Hi .. I vije chang This time I Want to share 1 special menu So I want to make dessert This is it.. This is Xue or Snow bird nest Not swallow, if the swallow is made of saliva Whereas this From growing plants So this is different The benefits More or less the same So this also has collagen Can be good for the skin, can smooth Able to stay young Same For the heart of Bagus If I Because I see the benefits are almost the same With swallow Maybe I prefer Drink this every day Because of the price Much cheaper I bought this one pack of 350,000 rupiah 500 grams Half a kg Means 1kg 700,000 rupiah Waw. It’s cheap if it’s swallow right Tens of millions Not everyone Can eat Swift’s nest Alternatip for you That Save, like I’m frugal, huh I choose this only I’ve made this, right? We can consume every day, with a note Don’t be too sweet, because sugar is right Not so good for our bodies I once drank in penang ddan melaka So I made this I was inspired by what I drank there They make it Not too sweet is also not bland Just right Delicious We consume not too sweet Ok what ingredients are like And how to make it Here it is … Ok, these are ingredients to make Dessert of snow bird nests It’s the snow bird’s nest Apparently a lot of results OK, what do I do too much? For those of my other family This is fungus or White ear fungus This is rock sugar Adjust your taste, if possible, not too sweet Because we want it We can eat these snow bird nests Routinely, this collagen is really good Make skin Here is coo or Chinesse date red And this is dry longan I use this one I happen to be from Batam I bought it in Batam same With the snow bird nest Xue, bro We will start making it This is the xue yan Snow bird nest I’ll soak it in boiled water Like this, the shape So this The snow bird nest From growing plants If swallow from saliva The process is the same Soak it first Approximately 8-10 hours Use boiled water Said the seller 10 items is enough for both of you Let it be a little more Try again too We will continue tomorrow This is the marinade The xue yan The dirty one will be me Clean up Similar Swallow yes But this isn’t it, it’s a bird’s nest Snow This is a premium one I’ll be clean right The one is dirty first We start, the water has started to boil (I phobia see a small hole like this, so I’m a bit amused) I put the rock sugar Stone sugar is just taste I’ve eaten in penang and melaka they make it Not so sweet Also not bland, I input chinesse Date red or angcoo We close first Longan dry Cook until angcoo And the dry longan is soft Enter fungus or white mushroom Soak it with boiled water Soak fungus Very beautiful … I want to enter Xue or Snow bird nest So many turns out Yes the seller said Only 10 items If you eat together I want to share with my other family So I made a lot Too full so I take out some of the sauce I’ll cook the sauce later Full of stirring is rather difficult It’s so beautiful Okay I want to try first If you want to know how Make a dessert swallow I’ve made it before The link is here The texture is different from Swallow So swallow is more similar Jelly The nutrijell brand More like that Whereas this Xue is more similar Jelly The swallow brand Which if it’s become hard We destroyed it Well like that xue texture But ok The important is The benefits More or less the same And this is the price Continue to rise because of market demand The more nening, because I already know Have the same mixed benefits With swallow The price is cheaper I also definitely chose this Ok so many videos from me first, make friends who haven’t subscribed The subscribe button is still red and red, it just goes out first The bell is active every time I upload the video. You will get it Notification, don’t forget to share with your friends Share to all the social media that you have, we share Because sharing is beautiful, don’t forget like and Comment Love u all Pai Pie