Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas”
with Atlas and Zeus promotions. Today, I’m really friggin nervous! I’m down in Cavan,
Ireland. I’m at the Hard Boiled Egg Cafe. I’m taking on the World’s Biggest Breakfast
Challenge! Friggin huge! Ten sausage links, six slices of tomato, ten rashes of bacon,
ten eggs, chips, five hashbrowns, five or six maybe white pudding. This is the killer
here, what everybody has left – ten slices of toast. Got it buttered to help it go down
easier. Mushrooms and beans. 336 People have tried and failed. I’m going to be doing this
contest today with a man who has completed it, but in an hour and twenty minutes. His
nam is Taz. You excited about this? [Taz] Oh yeah! If we win, if one of us wins, or
both, we will get the meal free, a t-shirt, and then we’ll be the first winners of the
world’s largest breakfast. So lets get it going! Alright, real nervous, lets get this
down. Times already started. I’m going to do mushrooms first I think while he’s eating,then I’m going to sandwiches, so lets go! Eating is a big mental game. Very, very glad
I got all that bread out of the way. Tomatoes are next. These are fried. Going to go down
a lot easier! For everybody that doesn’t know Taz, his very first challenge was this and he hasn’t done any others but this. He’s only 27 minutes in. He’s doing a damn good job! 336 people have tried this challenge – all of them have failed. It’s going to be a party night in Dublin before we go to Edinburgh tomorrow. Very glad I did that Murphy’s Law
Challenge in Athlone to get ready and get my strategy. 28 minutes and 15 seconds – dominated! Thank you everybody! Now lets get this guy a win! This challenge was 8 pounds, 10 ounces.
The biggest challenge ever done was 8 pounds. We both – after he finishes this one. 8 pounds,
10 ounces is a hell of a lot of food! Hey everybody! Wanna thank you guys for watching
both of us dominate the challenge. First two to ever win this – after over 336 have failed.
His very first win. For winning, wegot the meal free, we each got this t-shirt – we’ll get one that fits both of us. Most importantly, we both just ate 8 pounds, 10 ounces of food, so that’s a P.R. for me! Very, very excited! Thank you all for watching!
Have a good day!