Vat19 just reached three
billion views, and to celebrate, we’re treating ourselves
to a little dirt cake. Or maybe not so little. [MUSIC PLAYING] To make this monster dessert,
we turned a four foot tub into a flower pot and
filled it by buying 200 gallons of pudding and
using a lot of can openers. [MUSIC PLAYING] The result is a dirt cake with
over 1,800 pounds of pudding, 25 pounds of crushed Oreos, and
30 pounds of giant gummy worms. Let’s dig in. To three billion views! [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Eating a 1,800 pound dirt
cake is pretty amazing. But if there’s one
thing we’ve learned after three billion
views, it’s that you’ve got to take it to the
next level on YouTube. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. Oh God. Oh wow. It’s so cold! It’s so cold. Have some pudding! No! Have some pudding! Oh, it’s weird. It’s so hard to move! What have I done? What are we doing? I’m sorry! Oh, it’s cold! Eat it! Yeah! Finders eaters. Oh there’s a worm all
the way on the bottom! Yeah! Oh, there’s a bottom worm? I think it’s just– Is that your foot? Mmm. Oh yeah. That was a good bite. Oh guys, there’s something– oh! It’s a skull. There’s some pudding
in the eye sockets. Take a bite out of the brain. Mmm. Just passing a gummy
skull around inside a– Make your own giant dirt
cake or just take a bite of these enormous treats. Shop awesomely giant
gummy goodies and hundreds more gifts at [SINGING] We’re rolling, baby! Woo hoo! It’s the pudding mobile. Goodbye! Tap here to see more of
the giant gummy worm. And tap down here to
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so you can eat up all of our new videos
when they come out. Eat up! Mmm! Tastes like knee. [LAUGHTER]