You know we’re all making it up as we go
along. Our ancestors were freakin making it up as they were going along so we’re all
still trying to figure it out. Keep steadfast to your passion and your
dreams. As you keep moving forward in that and you see things aligning and falling into
place that bring you peace, go with that, follow it, and it’s an integrity to your
values and your responsibility to what you want to offer the world. Yeah. Just keep following that and stay steadfast, to really, your true self and kind of like
loving yourself through it right. You know just loving yourself through it and
giving yourself permission that you can do it. What’s up? I know a lot of you have
been asking about my van Gladys. I filmed the whole build process and I will be
posting a video about Gladys in the relatively near future so be patient
about that. It is coming. Today’s video is about Lisa Star who built Bonita Domes.
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are paid, enjoy today’s video. ♫Music Playing♫ I was coming to a point in my life that I
had to create a way to be sustainable. I was living at the coast at the time so I was seeking an area that wasn’t far from the coast where my children were living
part time with me that I could purchase some land. I wasn’t living in
Joshua Tree at the time, but because of the traveling it was close enough to the coast. At the time the price was right, I don’t know about now. As I looked into building
with earth it aligned so seamlessly. Using my passion and love and desire for
what I want to do and my belief and my philosophy and my values it just lead
me to Joshua Tree and it worked. For example, the earth here on my site is
the perfect makeup for building with these domes. I don’t have to add clay or
sand. All the pieces just kept falling in together you know and I just had to
keep following those signs and guideposts that I’m in the right
direction. ♫Music Playing♫ These are dome structures made out of
earth bag material. I call it Bonita Domes. The village area where
these structures are here right now, people can come and have an experience of living close to nature. The center dome is called the shower house and that
was our first structure that we did when we got on site. We were so excited after
taking the workshop at Keller that we just had to come out here and build. My
vision was to build a shower house where we can actually have a hot tub in so we
could soak while we were building. Still working on the hot tub part, but there
are now showers in there that do run to the septic. Another interesting piece
about this structure…when we first came to site I was living in a trailer. Sold my
trailer and decided to move into this shower house at the time. Now didn’t have showers like it does now so it wasn’t like cozy. This tub area was my bed. This
shower area was my closet and I had a desk area here and I lived here for one
year. I was actually drum making and doing my office work right
here in this building. I’m so grateful for the comforts of my conventional
home. These were practice buildings. The one we were just in the shower house is 12 foot diameter. These are 8 foot diameter. My whole vision around that is to create an experience that is still childlike and
just a sleep area. Being outside is your room and the ceiling is your sky and the
sleep pods gives you a place to sleep. There was a flood a couple years ago. The good thing that came out of it is these permaculture mounds. There’s life
growing on them and they’re not even watered. I’m really proud of those. Over
here is the gazebo kitchen area. Just an outdoor kitchen with your basics. Your
icebox, refrigerator, and propane cook top. This water here, the drain actually feeds the two trees. On the side here is the Kiva fire pit. It’s really great when it’s
windy out here in the desert it does get windy and because it’s low the fires are
safer. There’s not a lot of wind picking up the embers. And then we’re going to be coming up here on the main dome home. It’s a 1,000
square foot home and permitted and coded. So it went through the process. I did
that under the 2007 coding so I’m grandfathered into there. If anyone wanted to do this
now there’s a little bit of a different procedure around the engineering. I just
happened to do it at a good time. The way this house is built is there’s two
living spaces. In the plan we would call this an eco dome. ♫Music Playing♫ So this would be one living space with its own bathroom. Conventional plumbing to code and permitted. The plumbing goes to septic. Had I thought about it I would have put in alternative system where I
could have turned a valve and had it feed the gray water from the sink in the
shower to feed the plants on the outside. I’m really proud and pleased with this archway and how it was done. I was a
newbie architect engineer. That was a big win, this beautiful archway. So this
kitchen is in between the living spaces. The master bedroom is here which boy you are also lucky that you get to peek in here. ♫Music Playing♫ This is kind of where things are going
to be going in the direction of. The finished house, just having it more more comfortable and more conventional. Then we’re going to go out the back door here. The Sun setting there’s just a lot of heat on the west side of any
structures out here in the desert. This is what I came up with is putting out a
trellis and grapevine are going to grow up on here and create some shade. I have
a laundry room here. One of the things I have done is there’s this gray water
system. Anytime I can either have it going to septic or to the trees that
feed the grapevines and the two trees out here. I highly recommend gray water
systems like that. Now I know my water isn’t just going to waste and even in a
septic system it’s somewhat of a gray water system, it’s feeding the trees down there. This is going to be the studio dome. We’re just about to cap it in about a
week. One of the things kind of to tie in being on the west side is that this is
built up against a berm on the west side so half the building is going to be
shaded in the hottest part of the summer. ♫Music Playing♫ I always wanted to be an artist when I
grew up. I saw my opportunity that I could actually be an artist and craft
drums and take it somewhere and have it be purposeful. So I took my hat off as
a holistic health practitioner and said, “Okay. I am just going to be like this drum maker”. At the time, I had no clue what that would look like. It was a little terrifying
because I didn’t know what it would look like and I had just started building
this. I had really jumped off this precipice just kind of making it up as I went along and trusting in the creation of it and the creativity and hopefully having fun while I do it. *laughter* Eventually you know I just kept training
and started integrating my holistic health knowledge and experience with my
shamanic training and with the crafting of my drum and I just weave
it all together and so I definitely consider myself a drum Medicine Woman for sure. Follow your heart and what makes you happy and what brings you peace. Gosh we all need that. We all need each and every one
of you to do that. To transcend any of this chaos and drama and any illusion of
fear that’s trying to like take us over so we need every, each one of us has a
responsibility to follow our heart. Do it with as much love as you can for
yourself and it’ll go out into the world. So, be strong. Yeah. ♫Music Playing♫