(upbeat music) – Oh, that is so gross! (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn And Bailey
In Unison] Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey! – And in today’s video we are going to be trying strange food combinations. Now they might be strange to us, I don’t know if they’re strange to you. You can leave a comment down below if you eat any of these combinations. Now I remember one time when I was little, Camry tried a quesadilla
and chocolate pudding … – And she loved it! – … and I thought it
was the weirdest thing. And so we’re trying some
of these food combinations that people seem to love, even though they’re kind of strange, so that’s what we’re gonna be doing in today’s video. – Now Brooklyn and I do
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tweet some pretty funny things. So definitely go follow us on Twitter, now lets move on to the strange foods. (upbeat music) – Okay, gotta prepare
ourselves for our meal here. – Tada! – Voila! – Let us dine, wait this isn’t a knife. – Okay, so this unusual food combination is a hamburger and,
strangely, peanut butter. This is a secret menu item
at Shake Shack, they actually serve peanut butter that you
can put on your hamburger, so this is something that a
lot of people like to eat. This will be very interesting. – Okie-dokie. – Okay, put that on top. It smells very interesting
actually, like… – Ready? – Three, two, one (upbeat music) – Ooh! – That tastes so good! – What in the world! – Not expecting to like this, honestly. – That is delicious! – It’s like the perfect mix
of like, sweet and salty. Beyond me but- – It’s so good! – But the people who thought to put peanut butter on a burger have
created something magical. – Delicious. – That was really good. – I’m having another bite. – This one gets, out of 10,
I would say, a good eight. – Or nine. – Eight or nine. – It is really good. – Let’s say nine, this
one was really good. – I highly recommend you try this. – Yeah, highly recommend to put peanut butter on your burger. – Mhm. (upbeat music) – Okay, this one is very strange – I don’t know how I feel about it. – I don’t know how people came up with the combination of this one. Cheese pizza specifically,
and cut up bananas on top. Banana flavor is overwhelming in general, on pizza this is gonna be weird. Okay, ready, set, go. – It smells weird. (upbeat music) – No. No. It’s okay, it’s not like
gross, it’s just like the combination of the two
flavors doesn’t work, honestly you end up chewing and you
taste the pizza one second and the banana the other second. – They don’t like mesh – They don’t like intermingle, which basically basically says they
should not be put together. – We give this one a four – It was not good – It wasn’t, like, really gross
but it wasn’t great either. It was pretty mediocre. – That’s a good point. (upbeat music) – Okay, this food
combination is apple slices sprinkled with salt and pepper. I feel like this could be good. – No! – Because the apple is sweet and sour… – I don’t even like
pepper on normal things – And the salt is like, tangy, and I mean I don’t usually have pepper – Absolutely not – I don’t know how I feel
about the pepper but… – Pepper is not my thing, I
am going to take my bib off. – But it’ll be fun to like… Oh no, oh no no no. – Ahh, I don’t really
like pepper that much. – I think that’s probably good. Alright, three, two, one. – No! (laughter) No! Like the acids of the apple
do not mix well with the salt. – No, it makes it like
super (gagging) like that – Like the juice of the apple does not mix well at all with the salt! – I give this a one! – A one, that was awful. (upbeat music) – Our next strange food
combination is Cheetos with milk, now I love Cheetos, Bailey does
not, do you wanna tell them the story on why, I’m
gonna eat my Cheetos. – I can’t smell the
smell of Cheetos because Camry once threw up Cheetos
on stairs when we were younger and now I’ve resented them
ever since, like the flavor, the smell, everything about Cheetos just makes me want to gag. – I think they’re great – And she’s just over here
chewin’ them and I’m like, I can’t even smell them! It- (gagging) oh, that is so gross! Oh my gosh that is so gross! – Are you ready to eat this? – No. – Let us dive in. (chewing noises) Tastes like a Cheeto. – Uh oh. – That really just tastes like a Cheeto. – But I don’t like Cheeto’s. – I wonder if you can drink the milk. – I can’t get myself to do it. – Milk and the cheese
combination is not my favorite, like the, drinking the milk itself, it’s really not that bad. – I just don’t like Cheetos. – Okay. – But I’m biased either way
because I wouldn’t like this. – I think it tastes, like,
the Cheeto itself tastes fine in the milk but if you drink
the milk it doesn’t taste very good, it tastes like cheesy milk which doesn’t sound good. I would probably give
this one like a five. Like it was edible, but I don’t think I would eat it unless I was starving. – I just don’t like Cheetos
so I’d give it a one, because preferably, I’d rather not. (upbeat music) Scrambled eggs and grape
jelly, I don’t know how this one’s gonna go honestly,
scrambled eggs are good, grape jelly’s good. – I’m leaning towards it tasting good, that’s what I would’ve guessed. – That’s kind of what I’m feeling so – I don’t know why but the
colors and something about it like coordinating, I think
it might tastes good. – Coordinating the yellow and the purple, it’s just like pretty. – [Bailey] Ready? – Three, two, one. – No! (laughter) No! Wait for real you kind of like it? – I- – No! – Again, not terrible, not great. – Not understanding the
point, it doesn’t taste good. If it like added something to the eggs, then I’d be like “oh, yeah!” – I think I like plain eggs better. – Yeah, but the grape
jelly doesn’t do anything for the eggs, it doesn’t
enhance the flavor. – It sweetens them, it makes
them taste more like a dessert. – At least it wasn’t gross,
yeah, it was pretty good, so I’d give it probably a five. – A five, I’d say pretty mediocre. – Yeah. (upbeat music) I’m excited for this one,
so this is strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar, I’ve actually had this one before. – So have I. – So has Brooklyn. – It’s like a version of,
you know the fruit dip that’s super yummy, it’s
kind of like creating your own version of that. – It’s so good, and it took a lot of convincing to get me to try this. – Sour cream is the part that like… – Because I’m like, I
don’t like sour cream. – Like why not cream cheese,
cream cheese is delicious. – You would think. – Trust me guys, it sounds
crazy like sour cream and brown sugar like brown
sugar you’re like, “alright,” but sour cream you’re like, “what?” – Finally got my sour cream on there. – It actually tastes really good. Roll it in the brown sugar. Alright, ready, set, go! Mmm. Oh yeah. – That is really, really good. – 10 from me! – 10. – It’s just like… – It’s perfect. – It almost tastes like
chocolate covered strawberries. – It tastes like candy. – It tastes good. – It’s so good. – That is so good. – That is delicious. – Just as I remembered it. – Oh my gosh, that is really, really good. – Perfect! (upbeat music) Alright, next concoction is… Okay, broccoli and Cheeto puffs, and we’re gonna sprinkle them on top? I think kind of like a fancy
dealio, but it’s with Cheetos. – My lips are lined with Cheeto puffs. (groaning) – [Bailey] Don’t do that. I’m having a hard enough time not gagging. See Cheeto puffs aren’t
as bad as normal Cheetos, but you know, gotta do what you gotta do, so we’re about to try this. – Ooh, that looks good, I’m
gonna add another one on there. – It just kinda looks like
cheese, this is what’s going on. – Three, two, one. Oh, I can’t fit all that. (mumbling) I can’t chew it (mumbling) – It’s a lot of food, honestly crunched up it just tastes like cheese,
which is totally fine by me because I love broccoli and cheese, so… I was pretty good with it. I’d give it like a seven,
the only thing I don’t like is the crunch factor, but you
know, some people like that, so I’d give it a seven,
even though it was Cheetos. – That was good, I’d give an eight. – Eight? – Mhm. – There you have it. Okay, some some of those
foods were very interesting, I have to admit, I was surprised by some. – I was, I would probably
eat some of them again. – Yes honestly, and then
others, maybe not so much! – Comment below on if you eat
any of these or if you think you would like to eat any
of these, I mean there were definitely some good
ones and some bad ones, but I do think you guys
should all try them. – I would definitely be
interested hearing about what kind of strange combinations of
combinations of foods you guys like to eat, so definitely
comment down one of those things so that we can read them,
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