I have been looking around for this
stuff for a while. It’s WINK vanilla flavored frozen dessert. Gonna review it,
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content. So guys, I’ve been looking around for this stuff for a long time. It’s WINK
frozen dessert. I got a couple of comments a long time ago, asking me if I would do
a review of Wink, and I was like, “Yes, I WILL do a review of Wink. I just need to
find it first. It’s been very elusive, but I happened to find this at my local Whole
Foods. So I snatched up this pint of Wink, and I’m gonna check it out. If you’ve been
here before, you’ll know that I do a lot of ice cream reviews, many of which you
can see right up here. And I break them down into three parts. I talk about the
texture of the ice cream. That’s the most important thing to me. What’s it feel
like coming out of the container? What’s it feel like in here? And then I talk
about the flavor. What is it gonna taste like, or what it
tastes like, based on my expectations. This flavor, vanilla bean, I don’t assume
there will be any surprises, but I’m expecting vanilla bean. And then I talk
about the carbs. What is the carb situation? Could I pack in this whole
pint if I so chose? So that’s how I do it. And let’s get into it. This is Wink
Vanilla Bean. Let’s take a look at what it looks like. Whoa. It’s very… it’s kind of like, almost overflowing, there. Filled to the brim. It’s very smooth, too, compared to like a lot of stuff that I have reviewed
recently. I think I have heard that Wink… I’ve heard rumors that Wink is not the
best, texture-wise. I’ve been letting this sit out of my freezer for about 15 or 20
minutes, now. So I’m hoping to get a pretty accurate reading of what it’s
supposed to feel like. So let’s take a scoop, here. Holy cow, that’s
loud. Whoa! Okay. Icy… icy. It’s got like a… Oh, and it’s got a.. a strange… a strange
flavor. I’ll get to that in just a minute. But the texture… listen! I’m gonna
put this right up to the mic. It’almost like a slushy, almost? Like a very… super
thick slushy. Trying to think of what that… what that kind of feels like. Really,
really icy. But you know? It’s um… Oh my god, it’s so loud. Okay. Texture is really weird. Not
ice creamy at all. It’s more like a…um like the bottom of a slush puppy, after
you’ve sucked out all of the flavor. It’s just sort of like packed ice, which is a
little odd, which is not to say that I… dislike it. It’s just not what I expected.
It’s not creamy at all, and it’s not technically an ice cream. It’s a frozen
dessert. So this is not bothering me as much as I… as much as I thought it might,
because I heard… I heard rumors it was a little less creamy than you could expect.
I did not expect it to be quite that icy, but again — I don’t think I
mind that too much. If I know what I’m getting into with this stuff, I’m willing
to accept that different texture. The flavor is very subtle. There’s not a
whole lot of vanilla to it. Oh. Why does it… why? Why does it sound like that? It’s like a Slush Puppy. Ugh, it’s SLUSH! It doesn’t taste like vanilla! I know. Eww!! It tastes kinda like bubble gum. Do you taste it?! Did you taste bubble gum?! I did not taste bubblegum. I need to take
a couple more… Oh my god. Oh my god, it tastes like bubble gum. Do you taste it? Now that you’ve said it… Right? I don’t mind the texture. I need you down here more often, because I need you to
like… yeah. ..tell me what stuff tastes like. Cuz I’m better at stuff? You’re better at things. I’m better at all things. You also
have something in your teeth. Come here. You see that? Nope. Viewers… I’m sorry I
gouged your gum, but you had something in your teeth. Like it was like a thing of pepper.
Um, yeah. No that tastes like . It tastes like… it tastes like gum, or
candy. It does. It tastes like stale gum. Yeah, I don’t think that’s what they were
going for. Probably not. I’m not …I don’t mind the texture! I don’t either! The texture, it feels like… like I could picture me eating this on like a super hot summer day, and not
minding at all. Any day of the year. Doesn’t have to be summer. But it doesn’t have to be creamy, like it’s got… it’s got a really
sort of a… Right. It’s a frozen thing. That’s what it says — it says frozen dessert. It doesn’t say ice cream on it. It’s GOOD that it doesn’t say ice cream. It just tastes like bubble gum. Bubble guy! Okay, I gotta go. OK. Bye! I love her. So this is a little… as you may
have heard, bubble gummy. It didn’t even dawn on me that it tasted like bubble
gum. Hang on. Now I can’t NOT taste bubble gum. Holy cow. it tastes like bubble gum that you’ve
chewed for about five hours longer than you should have. Which is to say five
hours. At any rate, you got an idea of what the texture is, you got an idea of
what the flavor is. It’s not vanilla. It’s like stale bubblegum. However, this
stuff’s saving grace might just be the nutrition information. Serving size – one
half cup. Four servings per container. You know. You’re gonna… That’s what you get.
With any of these, it’s four servings per container. 0.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of
protein, 5 grams of total carbs, 4 dietary fiber, 1 sugar alcohol. You heard
that. There’s zero net carbs. This has zero net carbs. Wow. How is that? Let me read you the ingredients. Water, organic agave inulin,
which is a prebiotic fiber, pea protein, vegetable glycerin, ground flaxseed,
natural flavors (asterisk) and the asterisk underneath says, “may contain
trace amounts of sugar. This is a low calorie dessert.” Okay. Organic guar gum,
organic stevia extract, baking soda, monk fruit extract, and vanilla bean seeds. And
that’s it. Not terrible. Pretty good stuff in there. Zero net carbs, I am willing to…
I’m willing to brave the bubblicious-ness of this… and the sound. Just the
sound it makes when you take it out of there. I can’t believe how loud that is! You know what? I don’t even put
this in the same category as Halo Top, as Enlightened. This is a different product.
I don’t think this is… this is not ice cream. It says frozen desserts. This is like a slushy. And I’m not I’m not opposed to
that. This is actually really good, as far as the macros go, and the nutrition goes.
and this might work for you, if you like the taste of stale gum. I’m so happy that
my wife came down to tell me about the taste, because I was having trouble
putting my finger on it. So I’m gonna try to find some more of this stuff. I’m
gonna try to find different flavors of Wink, and see how it goes. But I’m very
surprised by the carbs. Crazy. Zero net carbs. So that’s Wink. Let me know what
you guys think of this. Have you had it? Were you disappointed by it? Did you
think it was ice cream? I think if you go into it knowing that it’s NOT ice cream,
you’re gonna have a better experience. Let me know if you love it. Let me know
if you hate it. Let me know why. That’s gonna wrap it up for this video, guys!
Hope you enjoyed it. I hope you have a fantastic day, and I’ll see you next time. Anybody remember a Wink Martingale?
wonder if you’d like this. I wonder if he’s still alive…