welcome back to clean tober where we get
our houses in shape before the busyness of the holidays i’m andrea jean if you
are new here make sure that you hit that subscribe button before you leave and
today we are gonna be embracing all the fall fields in fact this shirt right
here I actually got at Walmart I think it was like under five bucks also make
sure that you stay until the end so that you can get some additional inspiration
and motivation when it comes to fall a halloween and all things autumn alright
let’s get into it also if you missed part one of this
cling tober series i will have that linked at the end of this video and in
the description box below I’m so excited to be trying out this mom
scented mrs. meyer’s cleaner and it smelled awesome I originally was
planning just to use all the stuff that I have I have an acorn spice one and
then an apple cider run but I just could not resist when I was in the star you
know me and my love for cleaning products and anything cleaning and
organizing yeah so outside there’s a ball that you can see it’s like for
outside in the garage but it’s pretty big but I’m actually gonna clean it up
because he’s so excited about it and maybe that will kind of keep him
occupied while I clean for a little while so yes okay and we’re just trying to finish up here
in the kitchen I have my little sidekick here with me but he was getting a little
bit fussy so you see me get some snacks for him pulling out some new toys just
anything to get a few more things crossed off my list but he was so sweet
just kind of taken along with me and I just love this age I am so out of breath you should have
seen it was such a sight me getting him in here by myself but he has grumpy and
I don’t want to put him down for a nap because then he won’t sleep this
afternoon so we’re gonna try to finish up here in the kitchen and see is much
just you’re just gonna watch me getting done here right my son recently learned how to climb up
on a couch by himself so we got to be pretty careful with the table now he’s
generally pretty good about going down backwards feet first but he’s still at
that sort of fearless stage will he’ll be jumping around so always got to keep
an eye on that little bugger also if you are cleaning alongside me we
are over the halfway mark here so let’s keep moving and grooving surprisingly my laundry situation today
is not as bad as it usually is normally I have about five or six baskets of
laundry but I have not had to work as many hours at work so I think that’s
helped because then I could get more done around the house we’re just going
to get the rest of these taken care of did you remember what we’re gonna make
we’re gonna make yo what are those nothing yep or cupcakes cuz who’s coming
to visit mmm let’s go and see it laughs ah Grandma and Grandpa yeah we’re gonna
make these really cute Halloween of funfetti inspired cupcakes and then
Matthew helped pick out all the decorations and so I thought this would
be a fun little treat for us to have um oh we have company
and gonna decorate right you we got several minutes left here to get
some awesome cleaning done while I get the rest of this kitchen cleaned up from
our baking extravaganza so this is part 2 in this video series it’s going to be
about 12 to 15 videos in this clean tober to help you get inspired and
motivated to get your houses in shape before the busyness of the chaotic
holidays I’m so excited for the upcoming videos because I have a ton of cute
stuff to share my family and I actually went out this past weekend to get a lot
of the items it’s just going to be a blast and I hope that you leave my
videos feeling in a better mood feeling inspired feeling motivated so let’s keep
going Cheers that actually turned out pretty
good the coffee and the cupcakes so what
we’re actually gonna do here my daughter’s getting it off the bus here
shortly I have four of them for our neighbor friends so we’re gonna go ahead
and give those to them as well but I hope that I have inspired you not only
to clean and organize your house but also to do something a little extra
special maybe make a tree for your kids teachers for your family your neighbors
or someone that you care about and appreciate and we’ll see you in the next
clean Tovar