyllindrical treat of what I hope to be potatoey-
chocolately awesomeness. – I imagine this to be good. I don’t know
why it hasn’t happened before. Put this in the Whitman’s Sampler!
– I’m gonna bite mine in half so I get a good cross-section. I assume
you were just gonna go (makes gulp noise). – That’s what I was gonna do.
– Alright, 3…2… – Ooh…it’s really got, it’s firmed up.
– Mmm. – Here’s a cross-section.
– That takes me back, man. – I’m really trying to love this, but,
there’s a lot of chocolate… – I could pop these, just all day, swallowing.
– It’s not, this is not automatic for me. – You don’t like this?
– I don’t dislike it, but I thought I would, I thought I would go, just ape crap
over this. Matter o’ fact it looks like ape crap. An ape has been here!
– I think the real issue with these, and I think I understand why you’re not
feelin’ ’em completely is because the great thing about a tater tot is it
being like, hot and crispy, but these are fried and then they were dipped in
chocolate, and then they were kinda cooled and I think that the tater tot lost some
of its tater tot-ness when that happened. – But, but I’m still gonna go on a belief that
if these were timely, these showed definite promise, so…
– Theoretical promise. These have theoretical promise.
– Will it chocolate? Together – Yes!
– Theoretically. – Okay, we wanted to do something healthy
and I’m a big fan of beans. We’ve never gone down the lima bean aisle! – Lima Beans!
Together – Will It Chocolate? – Is there a whole aisle dedicated to lima
beans in your grocery store? – In my Piggly Wiggly there is.
– (laughter) – That’s where I shop.
– Wow. – That’s a different kinda chocolate,
isn’t it? Dark chocolate. – So, these are even healthier ’cause
dark chocolate is healthier for ya. (toasting beans) Cha-ching!
– We could sell these at a Whole Foods, forget Piggly Wiggly for a second.
– Right. – Put it in one of those bins…
– Eat another lima bean. I mean, the one thing I’m learning is that
chocolate covers a multitude of sins. – Yep.
– The sin’s in this case being a lima bean. – You think that being a lima bean’s a sin?
– Oh yeah. Like, when in doubt, whip chocolate out! Will it chocolate?
Together – Yes! – I wasn’t gonna do this, but (sniffles)
I think this next item might make me cry! – Onion.
Together – Will It Chocolate? – It is just a raw, bloomed onion…
– I can smell that. – …covered in white chocolate. So you
can grab a little bit of this. – I don’t really know, how to…
– Oh my goodness. There is a rose petal of onion-ness, that smells strong.
– Okay, here we go. – Ooh. I mean someone could crap in an
Easter bunny and it would be better than this. You know how they’re hollow?
Crew – (laughter) – What?
– Oh, gosh…. – Don’t be so quick to judge. I feel like
something very interesting is happening in my mouth.
– I feel like I’m about to vomit, dude. I mean, previously, the chocolate has been
so overwhelming, but now the onion is just, it’s attacking my soul. It’s something…
I love onions, and something about covering it in white chocolate, it just turns
everything into a wrongness. – Really? I don’t know, man. It’s like,
everyone should be slapped in the face from time to time.
– Are you asking for that right now? – No, ’cause you’ve slapped me and I’ve
slapped you. We’re done – for life. – Oh.
– We don’t have to slap each other in the face anymore. But everybody needs a
little slap in the face just to know they’re alive. That’s how I feel about this item. – Will it chocolate?
Together – No! – Beef, buns, and cheese – we are in risky
territory messing with this magical combination but we’re gonna take that risk with
a cheeseburger! Together – Will It Chocolate? – Wow, now this is a work of art!
– That is pretty. – Check this out, guys! The bun is dipped
in milk chocolate, the cheese is covered in white chocolate, and the burger is
covered in dark chocolate. – Remove the buns, Link!
– Check this out. Oh my goodness… – Prepare the buns!
– Swirl it. I like my ketchup swirled. Alright, now add some mustard on there,
I mean, we are rolling dessert into the, you know, meaty center of a fast
food experience here. I’ma top this one back off. Pick up that burger.
I don’t know if my mouth can unhinge enough, I gotta like go…
– Go snake on it. – …go snake on it.
– (country accent) I’m gonna go snake on this burger! Once you make mouth contact,
just, whatever it takes man. Lose all pride. – (laughter)
– There ya go, now bite down, snake it! Wow, what a cross-section.
– (mumbles with mouth full) – What’s that? You can’t get a second
chew, can you? (laughter) – (muffled) It stuck to the roof of my mouth.
– Okay. – (muffled) Why aren’t you eatin’?!
– Because if you were gonna die I wasn’t gonna try.
– All I taste so far is chocolate. – Alright, here I go.
– Work it, more! More! More! – (muffled) Oh, it stuck to the roof of my mouth!
– Yeah. You want me to hit you on the back of the head? – No. Mmkay. Lotta chocolate…
– Chocolate is so strong. – Hold on, I’m startin’ to get a little
bit of burger… – Yeah, the burger sneaks its way up into it.
– Mhmm. – I feel like the only real way to evaluate this…
– Hold it! A little bit of cheese. – I think I’m gonna have to disassemble it
and try it one piece at a time. – Yeah.
– That’s what I used to do as a child anyway. Okay, so this is just patty. And I’m
not talking about that woman that I know. Do you know of any woman actually
named Patty? – My wife’s aunt, Aunt Patty.
– I didn’t know they actually existed. – Actually, you know what? Her name is Jean.
Crew & Rhett – (laughter) – It’s a myth that Patties actually exist.
– I believe that. Good point. Alright, let’s eat the burger. Oh it’s a pickle
in there! ♪ I got a pickle in the middle of my burger that was covered in chocolate! ♪
– That’s gonna be the hit, Summer 2016. – ♪ I got a pickle in the middle of my burger
that’s (together) covered in chocolate! ♪ – We’re making history, here.
– Let’s call up Demi Lovato and see if she’ll sing that. But anyway, I think we
agree – Will it chocolate? Together – Yes! – Okay so chocolate can make a tasty thing
tastier, but, can it make a nasty thing tasty? What about: A pickled duck egg.
Together – Will It Chocolate? – It’s got some egg juice that’s kinda
leeched out through the chocolate… – Ooh.
– That’s not, that’s not good. – There is a orange residue down here…
– Mm. Thanks for pointing that out. – I’m gonna smell it. Now, the good news
is I only smell chocolate. – And it’s milk chocolate.
– But I can see an egg at the bottom. – Okay, I really feel like the only way to
do this justice is to get half of an egg. You’ve gotta do a full half-egg.
– Cross-section that baby? – You gotta cross-section that. I don’t
mean a third, I mean a half. You gotta get a full half-egg.
– This is not gonna be… – To eggs! To ducks everywhere!
– Duck, duck, loose! Oh, you’re goin’ that way.
Kinda milly in there. – All I taste is chocolate. I feel like…
– My brain wants to vomit but my mouth wants to celebrate.
– Yeah, the mouth, no problems here! – Right but the brain is like, “Think about it!”
– My eyes, my eyes and all my previous experiences are sending messages of negativity
to my brain but my brain is like, “But it tastes like chocolate!”
– It’s almost like it’s cake inside. Crew – (laughter)
– (retching) Oh, oh, okay…alright, I got to the yolk. It changed.
– Did it? ‘Cause that’s in my cheek right now. – Bring the yolk out of your cheek and bring
it into the inner chamber of the mouth, Explore it with your tongue.
Crew – (laughter) – And then get back to me. ‘Cause it’s
a different story. Ughh. – (Link retches)
– Yeah, you hit the yolk. – Nope, nope, it’s still good for me,
come on. Come on mind, check out! Check out, mind! Like you normally do.
– Hold, hold on…I almost threw up. – Mine’s gone. What happened was, here’s
what you can’t do, kids: – Mentally?
– You can not let the chocolate all melt. Don’t chipmunk this stuff.
– So you don’t want to try anymore? – The salt, no, the saltiness, the um
pickledness, and the cake-i-ness of it, all works for me.
Will it chocolate? – No!
– Yes! – Okay, we don’t have to agree on everything.
– No we don’t, we are individuals. – But just in case you don’t have enough duck
in your life, how about a Geoduck? Together – Will It Chocolate? – Geoduck is not just a duck that’s gooey.
In fact, it’s not even really related to a duck. It is a large…
– There’s gooey in it. – …clam. Uh, Link, let’s show ’em what
we’re talking about here. – This is the pre-choclified version.
– Just so you know what this is, this is a…
– You touch it. – …huge clam.
– It’s frozen that’s why it’s so, uh, rigid. – They live up to 150 years.
– So you hold it this way. That’s how it sits… – And people enjoy it…
– …under the water. It looks like a uh… – I know what it looks like. You don’t
have to talk about it. – Well, an elephant trunk.
– Yeah, it looks like an elephant’s trunk. That’s definitely what it looks like.
Anyway, uh… – Alright, so give us the choclified concoction.
– This is a delicacy, guys! – I mean, this turd-shaped thing, anything
could be hiding under here! – This is a trust exercise!
– Could be a mutant banana, could be an electric eel that had a bad day,
uh, could be a little cow tongue. – Ooh, it’s mushy. Oh my goodness.
– Uh oh, the chocolate casing is being compromised.
– Look at that, guys. We’ve had the highest success rate of any “Will It?” so far,
only onions have 100% failed across both of us, because, as we’ve established,
chocolate makes anything tolerable! So, is it floppy floppy?
– Oh, wow. – Oh my goodness gracious.
– Where are you gonna? The problem is that it’s so resistant, it doesn’t wanna
be covered in chocolate. – Well the longer we wait, the less it
is so we should probably sink our teeth into this thing.
– I’m just gonna go for this back part here, that seems to have the most chocolate.
3…2…1… – (struggling biting noises)
Crew – (laughter) – Just use your incisors man, bite! Bite hard!
– (making “nooo” noises) – It’s like I’m eating a whole gum.
It’s like I went up under the bleachers of a high school football game…
– Collected everything you found…. – And then put some chocolate on it.
– I mean, if I swallowed this it would never come out of my system.
– Seven years man, just like gum. – The great news is that it doesn’t have
a lot of taste, it has a lot of texture though. What it lacks in taste it makes
up for in texture. – Your teeth kinda bounce off of it. Every
time you go down on it it’s, “Nope! Nope!” – All the chocolate has wasted away at this point.
– It’s just a mild clam. – It’s a mild clam?
– It’s just a mild clam. Hey! Who’s up for mild clams? – I don’t know if I can get it down just
because of the sheer girth of it… Rhett & Crew – (laughter)
– It’s so much clam! – You’re not chewing enough.
– I’m getting a little more chocolate off my fingers, that helps.
– Oh yeah. – No gagging.
– No gagging the whole time! Are we getting too good at this? Is that
what’s happening? Look! – It’s gone?
– The gooey duck’s gone! Oh gosh.
– Mine’s not. – It’s like a cat food factory in there.
– (laughter) that’s the best thing you’ve ever said to me, man. You’re such
a good friend, man. – That the inside of your mouth looks like
Together – A cat food factory. – (high voice) Kitty, kitty kitty, kitty!
– Cats would be interested in this. – I’ve been trying to swallow a big
clump of this at once just to get this over with, the madness has to end.
Give me a countdown from three… – 3…2…1…swallow.
– It’s right there! Wow, and the after taste is very clam-
chowdery, minus the chowder. – I can see why it’s a delicacy. Will it chocolate?
Together – Yes! – Hey guys!
– So many things chocolate! – Yeah! It’s a testimony to the power of
chocolate. It covers anything that could be a little questionable,
or a little clammy. Or a lot clammy. – If you’ve got a problem in your life,
if you’re going through something right now that you just can’t handle…
– Turn to chocolate. – Turn to chocolate.
– Now I’m not sayin’ I’m gonna eat the rest of this geoduck, but I am saying thanks for
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And here we go! Rhett is Link’s beauty pageant coach. – (crazy mom voice) Look at me. Look at ME.
– (scared voice) Yes, coach? – Linkita, you’re gonna go out there and shake yer stuff!
– Yes! – Shake what your mother gave you…
– I just don’t… – Shake what I gave you…
– I just don’t…. – You’re gonna shake it. Those other little
girls are EVIL. Go out there and bite their heads off. – Like, from the top or from the side?
– (whispering) However you want.